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  1. Check out AMG guys on hips. Monte has stuff on his Instagram as well and in his teaching vids. You’ll learn how they do and should work. “Certain point in backswing” may or may not be a useful point of reference for you, depending on your swing, if at all.
  2. In our inaugural member/member years ago I'm playing with my daughter who just graduated HS and it was basically match play as we found out the last few holes the other two competitors in our group were the only other pair close in score - it was the better ball of the two but stroke play format. We have a two shot lead standing on 18 tee and a par means a win. With a crowd watching up the hill around the green on the short but tricky dogleg par four I hit one out of bounds, then another, then look at my daughter who has seen this before, haha, and she smiles and hits a nice drive, nice appr
  3. A variety of bonsai will be cultivated in his honor! Deified I’m sure in ways we won’t get.
  4. Same hole my record 14 is on started with a 9 today, without going OB, lol. But rallied and 2 over the next 17!
  5. Trust me they knew you wanted to go to the tournament (and your garage door code and the upcoming vaccination dates of all your pets) - you are on their list as well (the good list!).
  6. All these staccato threads and posts are dizzying, lol, but . . . . "real golf" is played on a golf course, not 50 yards and in, and it's all of your golf skills in whatever combination you need or have applied to the challenges of that particular course given the conditions on that particular day. "Real golf" also includes all of the other mental/physical/spiritual elements of the experience. Hopefully someday you'll discover what "real golf" is all about. It will be an epiphany, or at least should be.
  7. Who? Looked him up, don't even remember him winning the Dunhill, which I would have watched, lol. Vem bryr sig!
  8. Like I said, we don't have any privates around here and I'd probably belong to one if we did (but even the private of my youth back in my hometown as been semi-public for 20+ years and still struggling), but maybe not. Our kids are grown, I don't care if I eat in a restaurant at "the club" and we can get on the privately owned but open to the public course we play almost any time and late afternoons are usually empty, practice area usually empty - I think our husband/wife works out to just under $200/month on an annualized basis and I play enough to make that a bargain. Also have a cheap ran
  9. My wife's a peach, but when I retire if she wants 7 days of space I'll fill the nights (resting up for golf the next day, of course). Bold talk, but she actually likes to play, too.
  10. Again, it's all so purple. I really haven't warmed up to the golf course, the camera setup has been less than ideal if not sterile, IMO (I like that one on the wires that I assume the Japanese put in as a special Reed cam to keep an eye on him, lol), I'm not sensing the "HD" in the endless faraway shots of players hitting shots I'd normally think I'm seeing, the lack of fans is understandable but really taking away from what would be a cool environment with Hideki up there. But, it's a horse race and I've enjoyed watching and at least Paul Casey has embraced it and is all in - hop
  11. Chicago hasn't been the same since Jesus left!
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