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  1. Mint set of 4-pw Callaway Apex MB with modus 3 120 x flex 1/4 inch long $775.00 shipped NO TRADES!!!!
  2. Callaway Apex MB 4-pw with new Tour issue X100's solid 8.5/10 $325.00 obo Tmag M2 Tour *15 with factory 70g x flex Kuro Kage sold Tmag M2 *15 with professionally installed Tour ADDI 8 x flex 9.5/10 $275.00 obo Tmag 34" TP red ARDMORE 9.99/10 $150.00 obo All prices are shipped no trades right now just cash!!! Thanks
  3. Like new Callaway Epic SZ 9* with Tensi white 60 TX and factory 75x Rouge max sold
  4. 1.Taylormade P750 3-pw with DG TI 120 x100 white GP full cord sold 2.Taylormade JD red spider 34" flatso 1.0 like new sold 3.Taylormade M2 15* with 75g Kiyoshi white x flex sold 4.Taylormade SLDR 3 hybrid with Tour AD DI 8 x flex 5. Taylormade M2 9* stock KK 60g x flex sold 6.Callaway Apex Pro 14' 4-pw DG TI X100 7.Callaway GBB Epic 3+ With black Tour AD DI 8 x flex
  5. 1.Hazrdus T1100 75g 6.5 hit a few times plays 45 in M1 Sold 2.Tmag UDI 3 iron with C taper 130 X flex hit less then 10 times sold 3.Callaway Epic SZ 15* Rouge max 75g X flex like new Sold 4.Tmag M1 15* stock 65g shaft S flex (small chip on top line) Sold 5.Tmag Black Spider Tour 34" SS pistol GT grip sold 6.Odyssey 2 ball O works 34" Sold 7.Odyssey #7 O works 34" W/B Sold 8.Odyssey #1w O works 34" W/B sold 9.PXG mustang 34" $425.00obo 10.Callaway Epic SZ 9* Tour ADDI 7 X flex 45" sold
  6. 1. Taylormade P750's 3-pw with Ctapers x flex used 4 rounds and 3 range sessions 9/10 keeping
  7. 1.like new Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9* with Tour ADBB 7x sold 2. Like new Callaway XR 3 Deep with Oban kiyoshi 75x $225.00 obo shipped
  8. 1.Titliest 716 4-PW with TI S400 Tour velvet grips great condition sold 2 Titliest 716 TMB 4 W/TI S400 Tour velvet grip like new $200.00 OBO 3. Callaway Prototype 3-PW w/TI X100 GP Cord velvet like new sold
  9. A very sweet SC Buttonback 34" went to the custom shop and got a Scotty dog stamp it has a super stroke on it and has a very tiny nick looking for sold!!!!!!shipped not trades!!! Comes with a basic Cameron head over
  10. 1. Callaway BB Alpha DBD 9* with Fuji Speeder 665 Evo ll Tour Spec X flex with GP Tour 360 $275.00 OBO shipped 2. Callaway XR16 Pro 9* with Diamana D+ x5ct 82g X flex with GP Tour 360 $225.00 OBO shipped Would love these to be gone today and can have them boxed up and shipped out tomorrow!!! Thanks!!
  11. 1.Callaway Apex Pro 4-GW Tour issue X100 used on 3 range trips 9/10 sold shipped 2.Callaway Epic GBB 9* 62g Xflex Fuji Pro green 9.5/10 sold 3.Callaway Epic Sub Zero 15* 72g Xflex Fuji Pro green 9.5/10 Sold OBO shipped Headcovers included
  12. 1. Studio style Newport 2 34" 1st of 500 with headcover and divot tool $300 obo 2. 2016 select Newport 34" 1st of 500 with headcover sold
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