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  1. Best golf shoes EVER made..being an all-time walker, they get, of nothing, more comfortable with every round.
  2. WOW...That is AWESOME!!! We can continue this in the Pm..lol man that is sick..
  3. [quote name='TxFrog' timestamp='1329151821' post='4275645'] PING started from some engineers garage and grew into one of the top golf companies in the world, I think I know what they're doing. Why change philosophy? IMO Ping has been all about helping golfers score better, period. They are not into traditional looks, gimicks, and creating new products every 6 In another thread about brand stereotypes, a poster said about ping (paraphrasing) " Ping is for golfers who let their game do the talking and worry about writing down the lowest score on their card." Ping, DONT get with the program.
  4. [quote name='Deerslayer' timestamp='1329106138' post='4272823'] We are neighbors Zolon. Stratton plays at Grey Rock. Jordo: His grip is purple with the pink cap. He removed the paint fill, refilled only the stripes white and stained the top edge of the grip. The very end of the cap is still a pale pink. You can see it in this vid. [url="http://www.youtube.com/embed/fU2NCvZXD-E"]http://www.youtube.c...bed/fU2NCvZXD-E[/url] [/quote] Ahh gotcha! Fooled me! What are his practice sessions like? Just curious...like order of clubs and just how he works on the range..So I guess, when he
  5. [quote name='dplevin' timestamp='1329107263' post='4272975'] I'm not the person to talk to about this, but Deerslayer on here could really help you. Check out Stratton's WITB to see the work he does. [/quote] I've already talked to him about the visors, but just the brand..now I need a logo for em! Waiting for him to hopefully join this! Lol
  6. I know this is a long shot, but im looking to get some custom embroidered stuff for the golf team this year, and we dont even have our own team logo! So i thought maybe one of you guys with the fancy photoshop or graphic design software could help me! Im just wanting to make our own sweet logo! Ill post a picture of the logo the rest of the sports use for you to go off of! ..Help make the golfers stand out! Im looking to get this put on: Tour Visors, Hats, Golf shirts, Pullovers/Windjackets, golf bags, and heck, maybe even small on the back of our pants! THANKS GUYS!! BTW, We're the Colli
  7. Have any of you guys had any custom tour visors or hats made? Ive been looking at brands like Town Talk and Imperial for the visors, and either Richardson or New Era for the hats... If you HAVE got some made,tell us where you got em', how much they were, and post some pics!!! MUST APPRECIATED! Thanks in advance!
  8. Question on the NO1 grip...Did you have it custom made? Because on their website all the purple grips have PINK accents?! Now they DO have a WHITE with purple, but i want this one! Thanks!
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