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  1. Had a great cat growing up. Our daughters each wanted and got kittens when they were 5 years old from Santa, the cats have both passed on but they were great. As more of a dog person, I have to admit once we no longer had cats the house eventually didn't smell like we had cats, didn't run into random bits of litter here or there, and so there were some things about the cats we didn't miss too much. But, the oldest brings her new cat to visit (and her dog) and the youngest I'm guessing will be getting another cat in the near future. Here's the one cat in the "family" at this time.
  2. A guy that I saw drop from his pocket when he was looking for his ball in some long grass up on a hill when he thought no one was looking went on to work for . . . the CIA, lol. We were all in grad school and betting in nickel increments of all things. Amazing how just having anything in a pot brings out certain instincts. We play for absolutely nothing but the fun of playing, most of the guys I play (but not all) with can't play without rolling the ball a little, in fact some would freak out over a tight lie of any kind, hahaha, and sometimes the concessions are a little generous, but nothing dishonest or sneaky. Except for that one guy, that one summer (sounds like a hot vacation read!), I've been lucky to have nice, honest people as regular golf companions.
  3. My wife, who pretty much lets me do whatever I want, has been telling me for three months - no matter what, we will be at this wedding! I shall attend! (And ISU fans never think Iowa will be any good, even after they get rolled once again).
  4. Nice! First time I broke 80 I shot 75 - was pretty excited. Then . . . didn't break 80 again for a long, long time, lol. But, eventually got to the point where I'm disappointed if I don't and my goal is still someday to break 70 - I'll be happy if it's one stroke!
  5. Not a "pro shop" within 200 miles of where I live that has someone that custom grinds golf clubs. Have to find a club maker these days for the most part, if you can, in a lot of places, so look for that or maybe you'll get lucky finding an old pro who does it. Assume you are asking because you don't want to do it yourself, nor should you if you don't know how. Agree with the above, post your location and you'll probably get some ideas. Otherwise, call a few golf shops in your area and someone will know someone who can (or may still have an actual "shop" and a grinding wheel and someone that knows how to use it) of just Google club fitters or club makers and you'll find someone.
  6. LOL, someone copied their accounting quiz.
  7. Well I wouldn't want to hug Cantlay.
  8. I have to attend a wedding that starts at the same time as the game!
  9. Which is one of the great things about the game when played with respect! Good work. Edit: And oh by the way, Iowa 34 Maryland 7 at the half!
  10. If you are going to post about buying clubs on wrx you need to try harder! Actually the prices on those clubs you should have bought two years ago have decreased! Kidding aside - almost any decent GI irons in the past 0-10 years will be better than what you have. Ping used to sell old model iron sets brand new and pretty cheap. If you know your specs it's easy to find nice, used irons. If you can't find any, stop by my garage, lol. If you need to invest a few bucks in some testing, it will pay dividends in the long run.
  11. One of the many reasons I quit watching pro football!!
  12. Edit: lol, now I know how those multiple posts happen. I need that red warning from my wife - you must wait 2 seconds!
  13. Haha, yep, we are up to two complaints in 7 years! He's a good guy, read the articles - his comments are pretty balanced.
  14. Defeat? They won the match, get over it. Team was getting beat, but they are supposed to be submissive and subdued while the USA does a bunch of front running celebrations? LOL. Let the emotion come out, pretty sure they are the ones under the real pressure. "Sir, how may I tailor my celebration to meet your specific Monday morning quarterback expectations?"
  15. Celebrated our first by . . . . getting a set of Ping Eye 2+ back in 1992! So many irons ago . . . . Do some research, follow Callaway Pre-Owned and you can likely make a good iron pickup at a great price soon. And yes, I think updating from those irons (sorry Jack) to something you can find that fits you and has a shaft friendly to your game will make a big difference.
  16. Ivanhoe pulled it off! And Ben Kenobi.
  17. Fair enough, and all I'm saying is whatever his reason doesn't matter unless putts expected to be given.
  18. LOL, I thought this sounded familiar. Told you two years ago when you posted about your old clubs to replace them - now you've wasted two years! Get on that new iron merry go round now!
  19. Takes it out on them? Concessions are a gift - no reason to expect them, ever.
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