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  1. This early search has been eye opening. I am impressed with (or surprised by) just how much premium housing there is in various short list locations. Portland, Tulsa (Incentives to move there, hopes it could be the “next austin”), Dayton Ohio (friends and family there) all have far more multimillion dollar homes than I expected. I’m starting to think the house (And especially the yard) we own at the price we paid is looking better and better. the grass is always greener ... the fantasy that getting out of the NY metro area and find more house, more property, within reach of a small i
  2. Ha, I was just about to post that. Really appreciate the feedback. It sounds like we would be Portland vs Bend folks. From a stereotypical cultural standpoint, I have to imagine my wife would enjoy Portland. But I’m not sure if living 20 minutes into the suburbs she’d even get that feel, but it’s hard to say. Curious what EUgene is like, because college towns always seem to have a pretty good energy. Of course we are in our mid 40s so I can’t imagine we would benefit much from that vibe. On my one Bandon visit, the tiny bit of Portland I saw out by the airport see
  3. My job is likely going full time remote, so I see no reason to stay on the price NJ-NY suburbs. My wife is happy to put Oregon on our short list. She prefers coastal blue states with “weird, artsy type moms like her.” My list is basically near-12 month golf season, access to good golf locally, and I’m obviously try to get within driving distance of Bandon for the kind of spur of the moment trips you guys talk about. My non-golf research (there are a lot of lists of best cities for remote work) shows Bend as a big hotspot. Yet much of the real estate seems quite pricey, north of even
  4. Thanks for the Costco Perfect Practice putter. That broke the seal, followed by Link Soul. Heads up they’ll let you bundle the 33% with mark downs so there are bunch of their super soft tee shirts (all I wear now working from home) for $11. Now off to decide about Ecco...
  5. Wow I’m blown away by the thoughtful responses, thanks guys. More than I can even digest this early on the process. But one thing I’m CERTAIN of: lack of golf is NOT a reason to cross Tulsa off the list. In fact, I’m even more intrigued now (especially since my scheme to get closer to Bandon isn’t working out too well). As I’ve dug deeper into the Trulia searches, I will admit I’m blown away by how many million and multi-million dollar homes there are. It’s obvious that there’s no shortage in wealth, which I guess explains why Southern Hills as the top of the top would warrant NJ pre
  6. I’m doing some super preliminary research on Tulsa for a possible relocation from the northeast, where private golf is mostly out of my league. Most Low end clubs have $15k+ initiation and 8k+ annual dues. Given the difference in cost of living I have to imagine private golf is significantly less expensive. I’m not finding a ton of pricing online so thought I’d ask for some ballparks. I’m sure it’s a pipe dream but what does Southern Hills cost (and how difficult is it to sniff membership)? Hard from afar to know if it’s a super posh exclusive club or just a super respected course. I’
  7. forget where I was reading but I’m pretty sure you have to register as you clear customs with your lodging and they’re doing spot checks for those two weeks.
  8. There are state quarantines. Where I live I’d need to stay home for 2 weeks. Not the end of the world, but it would be an additional annoyance for my family if I couldn’t have company or help with errands outside the house for the first half of June. but it’s 7 months away a lot can change, certainly. My main point was that I don’t see airlines, prepaid golf and lodging being as flexible or forgiving as they were this year, since we going into it eyes wide open.
  9. I’m in the same boat, moved my trip from April 2020 to May 2021. I’m hesitant to start booking again, I think there will be less forgiveness if we reserved in the midst of the pandemic. Flights alone, I feel lucky that United gave a refund. They’ve waived change fees on new flights but that would stil require going somewhere in 21. i started a thread about a plan to quarantine for 2 weeks, already approved at work (and lukewarm approval at home) but getting cold feet. I can see 2 weeks locked in a tiny studio being misery. Possibly worth the gamble though of a month of Scotland (go
  10. There go any fantasies for a quick sneak away. I get that they need to keep revenue rolling but it would be a bad look for Bandon to look the other way when hundreds of guests are arriving from out of state.
  11. What is Oregon doing about out of state arrivals? I’m in NJ and there’s a 2 week quarantine from just about every other state. I assume Bandon would have to offer refunds or credits in that case, right? Unless they could get an exemption from the state for their guests?
  12. Just when I think I’ve got my regions set, you throw a new one at me haha. Looks like Northumberland is relatively hidden, but the question is if they’re “gems.” If this is a bucket list Scotland links trip, even if this is England, I wonder if it’s actually closer to what parts of Scotland would have been a couple decades ago, unvarnished, overlooked by tourists. The price is certainly right and I could do a few days out there on the cheap.
  13. I underestimated how fast dark would arrive. If I remember I ended up on a dirt path behind 5 maybe. And using my phone flashlight.
  14. I fell into the other camp on OM. It spoke to me in a way that almost felt spiritual. The Ghost Tree. The awe and splendor coming over the hill on 3. The cliff side green on 7. Just worked out that I played it 3x plus once by myself at dusk, where I watched the sun set from the edge of 7 green, flask in hand. The more I played it, the more I enjoyed dissecting it, taking what I was given etc. I have it neck and neck with PD as No . 1 after my one trip.
  15. Working on a trip to Scotland next May. I know a lot of the talk in this thread is about the bucket list prices. But what I’m finding, is that I’m surprised about the prices at the next level down. For instance, around St Andrews: Crail, Elie, Leven all about 100£. Panmure: 125 I guess from my earlier research I expected most of these to be in the 60-80 range, not 90-125. Where the deal appears to be is the St Andrews tickets, where you can get as low as 65/day. I am a little stuck, because all that golf around St Andrews is going to add up ve
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