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  1. YES..... A irons to R #8 for wedge R irons to S #8 for wedge S irons to X #8 for wedge X irons to TX #8 for wedge same same...the shaft will deliver less dynamic loft, launch goes down and spin goes up I should not have to mention it, but this is all using the same model series of shaft, so if you try to mix different shaft models, i cant tell how that will work, since there aint no standard for flex letters, they are only valid within the same model series like this is based on.
  2. Many tour players generate to much spin, and they know how to get ball flight down when needed, and some just play it since they always have, so its not always smart to copy what tour players use. As example, Sørend Kjeldsen from Denmark is member of the same local golf club as i was, and i meet him by coincident in the PROs backroom where he changed a iron shaft himself. He did not bother to check loft and lie, he did not check swing weight or anything, it was a strait forward "cut & glue job" who made me ask questions to it. His answer was, if it dont feel right, i will adjust with lead tape on the head, and if flight aint right, ill just get back in here and adjust it. His friend and the PRO in the club came to me for both fitting and tweaks, so dont think for a second that being a professional player is the same a equipment knowledge, or that its for "logical reasons" they play a certain shaft like S400 for wedges. Try X7 #8 iron shafts if you want ball flight down and more stopping power.
  3. Strange, at 39.00 we have the same specs for KBS Tour, but not for the others Your DB list PX at 19.87, my DB say 19.550, and thats 1/3 of an inch (8.1 mm) and quite a lot, and tolerances from production is never that high unless we have a "flyer"....the DB im using is not shafts ive measured myself, but a DB from the club makers guild, but NOT free from errors, and this could be one of them.
  4. For each 1/8" of tip trim, we stiffen up the shaft by 1 CPM, so it would take 7/8" to get to the same BUTT flex as a X100 #8, but we would still have a longer, and softer tip section. Strait in the difference is 1.5" between S400 #9 and X100 #8, so even tip trimmed 7/8" and the same butt flex, we still have 5/8" longer tip on the S400, so we can never make them "equal" That means the normal 3/8" of tip trim we can do without hosel reaming is a slight adjustment against stronger and more spin in a wedge, but far from where we ends if we simply go X100 #8 strait in
  5. 0.010 is only 0.254 millimetres or 1/4 or a mm if you like Grip production dont have a tolerance that tight where weight can vary plus minus 3.5 grams on quality grips like Golfpride Just try your caliper on your irons, and measure 2 inch below the grip who is the point for grip size. If you cant find variables of 0.010, something is "seriously wrong"
  6. The is NO standards for flex letters. All they are telling, is where that shaft belongs in its own model series of shaft AND weight, so they cant be used outside that context, not even within the same shaft brand. For steel shafts with the same step pattern WEIGHT IS FLEX since that means thicker or thinner shaft walls. For Graphite, its the carbon fiber frame that delivers flex, weight is RESIN (epoxy) and has next to no flex properties, so in graphite shafts is no direct connection between weight and actual flex, but the more layers of carbon fiber we use, the more resin is needed to keep it all together, but we talk small, numbers. Some shaft models is made identical for all weight classes, and in that case, there is a thick outer layer of resin where there lighter models is rolled and grinded down in weight to specs, while the carbon frame inside is the same. Other models is different when weight is different. So to answer your question, the same weight = the same amount of resin, but a different carbon fiber frame for flex properties
  7. You answered your own question .....go softer
  8. NO, that will not give you a shaft thats stronger than your PW, but a softer shaft, so starting point would have to be a PW we tip trim, and for models where the #9 and PW uses the same shaft, starting point would be the #9.
  9. The reason for why a X100 #8 iron is used, IS NOT to make it close to S400, but to make it close to what would have been a GW or SW shaft, or a natural extension to the irons, PLUS to take advantage of a shorter and stiffer tip section who delivers less dynamic loft, EVEN on partial shots. As butt CPM the difference from S400 #9 to X100 #8 is 7 CPM The natural flex slope of DG S is 11 CPM pr inch, and X100 has 12.67 so we can use 6 CPM as average for each 0.5" play length. A #9 iron is 36.00, the SW is 35.25 as standard, so we need about 9 CPM stronger to be in the area of where a dedicated SW shaft would have been, and we got 7 CPM and cant get much closer than that, but the shaft will fit the slot for both GW and SW, and as LW we ends in the area of SS1 instead of SS3 to 4 Your own suggestion will be way softer, and way higher launching, but with less spin. The higher apex will make a steeper descent and prevent some of the roll out from lower spin, but they will be hard to stop on the green unless you can make them to go silly high on approach = lack of dispersion.
  10. Its already written, its not in the DBs we have access to, and non of us is responsible for your clubs, so you should address your questions to the company you bought your clubs from.
  11. You can only combine more spin with lower launch in wedges, we cant get more spin and higher launch, thats not possible. If you are happy for your Elevate Tour in irons, use the same model but X flex #8 iron shaft for wedge. That will deliver more spin and lower launch, and a weight that match your irons better
  12. IF there was a TX option you could do it, but there aint, so the only way to get a stiffer 130X is by tip trim or whats called "Tiger stepping", who is hard stepping of taper tip shafts by tip trim. Most hosels accept 3/8" without insert issues, while more than that might make a need for a ream job to 0.370 to get full insert.' 'Another option is to get a DG Tour X7 #8 iron shaft Adam (the OP) have now made a video with side by side test of DG S400 #9 vs X100 #8
  13. I already had 1 model named 110i so its strange if the CW (taper) is different This one you post has a BP 52.15% up from the butt, the one i have in my DB has the BP 51.22% from the butt. Converted to 39.00" uncut as my DB is based on, it means 20.33 inch vs 19.975" and thats a large difference and a higher BP than KBS Tour. I only build about a hand full of Steelfibers, and used the 9 gram tungsten wgt for graphite, and just reduced the length of the rod depending on wgt target. Those tip weights only needs 1/8" extra tip trim to fit.
  14. I cant say for sure that Royal Presicion used the same screen codes as True Temper does, but RIFLE FCM is the same shaft as 0.370 and 0.355, its only the last 6/8" of the tip section thats different, so if you cant find a taper, use 0.370 and have the head reamed up to fit. Here is the butt screen codes used on RIFLE FCM from True Temper Rifle - Parallel TipURIFM40 Rifle 4.0 ParallelURIFM45 Rifle 4.5 ParallelURIFM50 Rifle 5.0 ParallelURIFM55 Rifle 5.5 ParallelURIFM60 Rifle 6.0 ParallelURIFM65 Rifle 6.5 ParallelURIFM70 Rifle 7.0 ParallelRifle - Taper TipRIFM40 Rifle 4.0 TaperRIFM45 Rifle 4.5 TaperRIFM50 Rifle 5.0 TaperRIFM55 Rifle 5.5 TaperRIFM60 Rifle 6.0 TaperRIFM65 Rifle 6.5 TaperRIFM70 Rifle 7.0 TaperRifle Flighted - Parallel TipURIFMF40 Rifle Flighted 4.0 ParallelURIFMF45 Rifle Flighted 4.5 ParallelURIFMF50 Rifle Flighted 5.0 ParallelURIFMF55 Rifle Flighted 5.5 ParallelURIFMF60 Rifle Flighted 6.0 ParallelURIFMF65 Rifle Flighted 6.5 ParallelURIFMF70 Rifle Flighted 7.0 ParallelRifle Flighted - Taper TipRIFMF40 Rifle Flighted 4.0 TaperRIFMF45 Rifle Flighted 4.5 TaperRIFMF50 Rifle Flighted 5.0 TaperRIFMF55 Rifle Flighted 5.5 TaperRIFMF60 Rifle Flighted 6.0 TaperRIFMF65 Rifle Flighted 6.5 TaperRIFMF70 Rifle Flighted 7.0 Taper
  15. Here is a compare of shaft balance points, but i dont have specs for the actual model, but it seems like Steelfiber has a progressive BP where higher shaft wgt = higher balance point.
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