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  1. So I got on chat and was asking rep if forgiveness and distance was close to the 790’s. Answer no to both. So I am wondering if those who have demoed can speak to this. Also rep said targeted at 5 and below handi. I am a 10. To high to play?
  2. Mizzy just continues to improve. I am wondering if these will be competitive in distance and forgiveness to my TM P790's.
  3. This line looks great. Will have to demo them though. Wondering how much yardage and forgiveness I would experience from my 2017 P790's? Someone posted here that they lost 3-5 yards. Wondering if that was the 2017 or 2019 P790's. Looks like TM is trying to solve the peak height issue that some have with the P790's. You guys that get your hands on these first let us know what you think after demoing.
  4. Sad, I have a set of the forged I will let go for a fair price.
  5. Coming to this thread way late, but I believe no MP this year correct? Every other year JPX then MP if I am not mistaken.
  6. Is this just for lefty’s? I checked the website and only see $295 forged and $650 sugar daddy?
  7. This is a self serving post. Are you guys going to offer the buy 3 dozen get one free promo this year. I love the 5x and need to stock up.
  8. Those who have bagged the Super hybrid, I was wondering how this club performs out of the rough? Thinking the head size might be a problem. Opinions wanted.
  9. Thanks for all the comments. Will say I tried out the Cally super hybrid and got the distance I wanted but am terrified of shots out of the rough due to the size of the head. I really liked the Mizuno CLK, but with dispersion was all over the map. That one for someone who can control it was the best distance, feel, height, spin. Had it all but dispersion. Have not tried any of the 2020’s yet except the super. Maybe the TS2 or the 818 may be the ticket. Have always liked the Titleist hybrids, only slight negative there was the spin.
  10. I want to def try the TS2. I have an old 915 Titleist hybrid in my Florida bag and I really hit it well. Just not a distance club, but center of the club face every time.
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