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  1. Just ordered the NRG 270’s, have ordered half a size up as didn’t have my normal size in stock at Trendy Golf. Hopefully they’ll fit ok, I walk 100% of the time so don’t want them to slip
  2. BSCinstnct, I always imagine his posts being read out by a younger version of James Gandolfini. Probably while eating some type of bread product.
  3. I dont think the top players in the world employ their caddies just for the purpose of carrying their bags. Their green reading abilities and course knowledge is probably the biggest factor in the choice of caddie. Maybe lower league pros choose caddies to be bag haulers but the top guys lean on their caddies for their minds as well. I see no harm in letting them use push carts, nothing macho about carrying a heavy bag, definitely nothing macho about collapsing from dehydration on the course.
  4. Sure I get that, I suppose what I mean is that say Sydney or Melbourne are pretty densely populated but then there are vast areas with very little population then in the US you have heavily populated areas like NY but then some quite sparse areas as well. Blimey, in the UK we have no areas without it being densely populated! I was living in Dubai when it all first kicked off and that place is also extremely densely populated, hotels, apartments but they reacted super quick, tough penal measures put in place and they controlled it amazingly well. A quick response led to a well controlled situat
  5. Australia has very dense areas of population then lots of outback style land so probably quite comparable to the US not sure on NZ to be honest. On my opinion it’s all down to how seriously a country’s govt responded, neither the US or UK took it seriously enough and struggled to control the infections rates, in the UK all over and the US in certain areas. Unfortunately the blame has to lie with our supposed leaders not density of population.
  6. Not exactly the same but went HMB 4-7 then 8-PW in the MB and have found no big gaps between 7 and 8, imagine the MMC is the same
  7. Are you finding your course is getting booked up? Same rules (3 x per week) at my club though they haven’t had the traffic as originally thought. Been quite easy to get a time and even tomorrow still has places left. We all thought it would be a bunfight for the tee times but this hasn’t happened.
  8. I’ve had 97’s, the reflective pack Air Max’s, Roshe Tours and G’s, Janowski G’s and Code Chao’s, for me the 97’s win.
  9. Damn, I threw a pair of the Masters edition in the refuse centre when I moved properties a few years back, never thought anything of it!
  10. I went 4-7 HMB and 8-PW in the MP20 blades, they gap so well, 12 yard gap between 7 and 8. I think that combo set makes the MMC’s redundant.
  11. Haha, never thought of that!! TBH, nothing I have bought and been through the proper fitting process hasn’t worked so am hoping this set is the same. Clubs have arrived in country so hopefully can collect from DHL tomorrow. If so, a day off work on Monday is needed for a full familiarity session.
  12. That’s a good question, I honestly can’t remember, the same guy has fit me 3 times so I forget to ask him those details. I have a feeling I am pretty standard L&L from Mizuno
  13. Just had a combo set built HMB 4 to 7, MB 8 to PW then T-20 51 and 56. All expect 56 with Oban CT-115’s. Shipping tomorrow so hopefully in play by next weekend.
  14. Ok, maybe donating would be better, the shipping costs might be quite high as I live in Dubai and with those extra heavy heads it could add a bit to the shipping charges
  15. Paddy, would you consider selling them to me? You’d have to arrange the shipping but I’m curious to see these oddities.
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