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  1. No,I just want to change the shaft and try a different one.
  2. I have a ping driver 425 max with a 44 inch shaft.My swing speed is in the low nineties and I use a regular shaft and I want something around 45 inches now in a regular shaft. what would be a decent shaft to put in now and something under $125.
  3. I guess I’m the market of one.
  4. This thing is amazing and I wish some golf instruction was in it and I believe it will be in the near future.It’s unbelievable what you can see on it and IMO it will be a great training device for golf instruction to be ingrained in your brain. Its like a pro could be standing right next to you and you could step into his body for different movements.
  5. Having finally got some decent weather I went to the range to finally hit my G 425.My other two drivers were the PXG 1st addition and my gamer the cobra Speed zone which I expected to be the winner.I’m old and have a swing speed around ninety.The ping was ordered at 44 inches.The PXG was the worst nothing but snap hooks the cobra was decent but the winner by a long shot was the Ping and maybe the shorter shaft made a difference with the stock shaft.Distance was a little better but the trajectory was better and the direction was really good with no ballooning of the ball at all.
  6. Ordered on the 11th and shipped today Feb 5
  7. On the flamingo drill are you transferring your weight to the back foot on the back swing?
  8. Wow,I was also thinking about getting a Oculas....
  9. To me that sounds strange,people who did not pre order are getting there clubs ahead of people who did pre order. I ordered my 425 max on the 11th of January with the stock shaft cut down to 44 inches.Oh well at least it’s to cold to use it but ping could have least sent a e mail saying there is a delay.
  10. Some instruction works for some and other tips and instruction does not help or hurts you.I’m to the point of just going back to basics and doing what I used to do when I was just okay and made solid contact and for the most part hit the ball decently but not great. On a fairly easy nine hole golf course I used to shoot two under to a couple over. Those days recently have passed me by and I believe the problem arrived at trying every different swing and thought that can be shown on you tube and other instruction that I paid for from a teaching pro and from online teachers. Chan
  11. I just hope that the G-425 driver that I ordered on the 11th ships on the fourth,but who really knows.
  12. I had those shafts put in my gen 2 PXGs when the gen 2 was going for a decent price.Your right about pricey on the shaft as there was a $50 up charge on each shaft. It it was worth it.
  13. Chazb

    PXG gen 2 driver

    Thank you so much for your great instructions.
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