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  1. instead of going up for lie and push back for loft, ill take a diagonal route which affects lie and loft, it depends on which combo you are looking for but a diagonal push or pull will usually get you real close...takes some practice and it helps if the head is a soft forging.....I hate trying to move cast irons, its a ton of work and cast irons have a high degree of bounce back. * This method works best when u need to increase the lie angle and decrease loft OR decrease lie and increase loft.
  2. Hahaha i cant do that, i already carry 2 putters. In practice when i bag 2-3 drivers, they all hate each other and none will perform, Drivers are temperamental creatures
  3. Hahaha, thats a good question, im stuck right now between the 1K and the 505XX, trying to decide if i want more yards or more accuracy......i definitely score better with the 1K but i also enjoy hitting hitting high bombs.....At the moment these 2 are at the top and followed by Tensei Pro White and VB Blue. Of course im gonna have to decide on a driver head before i finalize a shaft.
  4. I have gamed all three of these shafts , the easiest one to load is the 505XX, that shaft is really nice for hitting bombs, accuracy was lacking in that shaft as compared to the 1K which was super accurate, i didn't find the 60TX to be boardy at all, it was very penetrating and super super accurate and consistent. The VB just didn't work for me, it was just too linear and boardy a feel for me, i could tell i was seriously under powering the shaft. On the other hand the Ventus Blue 6X was a smooth long stable shaft. i would put the VB right in between the Autoflex and the 1K.
  5. TRADE INTERESTS : Titleist CNCPT 03 0r 04, Titleist TSi2 8*, Tensei 1K 50TX Tour AD XC 6X - with TM adapter 44" $190 PLUS Shipping SOLD - with Titleist adapter 43 7/8" $190 PLUS Shipping $160 PLUS Shipping SOLD - with Titleist adapter 42 1/4" $140 PLUS Shipping $130 PLUS SHIPPING SOLD Diamana DF 43 1/8" $170 PLUS Shipping $150 PLUS Shipping Tensei Raw White 65TX w/ Titleist Adapter $190 PLUS Shipping $170 PLUS SHIPPING Tensei Raw White 65 TX w/ Titleist adapter 42" $140 PLUS Shipping $ 130 PLUS SHIPPING TAKE BOTH
  6. Thanks for pointing that out about the PayPal scam......I have issued refunds quite freely because buyers changed their mind but I never realized that PayPal was keeping their exuberant fees......im going to have to find a new way to accept payment !
  7. the irons are USDM standard 38* 5 iron with a 61.5* lie ........ill be happy to adjust the lies and lengths for u if u need
  8. The Aerotechs are all 0.370 and they need to be tip trimmed to adjust for flex. the guys at Cool Clubs adjusted the flex for each individual iron to play to 6.0, my guess is that that shaft was looser and needed more tipping to bring it to a 6.0.
  9. Epon AF Tour 4-PW Factory copper irons , shaft is MCI Black 100S $2200 Lies and lofts are currently standard but ill gladly adjust them for u within a reasonable range Garmin S62 GPS , condition is used $360 Seemore C/S Private Reserve $250 Aerotech Black label shafts, sanded to taper tip and freq to 6.0 by cool clubs SOLD PX 5.5 4-P pulled from a new set of PXG 0311P $145
  10. The 505XX is actually the perfect flex, it will absolutely work perfectly for lower swing speeds as well as hold up to much faster swings !
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