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  1. i have some optionsso im finaly going to buy a new putter and i have narowed it down to a couple of big name putters. 1.Mizuno bettinardi black carbon models bc-2 and bc-3 for 98£ 2.Nike method 001,002,003 for 127£ 3.scotty cameron circa 62 charcoal mist model 2 for 137£ so wich would be the best?
  2. i have a new 3 wood and driver that i bought late fall and this winter.the 3 wood is a mizuno mx700 and the driver is a nike dymo str8-fit,i have hit them into a net but never outside.but since i live in finland i have to wait a little longer,it's still snow on the ground but it's melting fast but it gets very wet when all the snow melts so it might be another month before i get to try them.
  3. if the tip diameter is the same you could do that,most irons are 355. but you should check it
  4. i have been hit once.it was this summer and a friend was at my house and he wanted to try to hit a couple of balls in the yard.it was his first time trying to hit a golf club.he wanted to hit a driver but i didn't give him my new driver,i gave him a older 3wood saying it was a driver.i stood infront of him about 10 feet away,when he hit the ball went straight forward against me standing infron of him.it hit my chin but i was lucky not to loose any teeth.
  5. slicer5

    MP - 57's

    i have hit them once on a demo day but it was with a dynamic gold shaft,they were really good and i recommend them.you should try the newer 58's and 68's too.
  6. very nice.i think thats one of the best looking drivers in a long time,love the simplicity and discrete colour
  7. nice clubs,haven't seen the cleveland irons before very nice cat too,my cat looks kind of like your cat but he is orange and a little chubby.it's 3 feet of snow here in finland too.
  8. nike has a removeable head in the dymo and the vr driver.the str8-fit system
  9. dont order without trying.if someone says a club is very forgiving and straight for them it might be horrible for you.but if you find huge bargains it might still be worth it
  10. i would really like a new driver,i have an old womens driver that i got really cheap in a garage sale and im rather young so i dont work so i could afford a big brand driver like the j38
  11. what is the worst club you ever had?it could be poor performance or a club that broke on the first swing.it doesn't have to be a big brand club.tell your story.i haven't had a bad club yet becouse im very new to the sport.
  12. driver:nike 3 wood:mizuno 5 wood:golf challenge 5 hybrid:callaway irons:taylor made wedge:callaway putter:golf challenge bag:callaway so thats 5 but im going to change the golf challenge
  13. im going to try to reshaft a old 6 iron i have in the cellar at home.it's a old club,probably like 20 years old,does it work with a regular burner?and you use epoxy glue?
  14. yay or naythere is a lot of discussions about the mackenzie golf bags.some like them and some hate them. my opinion is the following:i dont really like them,not the looks but i admire the quality.i dont like the old look on them,i think they stand out too much.
  15. i play a 56* x-forged,i am a high handicapper and not that good really.but i really like the x-forged even if it's not that forgiving.it gives you lots of confidence with it's looks.
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