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  1. Have you hit the Cobra Fly-Z+ or King Tour Forged and could compare to the Callaways? Similar to the king tour forged in size and turf interaction. But the legacy black is endo forged and on another level feel wise. Bottom line in my opinion. There’s only 1-2 CB irons made that rivals the legacy in feel , forgiveness and looks ( offset ). And those are the Vega vdc-01 , and the callaway 13 x forged. Legacy black being slightly bigger and wider soled than the x forged. Have you ever tried the vc-01?
  2. Thanks for the information! What color did you end up with? I ended up with the olive option and waiting for it to ship. I like the blue but have three blue accented golf bags already. I just received mine... Pros: It's an OGIO! Quality materials and warranty, the 600D cordura looks awesome. Lot's and lot's of pockets, had no problem getting everything in the bag with room to spare including all my practice gear. Full 'ish length dividers, except for the last 5 inches, I added full length tubes cut to length. Divider is nicely spaced and tiered to club length, so your wedges don't han
  3. Would love to hear a review as well, knowing they just came out. Debating between the olive and blue one myself!
  4. I could be wrong but, weren’t those putters from the junior sets? I thought the same
  5. I'm assuming 900 tours. Wondering whether to buy a set myself or if the new 919 tours are that much better
  6. Is there a hook or loop on the towel? I saw the same towel at a local Winners
  7. I see you went with the “I’ll take 1 of everything” strategy. Pretty much :) Hard to pass especially with the price Was the sale on the Nike company website, or somewhere else? I would love to know how to score good deals on a bunch of stuff like you did Not on the website. I'm sure you would have heard it from many of the members if it was. Local sale from the Nike golf rep
  8. I see you went with the “I’ll take 1 of everything” strategy. Pretty much :) Hard to pass especially with the price
  9. That's what I thought... But they won't
  10. Finally got my order in and have to say that I'm dissapointed. For a like new Head, it has some scratches and white marks that aren't coming off with some magic eraser and elbow grease. I called to see what they can do and they were willing to a) downgrade to a great condition and give me a credit or b) replace it with another club as long as I ship it back to them. I have read the fine print and know that I have to ship it back but if the condition doesn't reflect what I have been used to, is it unreasonable for them to send me a prepaid label? I'm open to suggestions...
  11. Hi everyone I have been debating these two devices for some time. I currently have the v2 slope but it is eating up batteries pretty fast and the battery closure is all smoothed out, due to an unfortunate incident, so I tape it on to keep the battery there. I am able to purchase both the Bushnell v3 standard and Nikon coolshot 20 for the same price. I have read the differences but want to see if you guys can provide input in which model you would choose or have chosen. Thanks
  12. Any suggestions on where to find a new set for cheap?
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