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  1. A sign of the Apocalypse!


    Buy what's fun, but simple layering will serve you well and keep things moving if you perspire.  That thing looks like a guaranteed sweat then shiver gimmick, but maybe for golf it's okay?  Wouldn't wear one for hiking, hunting, snowshoeing, or anything else outdoors when it's cold.  Can you take it off and cook a weenie at the turn?



  2. I'm at 35.5" and maybe 68.5 degrees with my Anser style head on the putter La Mont made me earlier this year, and would be the same with my Newports.   I've got a mid-slant style neck, but flow neck on mallet previously and the right lie angle is still the right lie angle - I guess I haven't noticed a difference with my necks and lie angle, but that's me.


    Now that's what fits me, but I found that most putters I'd pick up that were 70-71 degrees were too upright.  In general, I've found the same with wedges and clubs and tend to go a degree flat on my irons, no idea if there is any correlation on my departures from "standard".



  3. 10 hours ago, csh19792001 said:



    40 players were within 2 shots of the PGA Tour lead in 1980.


    In 2021, that number was 130.

    I guess that settles it. 🙃

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  4. On 11/24/2021 at 3:12 PM, BenSeattle said:

    Are you like me....tired of being taken for a sucker, designed to lure in gullible fanboys who buy into this so-called "feud" between two golfers merely out to pump up the cash-grab payday?  Even "reputable" golf websites are treating this like it's not a Phil Mickelson-produced (that's why he's on the call, folks) "showdown" between two who "really don't like each other."  Now they're saying the "truce" at the Ryder Cup was really a put-on because they "really don't like each other."  For the past week, B & B have been tossing extra-lame hate-barbs at each other.... all designed to juice the ratings -- not to mention the betting handle.  (Don't think that Bryson will get a piece of that action?  Take at look at his cap, boys: "Draft Kings.")  Treating this like some long-overdue heavyweight title fight is more than insulting; it's a joke to take any of the Oscar-caliber animosity seriously.  Hey, if the weather is crappy and nothing else is on, I'll check in just to see how they gin up the fake affronts but if you're expecting anything more than a close-to-scripted reality show, then you're dreaming.  Remember, it's only 12 holes because producers know viewers can only take so much crap.  Even if they "really don't like each other."  (While laughing all the way to the bank.  Right behind Phil.)

    I think you did! 😉 


    They've got you right where they want you!

  5. I've mostly roasted, tried one in the Pit Barrel Cooker, grilled a turkey breast - as much as I like to cook and do pretty well most of the time (IMO, lol) turkey often confounds me.  Last two years I've made the mistake of getting too small a bird.  I even tried the small farmer nature route courtesy of a friend's daughter a few years ago but there were issues that year with their feeding and it was kind of a small and wiry bird (good, but small, so we supplemented with a breast). 


    This year I've decided to go with an 8 lb. fresh turkey breast (everyone else here clamors for white meat). And frankly it's the gravy that is the star here, and it's always great.  


    So ....... it's either sous vide which I've been experimenting with (so far successfully on beef, pork and pheasant) after hearing for years how great it is from @DavePelz4 (and he's right) or I'll set up my double aluminum foil pan roasting station (one on top of another resting on little foil ball supports with holes cut in the bottom of the top one and stock in the bottom pan and all covered in foil until the end for more browning) but do it in the oven instead of on the grill.


    Completely a Thursday morning game time decision - been back and forth on it since Friday, as someone says in The Quiet Man, "I'm sick of the talk of it." 

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  6. 1 hour ago, MtlJeff said:

    I've never visited that site in particular, but it's nice that other forums exist in case you get [arbitrarily] banned from ones that you like.


    Just a little more than a sympathetic adjustment! IMO, of course, don't want anyone getting caught in any kind of subjective crossfire! 😉

  7. 9 minutes ago, Titleist99 said:

    144-156 players enter a tournament and 65 get paid for making the cut. Oh, yes....the winner should get more than 18% of the total purse.....and the purses should be increased by the PGATOUR instead of PIP money distributed to player for nonsense on twitter, Instagram, etc......JMO  


    Regular Tour event....winner $2M

    Major Tournament.....winner $4M

    FedEx Cup ........$20M Jackpot


    That'll keep the players on the PGATOUR. Because you keep your card doesn't mean the player is get crazy money.

    Roger Sloan (who caught a 10 day hot streak late in the season so folks other than his mom knew who he was - figuratively, my Canadian friends) missed 10 cuts, 10 cuts, and made over $1m. And good for him. But Billy has a point. 14 millionaires already and barely into the season.

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  8. Don't let Peter talk you into being a tremendous slouch!


    Get a little better at everything and pretty soon you are a 12 who may occasionally play as an 18 or once in awhile play as a 10 and inconsistent but at the next level.  Then pretty soon you may be a 9!  I think you are taking his idea the wrong way, but sometimes he can be a little out there.  


    And it belongs in Instruction, lol, so repost there so it's up in three different threads! Mods love that almost as much as they love intentionally duplicate posts. 😀



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  9. Not sure on his solution, but he's making a point that's been made fairly and a fair amount of times over the past many years with the way exemptions work and how you get there and what it takes to stay there for newer players.  Good luck getting to play on the Champions Tour for many.  Tour became more of a "closed shop" and pretty protective of status in many ways going back to the Finchem reach around season and the new Finchohan changes in scheduling, compressing the "real" schedule, and actions related to access.  


    It's nice to hear the occasional voice of dissent among the ranks.  

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  10. On 10/19/2021 at 10:14 AM, swgolf12 said:


    The PGA Tour is a work place, so no one with any disabilities or medical conditions can work in your mind? Seek help, seriously.  Nothing you can say could ever possibly add value to society. 

    The decision turned on public accommodation, not on an argument that it was a workplace and the Tour was his employer. 


    Reasonable people can disagree on the rest of it.  Public discourse is one of the most important ways "value" is added to society.


    Sorry to see this happen and wish him all the best of luck with recovery. He's been pretty successful and worked hard away from the Tour and hope that continues to be successful.  Seems like he was limping around noticeably at a college event I saw on TV but don't recall when, didn't look like anything most people could even handle.

  11. 2 hours ago, bscinstnct said:

    Ha! Speaking of Ancient Greece, we went to The Met yesterday and saw this armor 😃


    Also couple decent paintings like this one by some guy ; )









    Now "Starry Starry Night" is in my head! 

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  12. 40 minutes ago, iBanesto said:


    Interesting thing about Patton.


    He finished 5th in the Modern Pentathlon at the 1912 Olympic Games. 

    His respect and affinity for all things ancient Greece did lead to some arguments about whether he would wear the team uni. 

  13. I've just progressively added more headcovers to the bag, first iron is now the 6 iron.  I don't get too wrapped up in the gaps above my irons - I like the mix of "woods" and hybrids that I have and I'm only going to be so accurate above 170 or so yards.  Changes in shafts in the long clubs to still stiff, but not so stiff has been a good thing - did a good fitting for those a year ago and it was worth it.  Still swing plenty fast enough that Rs in general are no good for me, especially with woods and hybrids, but that's me.  If R was the answer, I'd shift in a heartbeat.

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