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  1. May be more a "sound" thing as well, and what ball you are using, putter finish, face, etc. At least for me. Seems to be discussed as "firmer" vs. "softer", softer feel being the carbon steel.
  2. Very interesting. Just embarking on another build with LaMont and also decided to go lighter (330g) and with a more "lively" shaft - seems counter to OEM ideas lately, but I think it my stroke will be better for it.
  3. Them not meaning one bit of that is what I expect.
  4. Phil’s on the list. You love Tiger and don’t know why he wouldn’t have committed to Torrey? Not weird.
  5. Ouch! I’m sure it was Phil Harris! Seriously, no excuse for that.
  6. Putting their eggs (oops, that’s Faberge) in that Smylie Kaufman basket.
  7. Waste Management without fans would be surreal if they set up the big amphitheater.
  8. We are having blizzard conditions, so surrounded by it and disliking it very much in town and in the rural areas, haha! But Sunday we'll put on our boots and take the dog out for a run on the snowy, frozen golf course. @Miss_Tee I'm hooking up the simple little trainer thingy for my road bike this weekend and my wife said she'll help me move the bed I not so accidentally blocked the folded up treadmill in a corner with when I set up the bed in the "guest room" ("why did you leave the treadmill back there?" Really, lol, she's never been on it!). But sitting here typin
  9. Tilley or baseball cap - if it's windy definitely the baseball cap. Sunscreen is important, my dermatologist is very judgmental. I'm thinking of going straw and somewhere there is a thread I found last summer maybe with a lead on a cool kind of wide brimmed outdoor activity hat that I was going to buy then forgot to do so.
  10. Knew a senior, who sadly can't play any more, who used to walk but when he took a cart had two bags - one set right handed, the other left handed and he played a round with each set at the same time.
  11. Then easy answer, get a different bag!
  12. Planning to be in the Atlanta area for a few days very early spring, then near Augusta (sadly no tickets, lol, but might wander over and check out prices on the street, might not). If I had the urge, which I predict I will, is there a nice facility that provides good iron fittings and would do them outdoors in the Atlanta area? Doubtful if I'll want to do that when in Aiken but you never know, and with all the hustle and bustle of the Masters am more focused on ATL opportunities to mull over. Thanks!
  13. Happy to help - get in touch with @joey3108 - he makes the best wedges, you need some!
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