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  1. Ok I was wondering. I have the game golf tags and I painted them black (plastidip) and was wondering if you did the same. I forgot shotscope v2 tags were already black.
  2. Hey just noticed as well, the hosel is set to Draw as well, so that makes me feel a little better as if I’m missing I start going too far right I can dial it back to the neutral setting. I don’t really care,I think I’m just letting my mind wander since I’m waiting for this club to come in. I just think it’s funny, that before the fitting I was telling myself what I imagined I’d be fitted too and Callaway draw biased driver was not one of them. But you are all correct, I wouldn’t be thinking this at all if the club had a movable weight and the fitter moved the weight to the heel. This is no different and in fact I asked the fitter that would I see a difference between Rogue Draw and the new Flash. The fitter told me he wouldn’t have fitted me for a Flash because the draw bias on the flash is not as significant as the Rogue Draw.
  3. Soooo what you’re all saying is I might as well put the senior shaft in now and buy myself a Niblick while I’m at it. I get it, im being insecure for no reason. I’m just going to play what works for me. *Apologies if I offended any senior flex using, Niblick playing golfers. No offense was meant!
  4. So I was fitted to a Callaway Rogue Draw driver recently. Really it was the choice of the F9 and the Rogue Draw. I ultimately went with Rogue because it gave me slightly better numbers and its cheaper. My question is should it be embarrassing to admit that I need a draw driver? I have never had one and honestly I have always had the bias that if you get a Draw biased driver you are just hiding faults in your swing. And additionally if I were to correct those faults have I now made a bad purchase because I no longer produce the sidespin in my impact and now I'm hitting hooks? Is that how most people feel? Am I just overthinking things? Do I really have to worry about hooks if my swing all of sudden works itself out over the course of the season?
  5. UPDATE* so it came out better than I expected. The ain’t leveled out nicely. Just put on 3rd coat. Pictures will come tomorrow
  6. So my first go with PlastiDip is not working out so well. It currently is drying but didnt really adhere very well with trying to put on a light coat. It has kind of pooled in the middle, which i didnt like. So I will let this first coat dry and continue with a few more coats to see what happens. If not a positive result maybe ill spray on a primer coat first to see if i get better adhesion. How many coats did you do? Did you spray a clear coat on for added protection?
  7. I found this PlastiDip Aerosol rubberized paint and see how that holds up and/or interferes with the tagging.
  8. Has anyone spray painted GameGolfs red tags? Thinking of painting matte black with a matte clear coat. My only thought is durability as the clubs are resting on these tags in the bag. Thoughts?
  9. I just got fitted and was between rogue and f9. Both were producing pretty similar numbers. I ultimately went with rogue cuz it was $50 cheaper. The F9 was definitely impressive though.
  10. Agree totally. And yes I’m only addressing the distance aspect but a lot of it had to do with dispersion. I’m left handed so I was slicing 33-40 yards left.. I struggle with closing the face of the club at impact. With rogue I was down to 10-13 yards left and actually hit a draw which was fun to see. But more important that dispersion was so much tighter. My face impact was center or slightly toey but really high on the face. The fitter had me tee ball a little lower which helped with centering it better. He did try different lengths and weights but didn’t tell me till afterwards. I actually ended with a 45.5 but sorry I don’t know the swing weight. Like I’ve said I think that was more me than the club.
  11. it can coexist, it's just extremely difficult to do, you need a very positive AoA with a little dynamic loft but yes numbers don't make sense35 to 40 yards of height is a ton of height for someone with 90 clubhead speed but I guess possible if you are actually launching it at 17 I do have a somewhat high AoA, sorry though it escapes me what it was at time of fitting. Last time I was at a demo it said I was hitting 4 degrees up on the ball, but obviously that monitor not as the foresight
  12. I think the swing speed came more from not swing a club regularly in 4 months and being the first club I swung, I think I got more warmed up as the fitting went on. The launch angle was because I was hitting the ball so high on the face, my driver was 9* but with bulge and roll probably the lift was more like 11*.
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