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  1. Callaway Epic Speed 15* Head and headcover $145 PLUS Shipping * currently equipped with Diamana D+ 60TX ( tiger shaft ) Please message if u are interested in leaving it shafted
  2. According to the SuperSpeed chart, it takes about 1-1.5 years to gain 4mph ( 105 to 109 )
  3. this chart seems to imply that the gains are permanent if u keep them up for some time.......I believe if u start at 100 mph and u work for 18 months to achieve 120 mph , u will lose some of it if u dont maintain a fitness program with some speed work but I doubt u lose all of it ??? As a comparison if u benched 135 and then bulked up to benching 315, a year later without lifting, im sure u will still put up much more than 135....maybe 245 ??? and if u already have the muscle memory of benching 315, it won't take u that long to get back there.
  4. the Stack app is actually not a cookie cutter routine, it adjusts workouts and weights and reps and sets and rest based on your results....if u are not improving or going backwards, it makes adjustments accordingly. if u are suffering at heavy weights but blazing fast with light weights, it adjusts your workouts accordingly. And it is more convenient and relatively inexpensive compared to a trainer.
  5. Congrats man !!!!! Thats roughly just over a month of work and u have gained an avg of 8mph......Thats awesome gains for such a short time......im finishing up my Foundation and i think i may have gained 2mph max ! im planning to do 10 routines ( 18 sessions per routine ) to hopefully get 10 mph total gains.
  6. Im not sure why u hate overspeed training so much. I totally get that you have had great gains just using your driver but i see u go out of your way to slam on these training aids. I guess i always chime in because i love trying out new stuff. Im sure just swinging a club really fast helps a great deal but the super stack system is fun and the app is beneficial to those of us who need constant reminders to work out.
  7. 1.)Callaway Epic Super Hybrid 17* $275 2.)Callaway Epic Super Hybrid 21* $260 Shaft on both Hybrids is Aldila NV HYB 85X 3.) Graphite Design Tour AD UB 6X with Callaway adapter 44" $265
  8. I understand you want to putt he ball but i always ask the other guy because some people are offended if u make them putt it out. They will say " dont think i can make that ??? or geez its inside the grip" Either way is good with me
  9. t normally will say. Thats good by me....want it back ? or u want to putt it out ??? the next time that happens ill just nod to him and if he makes a gesture like toss me the ball, its good or if he doesn't make a move i leave it alone. I have no issues if they want 30" for gimmes or the opposite 2" grind. Im there to relax and everybody has different ways they want to play
  10. Thank you for your contribution !!! It would be great for u to start your own thread about how u are so brilliant. The topic here was choose one, it was not guess how stupid both of these are.
  11. Ok, lets address the question at hand, its Superspeed vs Stack, i prefer the stack because it comes with a app that helps guide you through exercises and changes the routine and weights due to whatever results you are getting, it also lets you know when u should take a break due to overtraining. And the voice dictation makes it easy to record and keep track of progress. As for using a specialized system vs a generic stick or just swinging a club you have handy, im sure that works too. Perhaps not as well and perhaps even better, i honestly cant say. Another argument can be made that no speed training at all results in better golf. Hahaha we can go so many ways with this. In terms of which training aid i prefer to swing, its the Stack over the Superspeed. And if given a third choice, i would prefer the Rypstick over both these choices. My ideal training aid is the Rypstick paired with a Stack App.
  12. im a 3 cap and i play the biggest most forgiving Epon irons, the AF706.....i also have a few sets of blades that i enjoy hitting as well but the SGI are definitely my gamers.
  13. hit a ball.....i want to see the ball speed !!!!
  14. Callaway tips the Ventus Blue with Velocore 2" for the Apex UW ( approximately )
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