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  1. Yes, the Master Fitter in my region told me that it's the Gen 4 Driver, Fairways & Hybrids that are coming out this Spring. That would make sense, keeping to the 2-year cycle (alternating irons & woods on 2-year cycles). Also, the Gen 4 Driver may be a very similar evolution from the 2 Protos, following tour feedback.
  2. Does anyone know anything about availability of +/- replacement weights for the TSi3? I want to increase mine by +4 or +6 grams but I can't find any info on Titleist's website.
  3. Just ordered 5-PW MMCs today through my club's pro shop. Anyone order some in October? Do you have them yet? Anyone know the current lead time? No feedback yet from the head pro on the order. It's disturbing to hear several of you say that when you received your irons that the specs were way off. I had 2 sets of MPs back in the early 2000s that were way off, too. Why is Mizuno so uncaring about this? Irons are expensive enough without having to spend $50 to have them spec checked at a local clubmaker shop (my club, like most these days, has no resources for tuning loft
  4. What brand/model wedge are you playing for your Gap Wedge (50*-ish) and whatever higher lofted wedge (54?) you hit for a full shot from, say, 85 yards? And, do you play the same shaft in your full swing wedges as in your MCCs?
  5. I demo'd the MMCs and really like them, got great numbers. Before I place my order, a couple of questions for those of you who play them: (I'm a 6 handicap, live on a tough, private golf course and play about 125 rounds a year. But at 72 my swing speed (97 with a driver) has slowed down for some reason and I don't have the fine hand control that I'd like to have. But I'm still competitive and hate losing $2 Nassaus). Time to retire my blades and get something that produces better misses. 1.) Instead of a Modus shaft, my fitter asked me to try Nippon's new ligh
  6. Sorry if this has already been answered, but wading through 30 pages of posts in this thread is more time than I can devote. To those who have already been fit and/or placed an order through your local club pro shop or off-course golf shop: Have they told you when to expect delivery? And would it be around the same time (slightly before or slightly after) availability in golf stores?
  7. Anyone hit both and have comparisons? Actually, include the IZ-6, too. These are Titleist's premium offerings. Both the IZ and DI are high launch, per GD. Wondering about subjective feedback regarding things like feel, kick, etc.
  8. I got my Newport 2 at the Tacoma Pro Golf, too. It has mill marks. Suggest you put on your reading glasses. They are very subtle, but they are everywhere.
  9. Can someone remind us of the expected Announcement Date and the subsequent expected date that the shops can sell them? Thanks in advance.
  10. A question (here we are on Page 34 of this thread) for all of you who are vehemently objecting to the "Scotty Cameron" engravings on the face and the "Milled in the USA" engravings on the backside of the topline: When you are standing over a putt that you absolutely have to make, are you focusing your eyes down at the ball? Or do you tilt your head to one side or the other so you can better see the engravings on the putter? Because it sounds like some of you are easily distracted and making the putt isn't that important to you. Just sayin'.
  11. Scotty's styling influence from the hot rod culture is known. But as someone who grew up in the family grocery store as a young kid, I recognize and associate with the phrase "Fine Milled Putters". "Fine" is a term associated with the highest quality fruits & vegetables. You might see it in the supermarket on the sides of boxes and crates if you go into the Produce section while the bins are being re-stocked with fresh items. Fine, Special and Select are terms commonly used in the fresh produce business. Such as "Fine Select Peaches".
  12. I just switched from SM7 50*, 54* and 58* wedges to PXG Milled (50* & 54* Sugar Daddys and 58* Romeo). Shafted them with Mitsubishi MMT 80 Stiff shafts (same as in my irons) and the increase in feel is extremely satisfying to me.
  13. Unaware of this topic, or even the existence of the MMT until reading this string last night, I had a fitting yesterday for new irons. I’m 71 years old and my Index is 7.2. My swing speed has declined a bit but I still hit the ball pretty well. Inconsistency and green-side chipping is my big frustration keeping me from competing with my Club's better players. I began playing SteelFiber i95 Stiff 2 years ago and am very happy with them. Yesterday after a good warmup with my current irons the fitter installed the same SteelFiber i95 shaft into the new iron I wanted to test. I got good num
  14. I'm a 7.4 Index with a Driver clubhead speed in the 98-103 mph range. I hit the ball straight most of the time and can, if needed, draw or fade the ball. I'm 6'1" / 205 pounds and because I have a negative attack angle of about -1.5*, the club fitter put me into a Titleist TS2 11.5* driver head with a Tensei Blue CK stiff shaft, which produced acceptable Trackman data. Sometimes when I feel the opportunity/need to really step on a drive for extra yards I have a strange result: the shaft feels dead, like a lead pipe. And distance is pffft. What's going on here? Is it possible that because
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