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  1. Thanks! Can you comment on how the stealth compares to the Sim in being more draw or fade biased? Is it easier to turn over?
  2. What were the predominant shot shapes? Fades/draw
  3. Can anyone comment on the shot shape of the Stealth. Particularly with regards to the OG Sim being fade biased? Tiger talked about the forward CG making it easier to move the ball (I believe right to left). Anyone have launch monitor groupings and or face to path comparisons between Stealth and SIM?
  4. Maybe it’s a left handed adaptor? Would that give him a flatter lie angle?
  5. More draw or fade biased? Launch higher or lower? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your detailed response. What kind of differences in flight/speed did you notice moving from 60 to 50? I might experiment with some weights… Is there a preference for lightening the front vs back weight aside from the usual spin/launch effects?
  7. Good question. 110 swing speed. 5 index. Tend to add loft at impact.
  8. Haven’t seen much about this shaft anywhere. Has anyone played it? I got to try it out with a sim 2 head 8 deg playing at 46” and D5 swing weight. It was a rocket launcher and I was surprised since I tend to like 45” heavier shafts like AD-DI 7x playing light around D2. Anyone else have this experience? Was thinking I would want to cut it down to 45.5” and end up with swing weight of D2 but having second thoughts about losing the speed of a longer shaft. Any thoughts as to what would happen cut down 1/2 or 1”?
  9. I was an early adopter of the Garmin Z80 rangefinder, it’s very gimmicky and fails at some of the basics. Some great ideas that were improved on with the Z82 but I’m not confident in Garmin especially their horrific customer service.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I think a lot of it is that the club is longer than I’m used to, stock TM length (45.75?) Its too hard to square up and feel like it’s too long and heavy. If I choke up 1” ( or cut it) it’s a better length but I guess I’ll have to play around with weight to see if I like it short and D0 or short and back up to D3-D5.
  11. Hi quick question. I have a SIM driver with Hzrdus Green 70g stock length. It’s currently a D6. It’s either too long or too heavy as I like the feel choked up one inch. This makes it feel roughly D0. So, do I like the feel of 1” shorter or DO? Would anyone recommend cutting 1” and leaving it D0 or keeping stock length and lowering weight to D0? Thanks!
  12. After getting cookie cutter responses from the customer service department I emailed the president of the company along with his assistant and didn’t even get an acknowledgment. Garmin is a POS company.
  13. I have met Camilo on several occasions and he is a genuinely nice and down to earth person. So sad. He’s one of the good guys on tour.
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