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  1. My journey starts today...after my beer of course.
  2. I sold mine a long way back and contemplating getting another one. I keep on looking at old vids from my range sesh with it and the swings just look very connected. I still remember that round I played with a lot of pars in there. Hoping to get some of that magic back.
  3. Sorry if my question was already addressed as I haven’t had the chance to go over all comments yet. I’m guilty of everything in this video and it is such a coincidence that my YT algorithm fed this to me and i watched last night. Setting up like they suggested definitely feels weird for me as my behind is way behind the ankles. If done as suggested is the feeling like you are sitting down on a tall barstool?
  4. One of the oldest drills out there: Same thing: If you slowly rehearse this drill and lock it down, you should never slice again. If there's was only one drill out there, this would be the end all be all (FOR ME). Good luck.
  5. What’s his HC speed these days, 118 mph? For us mere mortals, delofting a degree or more seems reasonable but would like to hear thoughts.
  6. Hypothetically speaking, your driver swing produced a 100mph ascending clubhead. Is there an optimal degree for the shaft to be leaning toward the target? My guess would be 1-3 degrees? Did a quick search but didn’t find my answer. Sorry if this topic is covered ad nauseam as I’m still recovering from my jubilation of el tigre’s 15th.
  7. Well said. 22 years ago, I was in the same place in life as yourself albeit 23 years old. Watching him embrace his kids and mom made me choke up. Especially with having 2 young kids myself. Whatever side one stands on the man, it’s undeniable how much this comeback beat insurmountable odds. 2 words: back fusion ffs! > @glcoach said: > I can't believe it. I'm truly in awe of this win by Tiger. These past 22 years have gone by in a blink of an eye. I was 21, not a husband, not a father and played a lot of golf. Now I'm a husband, father of 4, still play a lot of golf and its hard n
  8. So happy for tiger. What I was really impressed by was his composure off the tee especially after he took the lead. Looked like the tiger of yesteryear. Love it!
  9. How do you know that? What if the slight closure of the face at address gets the face and path to closer match around impact. The OP’s question was quite vague to begin with.
  10. How about just closing the face at setup more.
  11. Still using my launcher 3 wood. Love the sound and feel when crushing it.
  12. Can you elaborate more? Instead of a ball use a piece of pvc or roll of coins. Toe or heel hits will send it off line versus square. Note for the gentleman needing info, you're striking it broadside, not the end of the tube. Ugh yes. Glk explanation sufficed. Lol
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