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  1. Like others it's been a game changer for me as well. I've come full circle with my golfing. I was a dedicated carrier. Went to a clicgear, then went Minimal (carry), back to full bag (carry), then to motorized cart. I got a great deal on a CaddyTrek, and now a MGI Navigator. Helped tremendously when I was injured. My regular foursome all have motorized carts.
  2. As a parent who's son made his high school team his freshman year, but not this year, this is what I have to add. His school has a turnout process where the boys play the front 9's of the local course near us over 3 days. Scores are then turned in and cuts are made based on that. The number 1, 2 & 3 guys are all country club guys and golf is their only sport. Slots 4-8 are who's left. My son is a football player first and is a natural talent at golf but doesn't practice like he should if he was serious about competition. As others have said, there's really no way to know until your son goes thru the process. What my son's coach had told me was he is "fundamentally sound, and has a great RANGE swing" He learned quickly that playing on the course vs grooving a bucket of balls is very different. When he's "on" he'd shoot +2 or +3 for a front 9. When he's off he could easily be +12-15.... Mental toughness is a huge factor as well. I've seen boys melt down after one bad hole. My son has the right temperament for golf which has helped him (but maybe has hurt him as well). We always joke he's very Dustin Johnson like in his reactions to both good/great shots and bad/horrible ones. Its very strange for us as he's a starting Tackle / Defensive End and the mentality on the line is NOTHING like what you'd need in golf. I think your son is on the right track. If you've given him all he needs to be successful thats about all you can do. Just my $.02
  3. Here's my bag and I think I'm set for 2021 Driver: Callaway Mavrik Custom (9 degrees) 14g - weight 45" Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X 3-wood: Taylormade 200 Smoothie (15 degrees) Shaft: True Temper EI-70 X Hybrid: Adams Idea Mini (20 degrees) Shaft: Aldila Tour Green 80s Irons: Fourteen FH-900 (4-PW) Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT White X100 Wedges: Honma T//World 52/10, 56/12 Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Black Onyx Putter: Toulon Design Atlanta - KBS CT Tour Putter Pearl White Grip: Iomic iClassic Midsize Pistol Grips: Iomic Sticky Mid (irons) Bag: Vessel Lite Lux Golf Ball: Callaway Supersoft Headcovers: Custom Seahawks made from jersey (Pearson Golf), Seamus
  4. I use a Vessel Lite Lux in cream color. As others have said it is on the smaller side but fits all 14 clubs no problem. I like to carry and go minimal most of the time. I also have a Clicgear 3.5+ and when i put the bag on there I use a Clicgear Bag Cozy so there isn't any twisting.
  5. Pearsongolf on IG is great. He just made me some custom headcovers from a Seahawk jersey I sent. Reasonably priced also.
  6. I'm only about 5 rounds in with the odds. So far so good. Not being able to play due to the madness has been tough. I tried this experiment to "play golf" vs playing "golf swing" if you know what I mean. With Evens, I love my 4i. With odds teeing off with hybrid is different.
  7. I've been doing this for the last 2 seasons. This year odds vs evens last year. All in a waterproof Titleist 4 StaDry Driver 9.5, 3w 13, Hybrid 20, 5i 25, 7i 32, 9i 41, PW 46, 54, 58, putter So far so good
  8. Here's my setup when I don't carry. Like others have said a couple pounds isn't a big deal. For me when it rains (like it does a lot in the PNW) having the umbrella holder keeps things dry. I use a 14 way Sun Mountain and all 14 clubs. When I walk I use 9-10 depending on course. I like to walk regardless.
  9. > @sun said: > @rrordona - Thanks for the response. I'm located in Bellevue, so it's great to hear your experience. Trying to read through the lines, are you saying you ended up not upgrading to anything? > > Correct. I didn't upgrade. I play my old 2017 M2/Oban devotion and have for years. Only recently did i change from a 2016 M1 head. Same shaft. My numbers hovered around 100-102 but similar smash factor in the 1.46-1.48 range. After trying probably 6-7 different heads and 8-10 different shafts, the "best" combo only netted a 1-2mph ball speed increase. That combo was the new Callaway Epic Flash sub zero / Fuji Ventus Blue at a cost of $1200. Now they only supply equipment at MSRP. I think similar combos if I built it from the classifieds, ebay etc would be significantly less. I just couldn't justify it for such negligible results. YMMV.
  10. So i'm similar to you in numbers etc. I did a Club Champion driving fitting in Bellevue last August. The process was pretty good. It does come at a cost $150 but you're not obligated to buy anything. I went in with the specific intention of seeing if any of the newer offerings can beat what I already have in the bag. I was open to all of it, shaft, head etc, but I was very specific if what they handed me didn't appeal to aesthetically. I mean I have to look at it and if it looked funny I already knew i wouldn't consider it. I also told them I wanted to try specific heads just out of curiosity. The process was the full hour. I hit about 75 balls. I'd say if you do go in, know what you are after and make them cater to that.
  11. If I use my pushcart this is my setup. Clicgear 3.5+, Sun Mountain SCB Bag. Only attachment is for my phone when I track my score.
  12. For me I still use my TM 200 Smoothie in 13*. Same old EI70 shafts. It's just so consistent that nothing can beat it. Other than that I still use my original Scotty Cameron Newport in gun blue finish. Many grip changes and it's due for a refinish. Only been benched recently as I'm using a TM spider tour my kids gave me.
  13. I have a Players Series that is my main bag. I also have an original Jones with the strap you have. My experience is the Players series for me is just as comfortable even though it isn't as thick and plush. But I like the lower profile of the Players Series strap. Just a thought, you could get a replacement strap from Jones for $15 (i think).
  14. I played Tourstage MR23 as my gamers for years. Went through some swing changes and I couldn't hit them as well. Enter J40s. I played a mixed set of J40DPC in 4,5,6 & J40CB in 7-pw. My son now plays those. I got lucky and picked up some j15CB heads off craigslist for $60. Shafted with C-Taper120 and I shot some of the best rounds of my life. Although I try to look at other irons, none seem to be able to knock these out of my bag.
  15. I've been reading on minimalist golf and decided to try with 10 clubs yesterday. Actually shot the best round this year. I've been in may 3 or 4 club tournaments but never like this. Just like everyone has stated its makes the game fun and requires you to play vs just hitting the ball. Trying to lay off a club or shape a club was great. I went with D, 3w, 3H, 4,6,8,PW, 52, 58 and putter all in my Jones players series. If anything since I went out early, by the time we finished my bag was wet from the dew. The pouch bag that holds my wallet, phone etc were a little wet. I will try again this weekend
  16. Thanks. V Steel was great too. I just hit this old 200 better. Thanks. We almost have the exact same bag!
  17. Yep. GO DAWGS! Tough game but tough playing conditions. We just need to run the table now.
  18. Thanks. The towel logo is our beer league team name. Gotta represent UW with the "W". As for the woods, they sure are. I've got many old ones that new stuff just can't beat.
  19. Thanks. I have an M2 3HL with an Oban Devotion7 and although longer, this old 3w is my go to club. Reliable.
  20. Here is my very pedestrian bag compared to some of the great bags I've looked at here. They all work for me so it's all good. Taylormade M1 - Oban Devotion - Seamus Headcover Taylormade 200 Smoothie - EI70 - Seamus Headcover Adams Idea 9031 - Diamana whiteboard - Snoqualmie Ridge Headcover Bridgestone J15CB - KBS C Taper 120 - Iomic Sticky Mid Vokey SM5 50/54/58 - KBS C Taper 120 - Iomic Sticky Mid Bettinardi Studio Stock - Gloss Black Shaft - Gripmaster FL25 grip Tourstage bag / Jones Player Series bag Team towel
  21. For me the Cobra Speed Pro D was a game changer. I still have it with my old Diamana Whiteboard. Went on to S2, S3, then played the Bio Cell+ with an Oban Devotion that was only replaced last year for an M1 with and Oban Devotion. Never even looked at other drivers when the Bio Cell+ was my gamer. The M1 just gave better numbers on the monitor and backed up on the course.
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