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  1. The club has postal address and a phone number, so should be easy to contact. A quick search will yield several books on the history of Augusta National and the website has a lot of information. You can also search and read articles in the August Chronicle for a nominal fee.
  2. Two summers ago my wife and I were in North Berwick and because we were playing “the” course we stopped in a couple days ahead to ask some questions, etc. Well, the British Senior Am was on and Gene Elliott, a very accomplished am from Iowa was in the mix. We went back the next day and followed him (lost in a playoff). Point being I looked up his handicap and he’s a +2. Watching him and the other guys, who I’m sure were similar, and them all being seniors, what they were doing looked so easy and you think “I can do that” and then after a few holes “Why can’t I do that”. Even when you know ho
  3. Maxine Nightingale - "Right Back Where We Started From"! I'm sticking with my statement - the original BS (not the OP, but the alleged scratch) about guaranteeing he'd break 80 under the conditions stated - nothing but BS and I'd bet somebody else's house he couldn't do it. The rest - tons of really good golfers out there and sure, give a scratch a local caddie, a nice day, a practice round, maybe not even that and I'm not betting against the player breaking 85 for heaven's sake. Someone said a lot of people who play really don't have a concept of what a
  4. Had @joey3108 build 3 wedges for me last year, best I've ever had! That was easy!
  5. Never found low bounce necessary (for me) to handle firm sand and ours can get pretty firm. Don't really open the face much at all, fairly square stance and Monte's minivan vs. Ferrari approach to swing, i.e. no reason to take a big ole cut at, if anything I think a constant but slower pace for feel, but that's just my thought.
  6. Probably get those Champions Tour green speeds! Who knows, maybe it was just time for new grass for some reason.
  7. Sounds great, but don't be start that "I was so good on the range and three days later I suck thread"!!!!!!!! Nothing like a "perfect" range session or just going out some evening and playing 9 holes and the ball just seems to mostly go where you want it, IMO.
  8. It is if he puts in croquet courts.
  9. She made Kuchar's dad look like an amateur!
  10. Wow, he looks a lot closer to Tiger than the last time I saw that picture!
  11. Yep, like a “modern” bowling alley. More social than golf - lots of folks love it. Not a driving range! Too loud for me!
  12. Looking in the rules it looks like I was thinking of what is 14(b) - and then the above examples made me wonder when that is applicable whether that is as simple as communication to the caddie vs. some sort of "common" declaration like a provisional.
  13. Question - do you have to verbalize to anyone other than your caddie authorization to pick up your ball, if there are still areas where that is required? Don't even know why it occurred to me.
  14. I used to drop in more because it’s interesting to see what kids are doing and reading things from supportive parents with good perspectives. You are the reason I almost never bother any more. These kinds of threads and posts and outright accusations are your normal conversation and detract from a good sub-forum. You know some kids are on here as well, maybe think about that.
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