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  1. NIB 2022 Hula t-shirt XXL. $70 Shipped. Open to trades for SC Putting path, or other Scotty swag.
  2. For me it's always been Vokey wedges. Just recently took out my SM4's for the SM8's.
  3. 50.08 F Grind 54.10 S Grind 58.14 K Grind All Vokeys
  4. Tour Velvets. I had the MCC's for quite some time and they would be my second choice.
  5. I run 50.08F, 54.10S, and 58.14K. If I am between the PW and 50 it's a controlled shot with the PW.
  6. Nice, I was hoping for a stand bag rather than a Staff bag. I grabbed a HC and Shirt.
  7. I used to keep a HDCP that I would use in member weekly games as I was playing to a 1 or 2 back in the day. So it's not uncommon for people to keep one to see where they sit. As a club pro we play scratch in all our events including Pro/Member ones. When I first started in as a PGA apprentice, my head pro set me up with a limited deal with Titleist. This was for just a set of clubs. A 13 club setup. I had no ball contract or anything else. I also had no commitments for Demo days ect. This would be what I called a players agreement. When I moved into a head pro role at a new club I was then given a full staff agreement with Titleist/Footjoy. x dozen balls per year, x number of clubs each year, shoes, bag, clothing and extras at a certain allotment each year. I was also expected to promote the full line, assist in local Demo days and keep a certain purchase amount in my shop each year. This is what I called a Pro agreement. Now this was over 12 years ago and the companies may have changed how they work with local club pros. The way the industry is at this time I think most would be making those agreements tighter than they have been in the past.
  8. Are you getting a Club Pro Staff agreement or is this more of a players agreement? Most of the deals depend on how much volume you do with a specific brand, and you will be asked (expected) to promote the brand. As a former club pro myself, I was a staff player for both Titleist and Taylormade. The nice thing about Titleist is it can include Vokey, Scotty Cameron and Footjoy as well. I would first make sure you like the clubs you hit and make that the top priority, and if you have two that are tied then go with the better program. Just my thought..
  9. Doesn't he normally do a preview post on instagram before release?
  10. Is there a current Tampa area group who is playing on a regular basis?
  11. I just looked at it again on the USGA site and they have upped the fee from $150 to $200. This really seems like a cash grab at this point. I know in other sports, being a professional or being paid to play really does not limit you from playing in local leagues. I have played ice hockey in several leagues where we have had ex NHL and minor league players mixed in with ams.
  12. Soft sided bags not only fit better in cars, they are much easier to store away. I have use one of the Club Glove Last bags for years. I have always taken off the metal heads and wrapped my irons in a couple towels to help pad. I have a cut hockey stick that i will also add into the bag. I like to travel with my staff bag as well since it offers a bit more padding around the clubs.
  13. During October any of these could be hit or miss as they start to get ready for our season here. Copperhead is always going to be a premium at Innisbrook but they also have 3 other courses there as well. North, South and Island. All great courses. Since it's really a resort type course you would have to call to see what availability they have for daily play. If you want some really nice courses to play they are a few that are within a hours drive. All 5 of these have held US Open, QSchool and other major qualifiers Tampa Palms Hunters Green Lake Jovita Southern Hills TPC of Tampa Bay From the list I gave you I would rank them: Innisbrook East Lake Woodlands (36 holes) Cypress Run CC Westchase GC Fow Hollow Dunedin GC Countryside CC (27 Holes) Chi Chi Rodriguez Lansbrook The Eagles (36 Holes) Tarpon Woods GC Wentworth GC Cresent Oaks GC Tarpon Springs GC Seven Springs
  14. If you are talking October 2022 there will be quite a few places to play. Since it's still not quite season yet here the fees will be lower. In the Tarpon area you have the following Public/Semi Private Courses: Tarpon Woods GC Lansbrook Chi Chi Rodriguez Dunedin GC Wentworth GC Cresent Oaks GC Tarpon Springs GC Westchase GC The Eagles (36 Holes) Fow Hollow Seven Springs Private (If you can get your club pro to call): East Lake Woodlands (36 holes) Countryside CC (27 Holes) Cypress Run CC There are even more depending how far away from Tarpon you want to go. I hope this helps.
  15. 1. Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? Yes 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? Driving Range, Home and on course 3. How can the MLM help with your game? Besides having better numbers for distances, this can also help with my workouts to increase swing speed and swing corrections. Trying to get a more consistent swing. Having better information with swing path and angles will be helpful with my progess.
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