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  1. What stamps are you guys using? I am in the market for them now.. Thanks
  2. Have you guys tried golf work products. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-quick-shaft-clamp/p/gw0051/?
  3. Thanks. Anyone have photos of their workshops. big thing I want to set up is a gripping station for now until I learn more about fitting.
  4. I am building a work bench now and looking for a good vise used to regrip clubs. The only website I see that sell stuff is golfworks.. am I missing any other places? mike
  5. Single or don’t care what the wife says?
  6. I seen that but think it’s to small. Would like something that would hold 2 bags but not for storage. Balls gloves. Shoes. Hats.
  7. I am looking for ways to store my bags and golf equipment in my garage. All I see is cheap looking metal racks online. Anyone have a set up or any ideas to organize the garage with my golf equipment so my wife will get off my back. Ha thanks.
  8. I was given a set of the JPX900 tour irons. The issue is they are two degrees up and a half inch long. I got fitted for the project X LZ shaft. The issue is that getting them installed with new shaft new grips and bending them will cost around 600. Does anyone know of a cheaper way of doing this? Or anyone near Jacksonville Florida that works on clubs? Thanks for the help guys.
  9. First time playing any tips about the course? Should I walk or ride? Thanks
  10. Anyone know if it’s in good shape this year.
  11. yea. I played in about 5 events last year and i was shocked. Its crazy that want to win that much in a sport that is based on honesty. but the funny part about these tournaments too is all you win is a gift card to golf mart. not worth cheating that much for.
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