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  1. yes. horrible performance this morning. it's the ad delivery network that is holding up the site. wrxads.golfwrx.com beacon.krxd.net pubfig.min.js and freestar.js are the scripts that handle the ad bidding and it's not able to get to the resources it needs, so the script hangs.
  2. I had a chance to use the rangefinder at the driving range last night and tonight. The viewfinder is very clear! Clear enough for me to comment on it. It’s super clear. I thought the dial for the display brightness was, I don’t know, overkill I guess. But I found I used it as the sun was going down to amplify the light a bit. The zoom is fantastic and this think picks up what you’re aiming at fast. It feels good in the hands. As I mentioned in my original thoughts, it’s heavier than the previous rangefinders I’ve had and I like it. It is solidly built. I tried slope and slope off. It’s fast, as I mentioned and the numbers are clearly displayed. My only gripe (minor gripe) is that when slope is on, it gives you the adjusted number and degrees of up or down. That doesn’t help me because I don’t do trigonometry in my head. I’d prefer if it gave raw and adjusted yardages. But, flipping from slope to no slope is easy, so all in all not a big deal. Its a really nice rangefinder and I look forward to playing on Friday and giving it a real run on the course. oh, and I tried to take some pictures through the eye piece but the lowering sun washed everything out on the camera. But as I said, the viewfinder Is clear and the red crosshairs and numbers really pop.
  3. There are so many things that I left out. I mean, it was 20+ years of my life and it doesn’t seem to do it justice. I made so, so many mistakes. And repeated them, repeatedly. Suffice it to say that it’s nice to no longer have to define myself by what I shot today. But I still feel better when I make more birdies than bogeys. (=
  4. I’ve been thinking about this and how to explain without sounding like a complete mess. But the truth is, I was a mess. I started when I was 12. I shot my first under par round in a tournament at 16. My high school team didn’t lose a match in my junior or senior years. I played on a golf scholarship at a D1 school. I won college tournament. I was good, but not really good. I was a kid and lost my way. Flunked out of school and moved around the United States like a nomad. Lived in Michigan for a winter, Louisiana for a summer. Florida, Oklahoma and parts in between. I was at a very low point in my life. Let me take a step back. I grew up in Santa Barbara. Sheltered and pampered. I didn’t know how to handle adversity and I imploded. I returned home, and absent any real skills, took a job at Sandpiper washing carts and picking the range. I worked, I practiced, I played and got my game back. I decided to turn pro and I did. I played my first tournament, made a the cut and my first check. $488. I continued to play and continued to practice. I worked to pay entry fees and was doing pretty good. I decided to try to qualify for the Hooter’s Tour. I did. I won the qualifier by 3 shots, shooting -13 for three rounds at Moreno Valley. Sandpiper held a fundraiser tournament for me. 100 locals put up $100 each and I got half of that. The other half went to the pipe. I had three individual sponsors that together got me $60K. in that fundraiser tournament I shot 63, breaking the Sandpiper course record. They had set the golf course up pretty hard that day for me. I played the course 250-300 yards longer than the card. In places I teed off from the previous greens fringe or in front of the pro shop and on number one, the cart staging area. In a word, it was amazing. But I still had a problem: beer. Well, alcohol anyway. I liked to party. I went back to the first Hooter’s tour event and missed the cut. I made the next 7 or 8 cuts and was getting more and more comfortable. But I wasn’t practicing like I did at home. Instead of going back to the hotel, I went to the bar. Or I went to the local hooters, where, as a hooters tour member we got 50% off, including beer. I did ok. I made like 80% of my cuts and was sure I could continue to get better. But I didn’t. In my off weeks when I’d come home, I’d go play with my buddies and drink beer and hit and giggle. It wasn’t a job to me, it was something I did well and was a s***-ton of fun. I set a couple more course records and life was good. My sponsors dropped me. I got a job at the country club and joined the PGA as an apprentice. God I hated that. But I cleaned up in the tournaments. I got a real job. After 10 years as a pro, I played in my last professional tournament in November of 2009. I won that tournament. I applied to get my amateur status back and was approved by the USGA. Two years later I was an amateur again. I played no tournaments in those two years. I finally quit drinking in October of 2018. Three weeks after setting the course record at my home club and winning the club championship by 11. I passed out in my truck, in the parking lot of the golf course and my wife and two kids picked me up. Enough was enough. It took me too long. Even at 40 years old, I was still a dumb kid that could play golf. But golf, in my mind, was all I was good at. Well, drinking too but I didn’t think about that too much. Since then, I’ve got my stuff together. I have a good job and a good relationship with my wife and kids. For the first time in a long, long time, I’m happy. My golf game isn’t nearly what it used to be. But that’s ok. If you’re still here, sorry for the wall of text.
  5. Yes. For a huge portion of my life, much of my self esteem has come from my ability as a golfer. It's a smaller part of the equation now, but it's still part of the equation.
  6. Welcome! This is a great community of all types of golfers. I, for one, and glad you’re here.
  7. haha! I thought something similar but then thought "how does it shoot 60?"
  8. I'm excited to have been chosen for testing the Cobalt rangefinder. I received a Q-6 Slope rangefinder late last week. I will be update this post with my findings as soon as I've have a chance to test it out. I'm off to the range this evening and will be playing on Friday. Thank you to GolfWRX and Cobalt. Unboxing: my first impression is one of quality. The Q-6 Slope is heavier than other rangefinders I’ve used. It’s chassis is metal (aluminum, probably) and the buttons / dial are solid. There is a simple switch next to the blue dial to toggle slope mode and when slope mode is turned on, a led glows red. The dial turns up and down the brightness of the display as you look through the viewfinder. The eye cup extends and retracts for use with or without glasses. I will have some more info when I get back from the range tonight.
  9. I used to detail cars for spare money. Occasionally, we’d paint the floor mats and/or the floor boards to make them look better than they were for the used car lot. So I guess what I’m saying is “yeah, and?”
  10. yikes. I watched that whole video and now I’m sad and afraid to go the course. i just kept thinking to myself “abort mission, get me out of here” But then you realize these guys are all double digits under par (except gmac) and it’s clear: bad shots happen no matter how good you are.
  11. Howdy y’all. I hit balls this evening and made a couple slight changes. It felt like my toes were going to kick the ball and my eyes were a foot farther from it but the change is slight as I look at the video. I this was about 1/2 speed just trying to ease into things. Better?
  12. Does the tape help with whacking the leg with my, er a wedge after a poor pitch? asking for a friend
  13. I don’t want to speak for Monte, but I think he meant Bryson Dechambeau and how he has very high hands with arms and club shaft in a single line. At least, that’s how I took it.
  14. OK. Interesting. has anyone tried shrink tubing? Might look nicer than wrapped electrical tape? maybe?
  15. Why? Why wrap the legs in electrical tape to prevent scratches? I don’t understand.
  16. Absolutely I would play those, so long as they felt ok. no idea on model, but like Hawk insinuated, I imagine they are some custom job that is supposed to wow us upon the unveiling. I’ll hold by breath.
  17. way too far forward if you’re hitting that trap draw gap wedge to a back left pin pards!
  18. I have been playing with ball position, very astute observation. I can move the ball up and that does result in solid shots that are, more or less, on target. The problem is that it seem to exacerbate the "slap" feel, I think because I don't really get to my left side very aggressively. I like to hit it low. Hitting it high is second nature for me, I'm tall, upright swing, plenty of speed (historically) so the high ball isn't a problem. But in my mind's eye, my windows are for lower shots. I like piercing, penetrating shots. Not to say that people can't hit lower shots from a forward ball position, but for me it typically leads to my upper body getting ahead of my lower body and I end up hitting this kind of flare cut. I am going to the range tonight and am going to try to stand tall and I'll see what moving the ball forward feels like and how it changes my ball flight. Thanks for the keen eye!
  19. That’s very kind. Thank you all. We all want to get better, no matter the current skill level.
  20. @chipa @straightshot7 thank you for your input. I have some things to work on now. I appreciate you taking the time.
  21. OK. Time for some mirror work, looks like.
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