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  1. corky

    Swag putters

    Thx Matt, looking for a Too, but thx for your help
  2. corky

    Swag putters

    How often do they release putters? Is an irregular process? I saw they had some for sale over the weekend but when I went to order they’d all gone…
  3. Currently play 103…..I love Epon drivers. If I can track down a Japanese store that uses world shopping I might try purchasing…….thanks for the pics, makes me want one more……
  4. Thx Diamana, nobody seems to advertise them, normal availability through Epon dealers?
  5. Anyone seen or experienced the anniversary Epon 450 driver? are they a limited design?…..worth pursuing?
  6. Sky is part of the reason for Golfs decline in the British Isles........ Why can it not be on both BBC and the superior Sky?......... cause it’s all about the money..........
  7. corky

    Trisole putters?

    Supposedly Scotty stopped putting them(trim soles) on his latest NP2 timeless as they weren’t very popular with pros.
  8. Some people find golf boring....... Are you not entertained?
  9. C Groove putters were invented by Harold Swash.... a British putting ‘guru’......who invented several different putting aids.
  10. Still playing an af103....no better feeling club(for me) out there. Have heard the 105 is not quite as soft, but have not tried any of the adjustable drivers. Hoping they bring something new to market....just because.
  11. I have both........if my house was burning down and I could only grab one set, it would be the 302s.......but part of the reason is that they have so many memories for me.
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