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  1. Having to wear a mask to enter the club house helps on the course on cold days.I wear the kind that looks like a scarf and just cover from my neck to my nose and it helps.Layers of light clothing helps with a stocking cap and some mittens.
  2. I normally use a regular shaft but I was told the steel fiber are stiffer than other shafts so they put me in a A shaft which feel like a regular.The upcharge was $49 a club and up charging on the grips which were $10 a club....I’m not fond of the PXG grips. I got the 5 and 6 iron in the XF series and 7 thru W in the P series. I have the 0211s for a gap wedge and use Cleveland sand and lob wedge.
  3. I have the 0211 and just received gen 2 p model with the steel fiber shaft and I like both sets.I feel I’m a little longer with the gen 2 and better shot dispersion but that could be because of the steel fiber shaft where I had the stock graphite in the 0211s. It took less that two weeks for the gen 2 to arrive in St.Louis which surprised me.. I could play either set without a problem but I wanted to spend my casino winnings on something I would use.
  4. Chazb

    Another PXG post

    I forgot to ask about soft steping and they did not bring it up.They assured me that the A shaft would be as firm or a little stiffer than other graphite shafts and would still be like a regular.
  5. Chazb

    New irons?

    Any premium club you buy will be good,it’s just comes down to,to get the right shaft and head combo for your swing. Try a few clubs that fit your eyes then go to a reputable fitter to see what fits you best.
  6. I ordered PXGs series2 with the steel fiber shaft.I normally hit a regular shaft but the online fitter said the steel fiber run stiffer than other shafts so and it was two online fitters recommended a senior shaft as that would be equivalent to what other manufacturers regular shaft.I’m 73 and hit my 7 iron between 140/145. I know I’m not up to WRX standards on distance.
  7. The PXG XF second gen irons are $149 club and I would get them with steel fiber shafts Which there would be a upcharge along with upgraded grips.How would these compare to the 0211s for playability and overall golfing experience.I have the 0211s now and have the itch for a new set.Im 73 and hit my 7 iron around (gulp) Around 140 and sometime more.The gen 3s are too much for me to pay so that’s out and I have enough mad money set aside for the gen 2.Are the steel fiber shafts with the $40 per club upgrade and I do want graphite shafts.
  8. The callaway heaven wood has been my go to club for over a year and it’s been a Scoring difference.I even use it to tee off at times as it has very good distance and direction.The people I play with call it my magic club because it always puts me in a good place on the course.
  9. I wanted to watch it so I will pay the $4.99 for the month then cancel.I bought thru a app from Apple TV so I can watch the tourney on my big screen as I wanted to follow the Thomas,Rory,Tiger group.
  10. I have the theragun and love it.Its great for aches and pains and loosening up also use it before I go to bed.
  11. Thank you just needed to un-clutter my mind.
  12. Wouldn’t that be putting the ball in the center of your stance where I thought you posted that the club goes in the center of your stance and not the ball.
  13. You are supposed to have the club in the center of your body so where should the ball be placed?
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