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  1. This. The best feel for us that go past 90* is to do drills where we end the back swing chest high and then transition. On vid you should see a pretty full turn with just the right amount of arm bend. FWIW I go way past 90* to my detriment. Good luck.
  2. Early right tilt is also an issue for me. What feels did you incorporate to stay in left tilt? I’m glad to hear this alleviated your trail lower back issue .
  3. this is the 2nd endorsement for Graves gold and I will have to do some serious research now. Thanks again everyone and glad to hear people are finding ways to continue this great game despite physical pains!
  4. The idea is to line up the armpits over the balls of the feet vs in front of toes and ‘round’ your upper back/ shoulders. Lots of suggestions on this thread so far that I will try. Thanks for everyone’s comments.
  5. Thanks for your input hosel. I will take 79 ANY FRIGGIN DAY! I think I've seen enough Bobby Jones footage but point taken...smoooth and tension free. FWIW, I played a few rounds in the past month where I focused on tension free swinging (vs my usual hit-it-farthest mentality/aggressive swinging) which resulted in a pain free next day. I just thought it had to do with my stretches vs swinging easy. The range sessions where I'm trying to properly side bend through impact leaves my trail lower back angry with me for a few days. I dont know if this is your case but attempting to do a yoga camel pose would probably send me to ER. Even ending my swing with an arched back/belly extended toward the target/chest pointed up kills my back! I'll leave that to the flexible folks.
  6. Hi all - I'm a dude that lives with chronic lower back pain/soreness. Adding golf to things does not help. That being said, I will NOT give up this game! Something worth noting is that after golfing, the area that is super sore is my lower right back. I'm right handed so it's my trail side that is barking...not the left. FWIW I'm also an EE guy so I have suspicions that there's some ties there OR it could be that my hips dont fully rotate on the backswing (I dont consciously try to restrict my hips). Just throwing potential causes out there. For those out there that deal with lower back issues, have you built a swing that puts less strain on the lower back? Are there pointers I can consider implementing to deal with it? Happy to add a vid of my swing if that helps. TIA
  7. Looks so much better with these punch shots. The hard part (for me) is maintaing the same hip movement to long clubs. Keep up the good work!
  8. My journey starts today...after my beer of course.
  9. I sold mine a long way back and contemplating getting another one. I keep on looking at old vids from my range sesh with it and the swings just look very connected. I still remember that round I played with a lot of pars in there. Hoping to get some of that magic back.
  10. Sorry if my question was already addressed as I haven’t had the chance to go over all comments yet. I’m guilty of everything in this video and it is such a coincidence that my YT algorithm fed this to me and i watched last night. Setting up like they suggested definitely feels weird for me as my behind is way behind the ankles. If done as suggested is the feeling like you are sitting down on a tall barstool?
  11. One of the oldest drills out there: Same thing: If you slowly rehearse this drill and lock it down, you should never slice again. If there's was only one drill out there, this would be the end all be all (FOR ME). Good luck.
  12. What’s his HC speed these days, 118 mph? For us mere mortals, delofting a degree or more seems reasonable but would like to hear thoughts.
  13. Hypothetically speaking, your driver swing produced a 100mph ascending clubhead. Is there an optimal degree for the shaft to be leaning toward the target? My guess would be 1-3 degrees? Did a quick search but didn’t find my answer. Sorry if this topic is covered ad nauseam as I’m still recovering from my jubilation of el tigre’s 15th.
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