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  1. All original, leather grip, all shaft bands, sales sample headcover. Its in amazing shape but has been played. Hoping the pictures tell the tale. I am in Canada but willing to ship. I don't know the full backstory but what I've read there were only 100 made worldwide. Asking $650 450 usd. I maybe way off but basing it on Scotty prices.
  2. Hey Guys and Gals, Just a theoritical question on the 12.5 model. I am a lefty hence only a few models are available. Ideally I want a face balance putter but I love the look of the 12.5. It seems, as per Scotty himself, that the slight toe hang was achieved by having a lower bend in the shaft. ie: 7 vs 7.5 etc. Would installing a higher bend shaft (let's say a X7 shaft) in the 12.5 reduce the toe hand thus effectively making it a 12 but with the look of the 12.5 ? My goal is to install a SS Wrist lock and I've had success with the Fleetwood claw so having a FB would work best for that setup IMO. Feel free to comment and leave constructive feedback. Thanks!
  3. Note : 3 iron is not pictured but included. **INCLUDED ** PING Glide Wedges. Heads Only - 54 WS (Slight rock ding on the toe that has been buffed out, grooves untouched) Black dot
  4. 2010 PING Anser Forged irons 3-PW, HEADS ONLY! + BONUS 54*WS Glide Wedge Very conservative 8/10. Pictures will show better than I can describe. No browning whatsoever, milled faces are excellent. Matching serial #'s Black Dot $300USD shipped!!
  5. MLH Rapture DI - Black Dot - Stock Stiff PING Graphite Shaft & Stock PING Grip. I reshafted it the day I purchased it thus the original stock shaft and grip have never seen the course. Minimal use. Pictures tell the story. $130 USD shipped from Canada ( Canucks, save yourself the duty/brokerage fees). ****I had it shafted with a tour issue KBS Custom Series Black 130g X Flex etched with '' 2012 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP''. I would be willing to part with that shaft for an additional $30 USD. I ship from Ottawa, Canada (K2S 2G2). Thanks for looking :)
  6. [quote name='mikedejong' timestamp='1405971806' post='9751927'] Would you be willing to sell the 56 and 60 only? I am in Edmonton, AB for shipping. If this is a possibility, please let me know what you would be looking for. Thanks. [/quote] I have someone interested in the full set right now.. I will let you know if they sell and I would entertain splitting them up ..
  7. Fellow WRX'ers, Here are a few extra's I would like to unload. First off a set of PING Anser forged wedges 52,56,60. (actual 51,56,61). DG Spinner shafts. I would rate these 8/10..just because I've played with them... usually with a cart so there is a minute bag chatter element and I had them bent. Hard to decribe wedges so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I have been testing wedges and opted for a 3 wedge setup instead. Wedges have been sold... (Mods.. I have waited the token 30 days to repost this driver as I got burned on my last confirmed sale) **TOUR ISSUE TM RBZ Tour 9.0, TXXXXX Serial #, "+" stamping, Tour Metal Tip** My 2013 Gamer. Hot melted. Headcover included. TXXXXX Serial #, "+" COR stamp, and metal OEM Tour Adapter. UST MAyima VST Tour SPX Black 5S shaft (with TXXXX serial). 45" + 1/2" grip cap. D2, gripped with Gripmaster Leather grip. ($40 grip). 11* Loft In decent shape, no skymarks, chips etc... just normal sole brushing from play. $160 I ship from Ottawa, Canada (K2S 2G2) at a fair negotiated rate. Not responsible for import/duties/etc.
  8. Hi WRX'ers, Here is my dilemna. I have a G25 4w and I25 5w and cannot decide which one I want to bag for the season. I carry the I25 driver and 3-PW (2010 Anser), 52,56,60 (Anser wedges). Before you say hit them both and keep the one with the best results, the problem is that the shaft I want to put in is a custom Fujikura and I do not have the option to buy a second for testing. Here is the backstory, the 4W has a measured loft of 17* and the the I25 at 17.5* (std setting). I will play both (either) at 42.5". D3 swingweights on both. Both heads are 1.75* open. My concerned is off the tee. I realise the G25 has a larger footprint and spins more, whereas the I25 has a smaller footprint and deeper face (give or take a mm). Has anyone hit both...and can they give an insight on flight, spin, etc. I will admit, I have a penchant for the racing stripes.... ;) Cheers, Demonts
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