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  1. Citation to "major" breach of etiquette? Citation to rules violation? As for the original post which I am doubtful was serious, the two times I've led off and had holes in one (and the only times) I wasn't running up to the green before the others hit and they didn't express any concern about my ball being in there - more concerned about whether there was going to be a beverage limit, lol.
  2. Haha, remember this a lot better, as long as we are both Jethro Tull and living in the past!
  3. I watched every brutal minute, lol. When we failed on the pass to the fullback in the end zone and settled for a FG the next time down that way then kept holding them several times deep in their territory and came up zilch it was over, then over, then more over. Agonizing. But . . . Michigan is really good and glad it was them that whipped us instead of OSU.
  4. Jeez Henrik, I would have bet if you could end up beating McIlroy and Spieth you'd win. Pull yourself together man!
  5. Players already make that calculation every time they tee it up and feel they need to be in a fairway - multiple times a round, maybe not the same answer each time. Not sure why this horse is being beaten again but it's (supposed to be) the off season, lol. OP, you started it but provided no answer or insight - you think there is "the" answer?
  6. Check rule 9. I don't think it's tied to address but simply whether you caused it to move, address or not.
  7. Yep, "I got it for you." If that doesn't elicit an expression of recognition and gratitude then an education talk is in order. We all forget stuff, I'm definitely not immune if I'm in my own little world, lol, and I don't mind if I forget being reminded and we'll fix each others out of reflex if it is near our own ball or line. If a bunch of yahoos played an event the afternoon or day before, we're often fixing several as time allows.
  8. Sounds like a super good time and more to come! Love it!
  9. When people stop joining to troll/extoll/promote/worship Tiger we'll know golf as we've come to know it is dead! He likely isn't winning anything anymore, but I hope he's as healthy as possible and no doubt he'll keep working on his game with the hope he can win again.
  10. If he's still there ----- Butch is the man! Used to set up right at the legal limit on Washington, fair and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. That's a win right there! Nice!
  12. I'd been avoiding that big letdown after Thanksgiving, then I saw this!
  13. Thanks for posting, sorry to see this.
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