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  1. Going to ask the dogged question. What is delivery time like? Understand supply lines and all, just seeking info.
  2. Buddy of mine ordered 6/21 and was just delivered last week. Does anyone know if it is all heads? Shafts? Grips? A combo of all the above? Looking at the 200’s.
  3. WTF, it is this exact shaft that they are indicating is backordered? This really grinds me. I don’t know what to believe.
  4. 1) la Porte, IN 2) Handi 11 3) some: mirrors for putting, etc. 4) As I am sure with all golfers looking to improve. So aids simply do not work. 5) Yes 6) Yes thanks for the opportunity.
  5. Got the third dreaded email. Clubs delayer again from 10/4/20 to 10/10, and now to 10/20. Frustrating when you hear of other preorders where people already have their clubs and have 4 rounds or so with them in the books already.
  6. I as well just received an email yesterday regarding the same shaft. Only difference is in my email it said October 4.
  7. I currently game the ZX7. Can someone tell me which T series iron this most closely corresponds to? And for the iron it’s closest to is the forgiveness similar? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. Tried Golfworks and 15 gram I am looking for is back ordered.
  9. It is just a Modus 105 wedge shaft.
  10. What in the world is wrong with Club Champion? Ordered 5/25 expected delivery 7/1.
  11. What was the turnaround time on the wedges. I am looking at 6-7 weeks right now.
  12. Hey Clubfitters, Is there a place I can purchase a 6 gram weight for my Tsi2 Driver. I have been on ebay and see some weights. Are they as functional as an actual Titleist weight?
  13. Minty, used at most, for 5 rounds Callaway Epic Max, 10.5* with MMT 60 Stiff This driver is in great shape as it should be, it is a total fairway finder, but it was competing with my gamer which barely edged it out. The pictures tell the story, some lucky person is going to get a heck of a deal on this one. Reduced to $350 shipped and paypaled. No real trade interests at the moment, but would consider a TSi 2, in 10*. Enjoy!
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