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  1. Pilgrim's was my favorite and we played quite the high end private club in Egypt Valley too. So much fun!
  2. I'm back from Michigan! We ended up playing Egypt Valley CC, Tullymore, and Pilgrim's Run. Unfortunately, we were only able to get 14 in at Egypt because men's league took over the place. Tullymore was nice - pretty darn tough. Pilgrim's was my favorite of the 3. Such a beautiful place and you were hidden from everyone else on almost every hole as they wound through all the trees. Tons of fun. Unfortunately my golf game was pretty off almost the entire trip, but I was able to grind out an 83 the last day at Pilgrim's with a triple and 2 doubles. It might have had something to do with the fact that it was 90 degrees every single day! So hot. Michigan is pretty great. I can't wait to explore more courses around that state.
  3. So they do have public grandstands that you can get a permanent spot in?
  4. I think he would be okay standing for a little while but would need to sit for a bit after that. Basically that, on repeat.
  5. Hey everyone! I have 4 Ryder Cup tix for the Friday rounds, and all my buddies have backed out due to life conflicts. BUT - I'm thinking about bringing my grandpa along with me! He's the one who introduced me to golf 24 or 25 years ago and it would be amazing to talk him to his first Ryder Cup ever. Here's the issue - he deals with pain off and on with arthritis and just due to the fact that he is in his mid-70s. I want to take him, but I know we can't be walking around all day. What would I have to do to ensure we can get seated in a spot on a specific hole or two? Would that even be possible? Any and all info would be appreciated!
  6. I feel like there's a market for this. I loved trying clubs from my local shop when I was in high school, but these programs hardly exist anywhere these days. I want to try out clubs myself, but it's virtually impossible and/or very overpriced.
  7. Thanks! I'm seeing Thornapple Pointe as well. Looks real solid. Was eyeing Thousand Oaks too, but just realized that's private
  8. Can anyone here vouch for any specific companies? Thanks!
  9. We have a boys trip planned to this area in June! Any public courses that anyone highly recommends?? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for checking in. I haven't started yet - wanted to wait until I join the club I'm looking at. I do want to clarify though that not every post would be golf related. Golf would be mixed in, as would personal improvement, other hobbies, random thoughts, etc.
  11. Hey all! Just curious if anyone here has had the means to quit what you're doing and adventured on the road for an extended period of time to golf and do whatever you want. I'm hoping in the next few years I can set things aside and travel/golf/blog/possibly work remotely all over the US.
  12. Probably going to take the GM up on trying out 9 holes this weekend at the Club I will probably join. Looking forward to it!
  13. I've honestly never understood this concept. People always mention they use their putting stroke with a lower lofted wedge. But does this really happen? If you used your putting stroke, you would hit every shot thin and the ball wouldn't get into the air. There has to be a steeper angle of attack than you would use with your putter. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe someone can make it make sense?
  14. Just grabbed 13 of the Lamkin Crossline Plus for 4-something a piece. Excited to try em out! They are .600 core. Do I simply just need to put a single layer of tape on the shaft like usual before sliding them on?
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