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  1. Welcome! This is a great community of all types of golfers. I, for one, and glad you’re here.
  2. I’m more confused now than I was previously. Who shot 59 or 60?
  3. haha! I thought something similar but then thought "how does it shoot 60?"
  4. I'm excited to have been chosen for testing the Cobalt rangefinder. I received a Q-6 Slope rangefinder late last week. I will be update this post with my findings as soon as I've have a chance to test it out. I'm off to the range this evening and will be playing on Friday. Thank you to GolfWRX and Cobalt. Unboxing: my first impression is one of quality. The Q-6 Slope is heavier than other rangefinders I’ve used. It’s chassis is metal (aluminum, probably) and the buttons / dial are solid. There is a simple switch next to the blue dial to toggle slope mode and when slope mode is turned on, a led glows red. The dial turns up and down the brightness of the display as you look through the viewfinder. The eye cup extends and retracts for use with or without glasses. I will have some more info when I get back from the range tonight.
  5. I used to detail cars for spare money. Occasionally, we’d paint the floor mats and/or the floor boards to make them look better than they were for the used car lot. So I guess what I’m saying is “yeah, and?”
  6. yikes. I watched that whole video and now I’m sad and afraid to go the course. i just kept thinking to myself “abort mission, get me out of here” But then you realize these guys are all double digits under par (except gmac) and it’s clear: bad shots happen no matter how good you are.
  7. Howdy y’all. I hit balls this evening and made a couple slight changes. It felt like my toes were going to kick the ball and my eyes were a foot farther from it but the change is slight as I look at the video. I this was about 1/2 speed just trying to ease into things. Better?
  8. Does the tape help with whacking the leg with my, er a wedge after a poor pitch? asking for a friend
  9. I don’t want to speak for Monte, but I think he meant Bryson Dechambeau and how he has very high hands with arms and club shaft in a single line. At least, that’s how I took it.
  10. OK. Interesting. has anyone tried shrink tubing? Might look nicer than wrapped electrical tape? maybe?
  11. Why? Why wrap the legs in electrical tape to prevent scratches? I don’t understand.
  12. Absolutely I would play those, so long as they felt ok. no idea on model, but like Hawk insinuated, I imagine they are some custom job that is supposed to wow us upon the unveiling. I’ll hold by breath.
  13. way too far forward if you’re hitting that trap draw gap wedge to a back left pin pards!
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