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  1. Sky is part of the reason for Golfs decline in the British Isles........ Why can it not be on both BBC and the superior Sky?......... cause it’s all about the money..........
  2. corky

    Trisole putters?

    Supposedly Scotty stopped putting them(trim soles) on his latest NP2 timeless as they weren’t very popular with pros.
  3. Some people find golf boring....... Are you not entertained?
  4. C Groove putters were invented by Harold Swash.... a British putting ‘guru’......who invented several different putting aids.
  5. Still playing an af103....no better feeling club(for me) out there. Have heard the 105 is not quite as soft, but have not tried any of the adjustable drivers. Hoping they bring something new to market....just because.
  6. I have both........if my house was burning down and I could only grab one set, it would be the 302s.......but part of the reason is that they have so many memories for me.
  7. An opinion is just that, not a fact so someone proffering an opinion does so because they don’t actually know. Your response is an opinion, so if you followed your own logic you should not have posted �� My response is not an opinion it is a fact. I have collected tour Camerons for 20 years. It is an opinion based on some pictures.......... how can it be a fact?
  8. An opinion is just that, not a fact so someone proffering an opinion does so because they don’t actually know. Your response is an opinion, so if you followed your own logic you should not have posted
  9. Just goes to show the dire straits ™ are in if they just off the current world no.1
  10. Give everyone a medal for participating.......it’s not as if it’s a competition or anything is it?
  11. When the BeCu putters first came out, the ball of choice was a balata wound ball.......putt one of these balls with your BeCU and tell me it's not the softest feeling putter you've ever used........
  12. Height has nothing to do with putter length........... It's all about the distance from a golfers grip to the ground when, they have taken their stance........ some people have short arms, some long arms some use different grips(hand positions) Putters should be tried at the very minimum in proper golf shoes on an outdoor putting green......with your ball of choice. Go from there.....
  13. Even with the dedicated Golf channel and the not having to pay for other sports....it's too expensive(for me). I was so glad to see the PGA on the bbc but man the coverage was pants........ ok so they had to take a feed (TNT?) and commentate on that but there were so many mistakes made and the whole team is just so past it........sport has moved on from the cozy fireside chat style of broadcasting. THe only one I would keep is the new Anchor whose name I cannot spell or pronounce ... . James....miserable,dour always seems to wish he was somewhere else.... Allis ...... just go MAureen Mcwha
  14. Best name in the business....... MEl Reid hitting blades, as does Michelle Wie......I don't think there is much difference in heads played between LPGA and PGA tbh....
  15. The weather sorted any potential dress code violations....... no legs, plunging necklines or racerback risk at all........ maybe that's the solution to the LPGas dress problems.......play Tournaments where the temps don't et above 50deg f.
  16. Bones, Billy Foster rumoured to be in the running according to BBC rafio 5
  17. It will be for me as it's the only major being shown live on bbc
  18. No putters have been banned only the method of wielding them
  19. This could backfire ........ Imagine a poorly ranked player trying to get starts, wears some clothes that violate the code, is fined, press get wind of it and publish the story with pictures of the offending garb.......player immediately increases the no. Of invitiations.........
  20. Incorrect, he is one of the few that realise that the golf paints the picture. It doesn't need jazzed up, he isn't scared to keep quiet, he gets how the broadcast should be done. I may have a different opinion but that does not make me wrong...if you want you can watch without any commentary and really get your picture painted for you
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