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  1. What pants was Tiger wearing today, color looked greenish but wasn't sure.
  2. Excuse me if it has been discussed but this thread is very long... is there a a grey/blue AM1 being released soon? thought I saw it in a catalog but can't track it down
  3. How exclusive is Claremont and Orinda? Both have been suggested to me but seem a little more exclusive.
  4. I was very interested in the Corica Park practice membership, I might end up doing that as a placeholder. If I like it might even move closer down there to make it more accommodating.
  5. Hey guys, Seen a few threads like this, but wanted some fresh input. Moving to Berkeley in a month or so, and a good golf course is very important to me. I would ideally like to join a club but I'm open to public options if they have deals that make financial sense (I play a lot). My job will be in Point Richmond so right now the best options seem to be 1) Berkeley CC 2) Richmond CC I am 25, and cannot afford a huge initiation fee or a wait list. Priority is an excellent golf course, but I love practicing so that would be nice too. It is my understanding that not a lot of the courses
  6. Chastain Park has a fun Monday game that is a scramble in the summer. Winner is usually very under par, but it's a fun event. Not handicapped obviously.
  7. chichi72

    AGA tour

    I played in a few events this past year. Good courses, good tournaments, was just looking for something to knock the rust off on tournament golf and this did the trick. I like that they have net and gross divisions and the payouts seem to be pretty good.
  8. Agreed, I live in Buckhead and make the commute to Rivermont. It's not bad, and I love the course out there. But you get the best of both worlds in terms of good golf and nightlife of Buckhead. If you're young there will not be much to do in Villa Rica, even if you're older. I have played the Frog a few times and I like it and maybe have seen 3 people total out and about in Villa Rica. YMMV but that's just my $.02
  9. Thanks guys, I used some super fine steel wool and it came right off with no harm to the finish. Will pick up some baby oil and a rag on the way home today. One question just for my own knowledge. Is this is a black oxide finish or is it just a matte black TP Mills finish? All my putters before have been stainless steel so this is new for me.
  10. I’ll try the Flitz. What would be the best oil to use?
  11. I picked up this beautiful putter at a Play It Again for a steal (don't think they knew what they had) however there is some rust on it. I've done a little bit of research and I'm not sure if it a black oxide finish and wasn't wiped down or something else. I would love to hear from any TP Mills experts as to what finish it is and what the head is made of as well as any ideas as to removing the rust that won't damage the finish. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thank you, if they can fix that driver on their Facebook page then I think they can take care of mine.
  13. I've been playing a Bridgestone Tour B XD-7 that I was fitted for.. I absolutely love the club.... Let a buddy who is a good golfer hit it on 18 yesterday and he put the worst sky mark on the club I've ever seen. It scratched the top of the club. He was mortified and offered to pay for it, but I'm wondering if anyone can fix this. I assume it could be sanded down and repainted, but I really love this club so I want it in good hands. Any suggestions?
  14. Would love to get down to Wolf Creek and play there sometime.
  15. Clubface is slightly shut when your club is parallel with the ground (P2) and it continues to stay shut to the top of the backswing where it is facing the sky. I used to get in this position and also hit snap hooks. Work on feeling like the toe of the club is slightly more straight up at P2. That's what my coach had me do and it worked well for me. You have a good swing.
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