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  1. Not a difficult course if you’re long off the tee. I don’t see it giving these guys any issues. Expecting the scoring to be lower than last week. Wouldn’t surprise me if they get to -30. Especially if the winds stay down like forecasted and they keep the green speeds manageable.
  2. 1. TPC Summerlin 2. Las Vegas, NV 5. 1.5 4. Titleist TS3 9 degree, GD XC-7X 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  3. Only overseed the tee boxes. Fairways and rough are mainly dormant Bermuda that’s been painted.
  4. Ordered 2. Only dealt with Byron via email. Never any issues, both putters arrived before the estimated date. Sounds like most of the problems revolve around the reps.
  5. Unless they were standing directly behind Kang the witnesses would not have a good perception of the ball flight. If you are standing off to the right of a player and they hit a draw they ball is moving away from you it could give the appearance that is over the hazard the entire time. Even standing on the green (shot link) looking down the hazard line and not the start line would give the same appearance. The only people who could truly know where it crosses where those directly on the start line of the shot.
  6. All I can find are articles mentioning the charges. Was he actually found guilty?
  7. played 105x HS and they had a lower ball flight than the 120’s. Only reason I got rid of them was the static weight.
  8. Graphite Design TP-7X. It has a 2017 TM adaptor installed. No Grip. Uninstalled length without grip is 43 1/8". Price $Sold
  9. TaylorMade Community username - Hawkeye03 Current driver model - 2017 m1 460 8.5 w/ GD TP-7X Current handicap - 2.1 RH or LH: Right Hand
  10. Why does anyone care if atheletes take PED’s or not? To me it is no big deal. I look at professional atheletes as entertainers. Whatever helps them put on the best show should be acceptable.
  11. These were used for 1 Season. The iBlades are +1/2" and blue dot. The have Nippon 105X hard stepped 1x. Including a Ping Glide 50 gap wedge also. Grips are NDMC Midsize in blue. the 3 iron and gap wedge have Lamkin UTx cords. I can replace them with the NDMC if requested. Overall in good shape. Asking: $625 OBO 3-5 6-8 8-GW
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