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  1. So true about the cereal and golf. It dawned on me that if i fly into London instead, that allows me to save a ton (either on a low price Airbnb in London) or just train to Edi (loophole I suppose, don’t want to break the rules but if that’s how it works, that’s how it works). Do you mean because of the hotel quarantine? I’m able to get cheaper direct flights Newark to EDI than to Heathrow. Or is there a catch I’m missing.
  2. It’s 1750£. Seems insane but if that’s what it takes ... Believe it or not my wife just suggested if I leave 2-3 days early then it wouldn’t totally derail my itinerary. Maybe it would be worth exploring the loophole you mentioned because if I could fly to Heathrow, spending my first day (which doesn’t count as a quarantine day) getting from London to Edinburgh then I could self isolate in the apartment I’m planning to rent for about 60quid a day instead of 3x that.
  3. I’m feeling like my chances are down to 5-10% and plotting a move to October or next spring. My fight would May 8 and I have somehow managed not to limit my exposure right now to only above $200 in a nonrefundable deposit for one of the places I’m staying. I have to tell North Berwick in about 18 days what I plan to do. They already said even if I cancel and then make the trip they’ll find spots for me. Funny, I’m in the same boat, wife has heard enough about this trip. She’s totally supportive but I know to read the room. I’m afraid it’s going to come down to this question
  4. What's it like? Ever play from mats in the offseason? I don't want to jump the conclusion that it's heresy if it's actually not that bad. But I can see where if you're local and play the Old 30 times a year, it's one thing. If it's a bucket list experience, it's a bit of a tarnish.
  5. I can see that they word the policy in a pretty vague way. "A number of fairway landing areas" wouldn't be bad if they're limited, but I'd actually like if they were a little more descriptive. I'm hoping someone will see this and have played in this situation, or even in the winter when mats are necessary everywhere and chime in with how big a difference the experience is. I mean, you're still on the Old Course, you're still teeing off on hallowed ground, putting those storied green and hitting out of the bunkers. One a scale of 1 (barely notice after the first shot or two) to 10 (might as wel
  6. If I’m reading it right, they’re moving in the right direction but virtually no shot of allowing international visitors by my May arrival. What’s a little tricky to decipher is that all the news reports I’m reading are about Scots traveling abroad, but I assume that’s because they’re speaking to a Scottish audience, and I should assume when it says no international travel through the summer I should take that to mean both outgoing and incoming.
  7. Played Seaview years back and didn’t get get it, went back a few years ago and could not fathom what all the rave reviews were about. Cant remember which course but it was terrible, from the conditions to pace to layout as I remember it. I think I quit at the turn and drove somewhere else.
  8. These are probably a pass for me then. I love the Yak leather’s soft feel right out of the box even though I agree it doesn’t look great over time. I think it’s the Biom design that makes it feel roomier inside and I have a wide foot. Maybe I’ll wait to see these in person.
  9. Thanks for the review. I’ve worn Ecco nearly exclusively the past several years. Almost every winter there are some crazy blowout prices (typically grab 2-3 pair of Bioms style at 100 or less) but so far this year striking out.
  10. Is this that loophole I read about? I didn't really understand how someone could get around the rules. Is it that you need to hotel-stay if you go direct to Scotland? But you could just land in London and travel to Scotland instead and get lost in the shuffle? It sounds confusing that they wouldn't have the same rules across all of the UK, but I guess that's like saying the US should have the same rules state to state?
  11. Thanks everyone. I heard back from one of my innkeepers and she sounded far more optimistic than some of the others. Mentioned that schools are reopening, said she's keeping alive hopes that they're moving in the right direction. At this point, it sounds like everyone's very flexible, and there will be opportunities to move to October if I have to make that move. Seems like a better trip than next May (mats at the Old, likely massive crowds, plus the thought of waiting through another winter doesn't sound great, and it might be cool to try playing right after the pros play in the Dunhill).
  12. I’m getting toward my huge Srixon XV performance pack purchase and trying to decide what to do for ‘21. Keeping an eye out. For a decade now I just pick a premium ball that’s in the ballpark and super cheaper and buy a bunch to get used to them. But in this case I don’t think the regular Z Star is suited to me after playing the XV the past few seasons. Happy to hear if I’m wrong. I’m a 105 swing speed, high spin guy so I’ve leaned XV and Pro V1x for a while now. I thought there was another mega thread with premium deals but no luck finding it.
  13. There was a fantastic interview/podcast about the history of Ashworth by Matt Ginella. I think anyone who remembers golf during the 90s would enjoy it. Includes Fred Couples, Jim Nantz and of course John Ashworth himself. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fire-pit-with-matt-ginella/id1505330814?i=1000477922991
  14. And I’m pretty sure they require them through March as a matter of routine, which is why I’d agree it will just continue through. Glad to hear the endorsement of October. Maybe I’ll aim to be in North Berwick the two weeks of the Dunhill and then get to St Andrews after it’s done. I was so excited about having daylight until 930 pm. Sunset in October quickly drops through the month from 630 to 545 which would might make 36 a day a challenge. Will have to make a sacrifice somewhere. I suppose better weather, smaller crowds and shorter days is a better trade than the issue of
  15. So today’s news isn’t encouraging. I’m thinking the likelihood of a May trip is down to about 10%. It seems they’re moving to tighter restrictions, not easing. I’d hoped that the signal they were shortening quarantine with a negative test a while back was a good sign but heading the wrong way now. I’ve now heard back from all my reservations that at this point even if they wanted to, the lodging can’t rent to me and the golf can’t book me since I’m not local. But they’re mostly also saying fingers are crossed for improvements and easing and maybe once we get to late March and into Ap
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