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  1. Just read that the UK reopening is going to be delayed 4 more weeks while they assess the effect of the Delta variant as the infections start to rise again. I know Scotland is doing their own thing, but it's not encouraging to see another setback. I guess suddenly my late September trip is back in limbo. When the EU said they were going to soften restrictions for the vaccinated, I thought the UK/Scotland would be close behind, but now I have my doubts again.
  2. I see online that if the water isn’t beading, I should add some spray on the outside. But honestly with that Yak leather I never remember my Eccos beading water.
  3. I’ve noticed my Ecco Gore-Tex Yak Bioms worn through 2020 and now 2021 seem to have lost their waterproof. Not sure if this is to be expected, if it breaks down over time, etc. Seems faster than I would have hoped. Maybe I did something wrong not to take care of them? I’ve noticed it the past few weeks on 2 different pairs, early morning dew just seems to soak the outsides and my feet get pretty wet.
  4. Not freaking, sorry if I gave that impression, I’m happy but still focusing on where I need to improve. Lesson was $200 so I haven’t been racing to get back especially since I’ve been so slammed with life. I’ll probably set up a video check in soon (much less expensive but no SAM obviously).
  5. Happy update here. A few months later, I just finished as top seed (by 3 shots) in a county amateur 36 hole stroke play. My putting was fantastic in the 6-40’ range. Inside 6’ still struggling with pace/confidence so while it wasn’t a disaster, there were several makeable putts I couldn’t marry the speed and line. I made several from 15-20’ and my lag putting was excellent, tons of 3-6” tap ins. At this point, with some hindsight, I think the best part of the lesson was improving my posture, I’m much less hunched. And I’ve taken to heart the 50-50 backstroke to forward stroke.
  6. Amazing. I need to crunch the numbers before the price of this trip gets completely away from me haha. Right now it seems I can spent 80-90£ on either a nice B&B in a great location (decent sized room), 70ish£ for an apartment in a so-so location (more space, kitchen, washer/dryer). Or 50£ for a tiny room in a former B&B in a great location. At this point I’m leaning toward mixing it up. I have 10 days in SA (14 if I nix Cruden Bay) so maybe I will do the first half in a nice B&B to get that experience and then move over to a flat, especially since I’ll be working toward
  7. I heard from my B&B that they’ve been sold and the new owners won’t be doing the breakfast, I guess now it’s just a B. They offered to take money off, but now I’m second guessing if it’s worth cramming into a single if I’m not even getting the breakfast and maybe different kind of hospitality. I noticed two others I had reached out to came back with different names. I’m sure it was a very difficult year on these hosts, and it would be a shame if there’s a massive turnover in innkeepers having to sell this year. Anyone notice if there’s a trend underway, or just a random coinciden
  8. there is a conversation happening ...
  9. I’m really struggling with this putter (the 5.5 LH). I just have no idea where it’s going inside 5-6’. Longer putts especially 15’ plus I see to feel great with. The short misses, especially when I’m just flat out missing the cup from 3’ are really piling up. Any drills to acclimate to a new putter? I would be all ears.
  10. I agree with the above, it’s tough to swallow at peak rates north of $200. For me it’s a perfect off-season spot because it’s typically in great shape year round and if you can catch it sub $100 it’s a great classic golf course. Especially if you’re a design/architecture geek, lots of cool things to think about.
  11. I just might take you up on that, could be just the right fit if I end up in Cruden Bay for 3 days. As it gets closer I’ll reach out.
  12. Woohoo! Flights booked. B&B booked in North Berwick B&B booked (but I need to find a place to stay my first night) and St Andrews B&B booked for the middle week. Golf itinerary is kind of a mess and a lot of TBDs. Anything with a time is locked in or pending, the rest are up in the air. Still on the fence about the last few days, might just stick around St Andrews since I have to work the afternoon/evenings. But CB would be a nice highlight to end as I think the trips ebbs and flows nicely but needs a big capper so I don’t fizzle. Sun Arrive Lon
  13. As of now I have 1 week in North Berwick, 1.5 weeks in St Andrews and a final few days in the Cruden Bay Area (unless I end up at Cruden Bay the weekend of the Dunhill and give myself more time in SA). I think it’s shaping up. I’ll post the work in progress itinerary tomorrow.
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