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  1. Old stuff. Hogan Apex 99 blades. Titleist 983 K driver, old Hogan becu wedges. The newest in the bag is my 909f2 fairwaywood.
  2. [quote name='A V Twiss' timestamp='1318920301' post='3687063'] my distances are now all over the place[/quote] This sounds really strange, the only advantage of a blade vs a cavity back is the consistency in length. You can shape shots with a shovel if you are a good player. I started of with blades and I play for fun, who cares. maybe I would score better with a SGI clubs. On the other hand, when I play bad, I play bad all around. I slice my hybrid, hit my wedges thin and miss two feet putts. No SGI iron in the world could have helped me those days. I usually feel most confident before a shot standing there with my short blade irons than any other club in the bag. I know it will deliver consistency in distance and trajectory. If I aim it wrong or hit it bad it´s hardly the clubs fault. A progressive set is probably the best option for most players who want to play blades.
  3. I play the -99 with PX 6.0 shafts. I also have a set of FTX with Apex 3 shafts but prefer the PX shafts. Well struck the feel of the Hogans are amazing. Like hitting a cupcake rather than a ball.
  4. Agreeed. You can improve your swing with a SGI club, the difference is you MUST improve your golf swing with blades BTW I think Misterlau said it the best.
  5. Guilty of the putter, the driver is 365 cc at least.
  6. The flaw in your reasoning is that it´s not possible that it takes 2-3 times longer to learn how to hit the sweet spot with blades vs SGI clubs. It takes the same time. It´s just that an SGI club is more forgiving for poor shots, so the learning curve will be, or at least feel, smoother. In 3 years time most players will probably have learnt to have a consistent swing and learn how to hit the sweet spot, both on a blade and an SGI club. But I think, and that just by observation, that some players, due to the forgiving nature of SGI clubs, for example continiously keep hitting the toe of the club, just because they can. They have not yet been punished for that mistake. If or when they buy a harder club, the will be forced then to correct that flaw, or they will go back to more forgiving clubs. You will painstakingly learn with blades that a toe hit is a big no no. Hence you have to be thorough setting up your stance and keeping the correct distance to the ball. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I think you can as a beginner, intermediate or advanced player choose a hard club. It might take longer time to master, but IMHO it will force you to be more thorough.
  7. [quote name='Interpol' timestamp='1310359389' post='3381038'] I recall this being discussed here a few years ago. I don't understand it either. It's a question of whether the golfer should develop to the level of his clubs, or whether the clubs should suit the golfer's skill level. I would think that a total beginner starting out with tour level blades would get frustrated quickly and give up the game altogether. [/quote] I´m doing it, not thinkinjg about quitting. Funny thing. Everyone that I play witth says "Those clubs are to hard for you", and in the next sentence "you have a really solid swing". Funny thing that they don´t see the releationship. You just can´t play blades with a poor swing. It just doesen´t work. When I play with guys with the same handicap as me I see all kinds of weird swings. Better players often have better swings, but they also play players CB or similar clubs. Most claim that they wouldn´t touch a blade, it´s "too hard". I guess if you play super GI clubs it will be hard to develope a solid swing, it´s just to forgiving for your mistakes. You might develope in to a great golfer, with great scores though. Making the switch as a single digit HC from SGI to blades will probably be very painful. As a beginner you are more tolerante of miss hits, they happen whether you play SGI clubs or blades.
  8. My set up Putter 60° Lob wedge 56° Sand wedge 48° Pitching wedge 40° 8 Iron 32,5° 6 Iron 24° 4 hybrid (reshafted with the shaft from my 4 iron) 15,5° Spoon
  9. [quote name='tembolo1284' timestamp='1309894390' post='3366446'] hogan brand killer! [/quote] +1
  10. Or just get that set of blades you know you want. Take pro lessons and train like a maniac.
  11. Vega, especially the black FW clubs.
  12. Extremely long (better players find them too long) and forgiving.
  13. Hogan Apex Edge -06 or Hogan Apex Plus might be a good choise.
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