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  1. Radspeed 5 wood set at 17* playing at 42.75" is an absolute missile launcher. Opens the face 1.5* and is so easy to launch.
  2. Looking for a 710 4 iron. Head only is fine. Black to Green dot works as well.
  3. Cleaning out the corner. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 states. 1. Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Rack raw heads. Used maybe 4-5 rounds. 52/10 mid bounce Sold 58/10 mid bounce Sold 2. Graphite Design H6 Stiff. 44" tip to grip. Callaway Epic adapter Sold. 3. Mitsubishi Orange Raw 65S. 44.75" tip to grip and has un-activated Arccos grip and Ping G425 adapter. Sold 4. Oban Revenge 8/04. 42.25" tip to grip and tipped 1" and Cobra FW adapter. $100
  4. 5 wood 17* @ 42.75" 7 wood 21* @ 42.25"
  5. I am looking for an excellent condition Select Squareback. Would love to find the 2014/2015 model without the insert. 34"/35" with heavier weights a plus.
  6. Looking for i500 4 iron. Head only preferably. Blue or green dot.
  7. Looking for the Talladega nights blade cover. Hit me up.
  8. Looking for a ER2B. 370g head preferably. Let me know.
  9. Looking for a good used set. Heads only preferably and upright lies a plus. Let me know.
  10. Looking for a 70 stiff 1K, pro white. Callaway adapter a plus. New or pull, not tipped more than 1/2" and at least 44" long.
  11. I have a Spider SR #9 slant neck, that I did some shaft testing on. Head is standard loft and lie. Putter was only used for a few rounds but has some nicks on one of the weights. Sold Head & headcover 18g weights shaft to play 35" grip new in plastic shaft to play 33" new uninstalled grip
  12. Prices include shipping to lower 48 states. Trades interests: Srixon SX7 4-PW heads or SX5/7 combo 4-PW. 1. Callaway 2021 Apex Pro 4-PW heads. Standard loft and lie. Only the 8,9,PW have been hit. Sold. 8,9,PW faces. 2. Bettinardi SS38, 35" newer Winn grip, includes gently used SuperSoaker HC.
  13. New customed ordered from Callaway. 16.5⁰ 4 wood, Mitsubishi MMT 80 stiff. Headcover included. Sold
  14. Prices include shipping to lower 48 States. 1. Ventus Blue 6S, factory installed TSi3 adapter, 44" Sold. 2. Cobra King 52⁰ 08⁰ versatile head. Ebay 3. Cobra MiM 58⁰ 08⁰V head Ebay 5. Patrick Gibbons 1/44 Hank Aaron tribute blade cover. New, with bag and sticker. Ebay
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