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  1. First day an already an audible. It worked out to play Musselburgh Old with the hickories. I realized 9 holes was perfect, and I literally just finished on the plane to EDI, the part of Tommy’s Honor with Old Tom in the big money match with Willie Park, protesting and going into the tavern. I have to imagine it’s this white building. Just so mind bending that we can still play these places from the 1800s. The hickories were really fun, took about 3 holes to get the hang of it. They were VERY humbling for this 2 handicap. I thought the rental included a old era golf ball but the starter said they’re so expensive and get lost so easily they stopped. He could tell I was bummed, so he went into a trophy showcase, unlocked it and pulled a gutty out from the back. He asked me to do my best not to lose it. I had 4 or 5 close calls (including the first swing I took with it) but finished all 9 with it.
  2. Sitting in the Dublin airport. Still kind of surreal it’s actually happening! Should be in a car and on the road to Longniddry in about 4 hours. Tried to book Musselburgh Old with hickories and get off with a real dive into the history but it seems busy, so that might wait until I head from North Berwick to St Andrews next weekend. I have a little more details on my first week: Sunday: Longniddry (unless something else pops up when I land and look around) Monday: North Berwick 36 Tuesday: Muirfield 18 (option for 36 after lunch, I crammed a jacket and tie in my luggage) Wednesday: North Berwick 36 Thursday: Goswick 18 Friday: Gullane 2; Gullane 1 (got lucky they had a spot on 1, and it’s 105£ on Oct special) Saturday: Gullane 3 (option for replay) Sunday: drive to SA (Musselburgh Old? watch Dunhill?) Monday: TBD (Elie, New, Jubilee, Eden) Tuesday: OLD COURSE Wednesday: Castle Thursday: TBD (SA or Aberdeen area) Friday: Cruden Bay 36 Saturday: TBD (Aberdeen area or SA) Sunday: Carnoustie M-F: TBD as I work each afternoon. Likely SA Trust courses
  3. woohooo!!!! Doing a little happy dance, just got my negative test result, which was the last thing weighing on me. I leave for the airport in about 48 hours. For anyone on the ground or recent visitors, are the tee sheets jammed? I’m trying to fill in some gaps and striking out on places like Kilspindie, which I expected to be available as a last minute booking as a single. Same with Elie. Not concerned, I have the main courses locked in but I expected to have plenty of options on the places a rung or two down. It could be exactly what I need to nudge be even further into the hidden gems territory. Or, to force me to take a deep breath and explore off the golf course. I found some history tours in SA for example. I do want to soak in more than just fairways and greens (I think lol).
  4. If I'm reading right, that's about $700+ on your 36 hole days? As someone who lugged bags for a living, I would hope 700 would make him happy for a long day's work, unless that much has changed since I left the game 5 years ago.
  5. Was the EDI test fast enough to get by arriving early for your flight? Or did you go a day or two in advance?
  6. Thanks for this. I've had Cruden Bay high on my list since Tom Coyne has such raves about it in A Course Called Scotland, and hearing so much on Ru MacDonald's podcast. Since I currently have nothing on the tee sheet for the Thursday I drive up there, maybe I should see if they could squeeze me in at Royal Aberdeen. I'm driving back on a Saturday, so I know already that's out, since that's a members only day.
  7. Ok, it’s crunch time. I leave two weeks from yesterday. Started really ramping up walking the past several weeks, been averaging 14,000 steps a day. Feels a little like cramming for an exam the night before though. Weight hasn’t come off as I’d hoped but at this point, it is what it is. Hard to say a trip in the works for 2.5 years snuck up on me but sort of did. Won’t be close to the 200 pound target I set for myself every 6 months along the way, but I walking 18 at the moment is a piece of cake even at 220. Getting down to just final details. Sorted my mobile phone. Ride to JFK. Ordered a UK covid test kit but still Have to figure out what I need to do here to get tested late next week. Still need to get plug adaptors. Any convenience things I’m forgetting? Stocked up on new fancy socks and added a short sleeve rain shirt snd better fitting ProQuip waterproof pants. Freaking a bit about packing as tightly as possible. Will need to find laundry service somewhere late in my first week but that should get me through to the Airbnb for the third week with washer. I think the only thing giving me pause and second guessing is Cruden Bay. I leave North Berwick and arrive in SA at the start of week 2. Premier Inn for a night (everything is booked due to the Dunhill), then 3 nights at a B&B on Murray Place to get the experience of being in the middle of the action. But then I drive to Cruden Bay and stay 2 nights before getting back and checking into my Airbnb for a final week (which I’ll be playing in the mornings and logging on to work in the afternoons). As much as everything tells me Cruden Bay is a golf course not to miss, it also means I have 6 different accommodations over 3 weeks, never really settling in, constantly packing up. I can still extend my B&B or Airbnb to fill it if I decide to, and guess I could always make that decision on the fly once I’m there. Not sure how accurate the weather apps are but looks like next week is lows in the low 50s and highs in the mid 60s, I’d surely sign up for that if it sticks around! That’s the update for now, as I start a modified lock down. Passed on meeting friends to watch football this weekend. Can’t imagine picking up the virus right now. Hearing too many stories of vaccinated folks still getting it, so I’ll be a little cautious.
  8. Hope you had a great trip. I leave in two weeks, I connect through Dublin. Starting to stress over testing on the way there and back. Not sure if complicated by connecting or not. Curious how that part went for you.
  9. I went to REI last week and found everything to be very long, even in the "short" lengths of their store brands. I wound up with Pro Quip in 27" inseam. They're just barely short enough, but I could have used another half an inch.
  10. Well this is a little embarrassing. I was at DicksSporting Goods last night and saw a single pair of XL Columbia Goretex pants so I tried them on, they fit pretty nice, lots of room in the seat, but not baggy through the legs. Just a shade too long but would probably work with the tighter snap set. I look at the tag and see $200, and then right next to that, “women’s XL.” Since they’re the closest I’ve found to fitting I might end up going that direction. But first I have a pair of Pro Quip PX3 for $79 on the way, hopefully they fit.
  11. Having deja vu. Just reading back through, I see I asked almost the identical question 2.5 years ago and of course the legend, @chris975d had good advice.
  12. Working my way through this thread again after a few years, and I'm trying to figure out the difference between the ProQuip PX4, 5, 6 and 7, if they're just new models one after the next, or if they're escalating quality/features. Trying to decide if it's worth spending twice as much on the 7 vs. 4 trousers. It looks like the "silent" fabric starts on PX5, so if that's the model where a big change happened and 6 and 7 were style/cosmetic, I can save a nice chunk of change.
  13. The stories last year was that they're done, and their websites are all down. But a few months ago their social media sprung back to life, promising some new updates and a new line. But who knows. Golf Support still has quite a few of their items.
  14. Reviving this thread. Anyone with any updated thoughts? I have ProQuip PX1 XL-29 but tried them on today and they’re too long and extremely baggy. I think the XL-27 will be right but getting hard to find. Would love some other options to chase down, even if they’re not technically golf waterproof pants. When I worked in a cart barn at a TPC course 15 years ago we had waterproofs with pants thst had a strap that went around the calf and made them really length adjustable. But for the life of me I can’t remember what brand their were.
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