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  1. How many, not how far. You really do seem all about how far. Get your coach out for a playing lesson, analyze your short game and putting as well (noticeably absent from your analysis).
  2. Need to add that context to the original post next time! Us older folks are going to go nuts guarding all that history, lol. To the point of 2000 and since, I just don't know - you concentrate on the very top of the OWGR and you may be correct for top 15 or top 20 at this moment in time, but despite that, if we don't win the Ryder Cup that's out the window, lol. And I had no idea Nicklaus was 22 OWGR.
  3. You guys don't know old! I loved watching John Havlicek and Don Meredith (okay, I was pretty young for Dandy Don and barely remember him as a player, but had a football with his "signature").
  4. All I can say is you will! My oldest daughter improved exponentially from 9th grade to her senior year in HS. My youngest daughter was a tennis player and played a lot with us when she was little, but tennis took over for her in junior high. She doesn't putt great or have a short game just because she really doesn't play, just hits it straight ahead. Highlight other than playing The Old Course with her part of the group was Royal Dornoch. First round there was all four of us on Father's Day, 2018 at Royal Dornoch. She took well over 100 to get around and kept track of every stroke and pe
  5. Maybe it's the "name of the game" lately, but no - in the time of Love and Couples accurate driving and fairways and greens were important, along with a lot of other skills. You've identified two guys who could hit it long, but couldn't win majors and didn't win as much as many think they did which disproves your mistaken assertion.
  6. A course restored to its historical roots? Yep, you'd have people playing Pinehurst with 12 inch grass rough and literally ruin the course. Which is the stupid idea? Weather and USGA letting the course get too dry and some silly pin positions. Nothing to do with this bomb and gouge argument, and Kaymer closed with two very exceptional rounds.
  7. Tiger is probably the most polarizing figure in golf in history. He's done it his way, that seems to bug some folks anytime someone else has success and has a bit of a confident air, so no doubt he's disliked by legions of people who have never met him. So maybe the most disliked, if it's a poll on wrx, of any recent U.S. Open winner. Took a lot of guts, no pun intended, to set off on the journey he set off on and keep working at it, so I've never met the guy but have a lot of respect for what he's accomplished.
  8. Only if you don't listen to what they have to say and start a thread making stuff up. First, Rory said it was a "brilliant" win. Second, he didn't say anything about "Bryson proofing" - he just looked lost, frankly, trying to find something to say. But he was definitely impressed to the point of looking a little shocked, but so what, stick a mic in front of Rory and you'll get his honest take on something at that moment. Third, you completely fabricate the suggestion that Jaime Diaz wants courses "Bryson proofed". He was asked about the USGA and R&A. He has ta
  9. Seriously? Overall U.S. golf has been a lot stronger historically and for long periods of time than it is now in your temporal view, how is that a question?
  10. Didn’t watch but you know he is so slow, lol.
  11. So why wait until tomorrow? Rest of it was just as bad from an English perspective. Blaring music the "thing"? Drinking a bunch of beers? The girls sitting by the phone waiting to hear you are done with the round? (Because apparently they don't play, lol). Sounds like an immature 21 year old "brah" perspective. Not the perspective I had about golf at 21 or any of my friends, so I'm hoping you grow into the game as you get older and find other things about it that inspire you. But, it's your perspective, you are 100% entitled to it
  12. Some people who are now eating their words would have said because he's never right about anything, lol.
  13. . . . what is with the obsession of golf that has “all of the sudden” overcame . . . I got that far and quit reading. A good assignment for a high school sophomore level English class would be to to find all of the errors, explain them and then rewrite. College level writing? Yikes. I'll read the rest when I'm not feeling crotchety, lol! You have to understand that no matter how enthusiastic you are about whatever you are writing about, educated readers are only going to take so much in the way of fundamental errors involving grammar and usage.
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