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  1. Why dont you reply in public? what are you afraid of? Adam C 269 Started conversation: 8 minutes ago Howard: Not sure if you will read this as it sounds like you don't respond to many messages. First let me just say that I am sorry that you feel you have been taken advantage of. That was never my intent. If you contacted me directly about this, I don't recall seeing anything about it, at least as far as requesting it be removed. I also can assure you that Youtube has never contacted me regarding
  2. Please dont, Im not even pissed off on him, its really nothing compared to other "losses" like my Danish property (a 500 K pearl countryside ive had for 21 years now), totally damaged by a frozen water pipe second floor....so EVERYTHING is damaged...everything, and that happened a week after i lost my best friend for 50 years to Cancer (or lack of correct treatment for it). HE got cancer from SKI VAX as the ski technician for the Norwegian National alpine ski team, so like a "soldier" he died on "duty" for his Country, and they have known about the cancer risk from ski vax (flour) for decades
  3. Thanks for those warm word, i really appreciate that, but the latest year has been hard on us all, harder for some than others, and its been to much now really, so i guess i need a break anyway.
  4. It will, its no way around it since we are all one, but you have to be an old soul like me to know, but some might never get it, no matter how many times they come back to improve where they failed the last time.... Yeah, its a Golf forum, and not the place for that, but if you truly wants to understand life on earth, you have to start with what we are and who we are, and that we are all connected as a fragment of a bigger ONE...We have been lied to about just everything, Golf clubs included, and only a few of us is really connected to the DNA net-grid who covers the whole universe, and you
  5. I laughing about it all, really, i was a big fool, why did i ever open a profile here and give my unique knowledge away for free on top of all those hours? I should have done like this man or TXG, then i could just lean back and let the money run in, instead ive been fighting a e-mail box in here filled up with SUPER EGIOSTs questions who dont even whant to share their questions and my answers with other readers, but sure, a 3 letter long letter is nothing for me to read and give detailed and qualified answer to, plus a few follow up mails...all for free... its been a few thousand of tho
  6. I simply feel sorry for that man, i told him a year ago, he is still in here to lurk for traffic he makes money on, but ok...its hard times, i understand that but ain there any limits for whats decent anymore? My meter say close to 12.200 posts, many of them took me 30-60 minute to write, i never got a dime for it, i never asked either, i did it for the love of this game and because that kind of help was not available when i needed it, so i wanted to make a difference....and i did, but this aint funny anymore, when you experience that the law for freeware and free information who contain in
  7. About a year ago, i noticed that my "DIY driver tune up" is used as the basics for a rather bad instructional video on Youtube without my permission (by a member of this forum), and he was confronted with the facts directly on Youtube, AND in here, YouTube was contacted about the same, but the video is still there, so both this fellow and YouTube makes money on my property without my permission. A year has gone, the video is seen 34.886 times and google tells me it pays off average 0.18 USD so that should give him 6.280 USD since April 28. last year. Is this OK? Is this the way to say
  8. Really good, you seems to have taken the point here.... A player who have a aggressive transition, is often given a "heavy" shaft to slow him down, but the effect of it might be that he is using even more power, and become even more aggressive than he was. Thats why we have to be open minded, do some trial and error, to see what direction thats good for his swing, and forget what "the books say" we should do, since its often counterproductive to what we try to achieve. The AUTOFLEX shafts is really the school example.....how can you swing a wet noodle like a idiot? you CANT, you have to u
  9. It dont have to be wrong, it could be just right Jump strait to my DIY driver tune up, and scroll down to post #8 where im writing about VISUAL FITTING For short, Club specs (all of them) is a trigger for how we swing the club, its always US who have to adapt to the club, the club is just like it is, for evry swing, no matter what you do, so its US who have to change something to make it work, and that goes for the better or worse, so my way of club fitting is NOT like others, i used club specs to trigger the players swing into the best possible rythm and float, to give him the best odds
  10. A belt grinder is for Grinding, and thats NOT what you need. Repairs like you talk about is done by hand, we cant and should not grind off dings.....we either leave them alone, of fix them with a HAMMER, and when done we can use a SATIN /brushed finish using Scotch Brite, that "covers up" lots of the small wear and tear we cant really remove, but we can visually cover it this way. If you try with a grinder, you either remove the chrome plating, or the polish job makes all damages even more visible than they was, so fix small dings with a light hammer (small light taps, NEVER use force, we
  11. David above me here is right, your thinking is right, but its overthinking since we cant see values that makes sence... If we had a 46 gram driver shaft (46 long uncut ) this shaft would be 1.0 grams pr inch If we had a classic Dynamic Gold #9 iron shaft who is 130 grams at 37.00 this shaft would be 3.51 grams pr inch BOTH this clubs will have a drop of 3 SWP for each 0.5" we go shorter.....so its ALL about length, shaft weight dont matter, neither does the shafts balance point, but DONT mix this up with changes moving from one shaft wgt to another, thats NOT the same we talk about her
  12. If they are new and un-cut, so you can weight sort them, just do it like i have suggested, that makes the difference from the longest to the shortest club a tad lower, then just move on, to next step, you have done what you could with the shafts, that means they WILL vary a little when we get to total weight, but if you hold back with grips until the clubs is dry after epoxy, you can now put each UN gripped club on the gram scale to see what wgt progression they have now, and the use the weight sorted grips so that progression becomes as close to a slop with equal steps between clubs as you c
  13. This is the basics... Its the HEAD ALONE, with or without a tip weight and the ferrule. Shafts is a unit for itself, high end club making always include weight sorting of shaft like this: Descending wgt shafts - use the lightest shaft for the longest club and opposite. Constant wgt shafts - Exchange shafts in and out of the set from other sets, to make all shafts as equal on start wgt as possible Grips is a unit for itself, should be weight sorted and used to even out TOTAL wgt progression by taking advantage of the tolerances grips often has that can be plus minus 3.5 grams As
  14. RIFLE FCM is the same shaft as both taper and parallel its ONLY the last 6/8" thats different, (either 0.355 or 0.370)
  15. They are discontinued years ago, thats why mine is in their 3. set of heads....its the best shaft i ever had for wedges, but this is all personal preference. As most of you know, im not young and strong anymore, so im down at FCM 4.9 to 5.1 as flex (Strong R /R+/ Firm) so my wedges is from the S label series to extend my irons flex slope. (Swing Science Graphite FCM shafts, kind of like a RIFLE FCM graphite shaft is you like, made to a flighted flight pattern, and this Tour Concept S flex #8 shafts makes a "natural" extension to the iron shafts. My GW 53*/17* is a full swing "#11 iron",
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