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  1. Really happy to see him hold on to his card. Depression and Alcoholism are real and devastating. Nice to see someone be so open and frank and handle it head on and manage to succeed.
  2. Damon Hack is appropriately named....he's a Hack on TV, come to think of it, he's a hack when it comes to writing too. Terrible. I see him and instantly turn the channel. If NBC was serious about making the Golf Channel even something resembling its former self, it would address the issue of on air talent first, then work to build some new programming.
  3. Small shopping list for projects: 1. DG Wedge flex (s200), taper tip, for a Cleveland lob wedge. 2. Shaft adapter for a Titleist 910F 3 wood, RH. New, or a good clean pull is fine. 3. Shaft adapter for a Titleist 913 D2 driver, RH. New or good clean pull is fine. 4. R flex driver length shaft pulls for 913 D2, with or without adapter, 50-60 ish gram weight range 5. R flex fairway length shaft pulls for 910F 3 wood, with or without Titleist adapter, 70 ish gram weight range 6. Good clean, new or like new Midsize gr
  4. All politics aside, I feel badly for the many local charities that often benefit from a major championship, the local businesses like hotels and restaurants that won't get the opportunity to enjoy a week of increased traffic, the local chamber of commerce who likely has spent thousands of hours both campaigning to hold the event and preparing to assist the local area in hosting the event and the golf fans in the area who were likely looking forward to being able to have a major championship being held in their region.
  5. Lost my wrench for my Titleist 910F 3 wood. Anyone have an extra laying around they want to part with? Also need a Callaway wrench for an 815 hybrid.
  6. Oak Hill East course day after 2013 PGA Championship. 4 under on the front. Made the turn with dreams of posting my best career round on the toughest course I'd ever played. That evaporated after opening the back with double/dobule and bogey. Proceeded to shoot 48 on the back. Jekyll and Hyde golf at its finest.
  7. It's the USGA. Let's be honest, is anyone really surprised they are going to take a perfectly good golf course and royally screw it up to the point where it is no longer recognizable in terms of what the course designer actually intended it to be? The USGA is one step from being quite frankly irrelevant in terms of the attention the golfing public actually pays to it. This is its annual moment of being an attention whore and reminding the world that they still sit over in their offices in New Jersey and actually think they have some idea of what the hell is going on in the game. Tour Play
  8. where the hell did you find victory grips?
  9. The Tour Edge would be a good fit for the bag of the high schooler down the street. He's got an original R flex TM rescue and while its served him well he needs a little more modern and better fitting club. He pays for golf out of his own pocket so any deal he can get would be great for him. I'd gladly throw down the paypal to see him get something a little bit more suited that he could get some good mileage out of.
  10. Ping Anser 5KS BECU. 33.5 inches of hole seeking goodness. Tried it on a whim after seeing Paul Casey's slant neck Nike proto earlier this year and this putter has become a bit of a cult classic among my friends. They hate it with a passion...which makes me love it all the more...
  11. [b][color=#282828]An last is a project x 6.0 441/4 "the tip is prep and has a good lamkin black cord [/color][/b][b][color=#282828]grip[/color][/b] [color=#282828]Is this still available? [/color]
  12. Yes, it's a training device designed by a former PGA tour player[b] [b]Gabriel Hjertstedt. [/b][/b]He's become a short game game guru for a growing number of tour players.
  13. Watching the LPGA isn't that interesting. I'm sorry. The product just isn't as good. It's that simple. I too lived in a town with an LPGA event that no longer exists. And honestly, it's only been gone a year but seems more a distant memory than anything else. As years went by, there became less and less for the fans and sponsors to latch on to. Half the tour is from Korea, doesn't speak much if any english, and quite frankly seems sincerely un-interested in interacting with the fans or sponsors at all. Once you lose that connection, your event is done. They lost a large chunk of t
  14. I would love to try the silver 60 s flex...I have a brand new (well almost brand new, new to me at least) tour issue Ping Anser head that is in desperate need of a shaft that is worthy of being used with such a nice piece of titanium, and the top shaft on tour , the Rogue 125MSI seems more than worthy!
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