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  1. It’s It’s Definetely smaller than the old X7M. you are 100% right the original x7M was larger overall.
  2. Any pics comparing the two? maybe 4i, 7i, PW if i'm being greedy?
  3. Does anyone have pics of the Newport T22 vs. the Special Select Newport? Thanks
  4. I have the Srixon Z765 and the short irons in the T100 and MMC and noticeable smaller. Heel to toe and top to bottom. it’s less of a difference in the long irons but still thinner top line no doubt I know the z785 generation are smaller. But still more similar to a t200 in size IMO
  5. Not the Special Select. I’m in Canada so we are strictly in Simulator Season right now. the T22 looks great. Definetely not as soft as I thought it would be / would want it to be to be honest. But it’s got great feedback and love how it’s shape frames the ball. the Special Select is definetely firmer than the T22. And firmer than some of the older milled Scottys (there’s tons of other threads on this so I won’t get into it.) I do like how the grips are the same shape. Pistolini plus. So that when I go back and forth at least that part is consistent.
  6. for the most part. All it is, is where the shaft does, or would be attached to the head. The closer to the centre (towards the toe) of the putter. The less toe hang it will have. This is why vented shaft putters or long necks are more face balanced.
  7. Thanks. I go back and forth on which shape I prefer more out of the two.
  8. How do you clean your T22? I hate the smudge streaks and fingers prints it gets on it
  9. Bettinardi Studio Stock 2
  10. Can you take pics of the NP2 versus the T22? Much appreciated.
  11. Full disclosure. This is the dumbest and smallest gripe ever. But I wish the font on the grips of the Phantom line and the Special Selects were traded for each other. Above feels like a “Phantom” font, while the “Dancin’ Scotty Cameron” feels out of place on the Phantom line, and more like the traditional Select putters. Again, dumb and small gripe ... but also might be the best idea on these 52 pages.
  12. Not sure what page it’s on. But this seems like the main WRX thread with info. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1797348/any-info-on-the-scotty-cameron-select-2020-line/p39
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