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  1. my club head speed maxes out at 110....as for tempo....its tough to explain cause i have a huge hitch in my swing.....
  2. The feel is very easy to load and then it reaches a point where it tightens up and is very hard to overload.....Im going with the Autoflex XX flex, its cut down to 45.5" and i have better control over it. It is fast through the air and more of a bomber shaft than a control shaft.
  3. Selling a Autoflex 505X , plays at 46" in PXG 0811X. Price is 705.00 PLUS SHIPPING with PXG adapter or i can remove the PXG adapter and replace with either a Ping adapter or taylormade adapter
  4. Autoflex actually has several flexes, the ones I have tried include the 505 / 505X / 505XX There surprisingly isn't that much difference in the waggle portion meaning that each is very easy to load up but if u hold a ton of lag or are not a smooth swinger, then u will want to go up in flex. This is a Amazing shaft !!!!
  5. I saw you hit these at Wente, totally unreal !!!! You sure u want to give these bad boys up.....Definitely on par with the BPs if not better, tough to tell with your ball striking though, u hit them all equally well. Gonna be tough choosing a gamer.
  6. I think I caught whatever is going around, it was mild symptoms for me....easily fatigued but not much else.....rested in bed under quarantine for 10 days and it didn't get any better or worse. Took the Covid test twice and it came back negative so im definitely happy about that. I think there is a mild flu going around that just saps your energy and not much else. As for the Proto X+, I just switched to the X and its a great driver too, if you are willing to give up a slight bit of forgiveness for a bit more roll, this is the driver for u....It might be my imagination, but the
  7. What is going on with that golf reviewer on Second Swing Reviews ??? He is using trackman and reporting smash factors of 1.48 with Trackman with a 7 iron ???? Is that even possible or is the machine being juiced ??? For reference PGA Averages are 1.33-1.37 and judging by this gentleman's shot shape and ball dispersion, he is not better than a pga pro. Is his machine poorly calibrated and not wearing his swing speed properly ?
  8. Looking for a nice set of PX 6.0 shaft pulls in taper tip. * Not the flighted version
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