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  1. Minty, used at most, for 5 rounds Callaway Epic Max, 10.5* with MMT 60 Stiff This driver is in great shape as it should be, it is a total fairway finder, but it was competing with my gamer which barely edged it out. The pictures tell the story, some lucky person is going to get a heck of a deal on this one. Reduced to $350 shipped and paypaled. No real trade interests at the moment, but would consider a TSi 2, in 10*. Enjoy!
  2. Currently on my third Evnroll putter. Find them very soft off the face. IMHO, they put a very nice roll on the ball. There fitting experience is great with a bunch of technology! Not familiar with which system, but had a multitude of data available for the fit. Feel to me is great. Getting it in a few weeks, can’t wait!!!
  3. Sold out direct. But can still get them thru dealers. Good on Srixon supporting their dealers.
  4. I think good news. Ordered Zx7’s 2/18 and got shipping notice yesterday. Hoping it is the full set not individual irons.
  5. Was a member there for a while. I did have a lot of fun reading all the posts. It was there that I was introduced to Dana Upshaw. He was a club fitter out of Warner Robbins, GA. He was a former Navy engineer I believe. Got fit by him and it was one of the best fittings I had ever done. Was way ahead of his time with tech at the time. Has since sold the business and I don’t see posts by him any longer. Didn’t even know that GEA existed any longer in any form. It did get a little back biting at the end. That is when I left. Was good while it lasted.
  6. This Sounds like my order. I am late to the game, ordered 2/18 and was told 3/12 would be the build date. Not counting on that, but would be nice. Cold here in Northwest Indiana so getting them sooner would be fruitless. Sure would be nice to look at though.
  7. I am wondering about the MMT’s as well. Have you hit them? How do the compare with say Modus 120’s?
  8. We’re these the zx7’s?
  9. Was this a standard order LLL?
  10. Chocolate, what did you order? And what was different from standard.
  11. This is the exact same setup that I am eyeing. Can you give me a bit of info regarding your game. Like maybe handi, and 7i SS? Much appreciated!!!
  12. So I love golf clubs but need to be educated regarding a couple specs. 1) am I correct that making lofts stronger increases bounce and closes the face slightly on irons? 2) does increasing loft do anything to offset? 3) is there a source I can go to in order to determine blade width? Very much appreciate any help anyone can provide me. Many thanks
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