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  1. Long time AP2/T100 player but the T200 is probably a better fit for my game now. How is the sole width on the 200? I picked up some CNCPT CP-03 last year and I like them but the sole is a little wider than I'm used to.
  2. CNCPT CP-02 4 through 48* wedge (8 clubs) $999 Shipped CONUS I bought these used (I called Titleist and the serial number checked out right down to the shaft and grip) but they were not to my specs. These are pretty clean but require disclosure-because they were 2* flat I had them bent to Titleist standard. The guy I trusted had a bending bar but wasn’t terribly skilled. He got the lie angles where I wanted them but a couple of the hosels show marring from the bending bar. The 9 iron took the worst of it (pictured below). This is the reason for the discount.
  3. Do you still have that 04? I’m your AD man if you do.
  4. https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/cncpt/cp-03 I found the CP-02 a better fit for me so these must go. 4-GW, Standard loft and lie, +1/2 inch Modus 120 Stiff Black Iomic Sticky 2.3 I played two rounds and had two range sessions. Excellent condition. I am still eligible to trade these in for store credit so I set my price based on that but I will listen to offers. No real trade interest except maybe a TSi3 15* FW or 18* Hybrid. I may be suckered into some 620MB and perhaps a Buttonback Newport 2.
  5. Miura MB-101. 4-PW. Modus 120 Stiff. Built off a 38.25" 5 iron. 2* up Miura standard. Standard lofts. I bought these heads and built these myself as something of a COVID project. I am no Joe Kwok but I did spend a considerable amount of time measuring, weighing, measuring again, cutting, FLOing Spine Aligning and swing weighting. The only thing they could use a good ferrule turning. $1100 shipped CONUS. I would consider selling heads only. Vokey SM7 Raw Wedgeworks. I have a 54/14 shafted with a Modus 125 Stiff (NOT the 125 Wedge). 1/2" over. I have heads 50/12, 5
  6. I've bought from this eBay seller before without incident. They are advertising this is as some kind of Rickie Fowler Special Edition but otherwise a real deal Whiteboard Anyone familiar with this?
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