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b.helts's Feedback

  1. dcmidnight left Positive feedback   

    Super easy buyer to deal with - thanks again!!!

    b.helts was The Buyer

  2. Jamboy72 left Positive feedback   

    Easy to work with!

    b.helts was The Buyer

  3. thewral left Positive feedback   

    Great balls!

    b.helts was The Buyer

  4. llamont14 left Positive feedback   

    Seller was quick to respond and very nice. Great seller and got my clubbed shipped quick.

    b.helts was The Buyer

  5. Jagpilotohio left Positive feedback   

    Great communication. Fast payment. Hope you enjoy the shaft!

    b.helts was The Seller

  6. bps259 left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Super fast payment.

    b.helts was The Seller

  7. Roadking_6 left Positive feedback   

    Great Guy here. Did a trade and club was better than described. Total Class

    b.helts was Trading

  8. G Birdie left Positive feedback   

    Great Guy to deal with, Fast shipping, Great WRXer

    b.helts was The Buyer

  9. jt2gt left Positive feedback   

    Not actual swap, but responded to WTB for small item and came through big time. Thanks!!!

    b.helts was Trading

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