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  1. If it's matchplay and my opponent appears on the first tee with his irons covered..... I know I'm one-up :busted_cop: Iron covers go with ball retrievers, and pull carts...... a sign of a newbie or high-handicapper ;)
  2. I don't believe he did it deliberately....... He is known to be absolutely paranoid of lighting and the weather siren had just sounded + playing the last few holes poorly, caused him to run off the course like greased lightning. My truck with him is that instead of saying 'he wasn't happy' when he saw the video playback and donating his winnings as a 'gesture', he should have done the 'right' thing. If he'd been really unhappy he should have DQ'ed himself and thus forfeited his World Ranking points, that would have been a grander gesture, as we all know he was desparate for them......th
  3. Do you have any pics of Lonard's Bettinardi putter? .....I'd love to see it close-up. Thanks for the other pics! :busted_cop:
  4. Currently prefer the PRO V (not the X)....but the all time best has to be the Maxfli Revolution of the modern balls prior to that Tour Balata
  5. corky

    Scotty Phantom

    Is it me or have the Phantom's failed to make an impact??? I can't recall many tour pros using 'em,certainly not like the Futura when it was first released?
  6. Infomercial eh......? Any Nudity? (err not Kostis & McCord! ....... oh no picture's in my head now!) :busted_cop:
  7. My name is Andy, i'm a UK (South Coast) ex-pat... spent the last 3 years living in Belgium but am currently living in Budapest Hungary......working for the Yankee Dollar(A Very large Oil Co.) 2 brilliant daughters(aren't they all), but I bet I'm the only one on this board whose wife has a lower handicap than my own! ;) Golf is a disease and I'm heavily infected I feel right at home here already! :busted_cop: I wish the Owners/Admins/Members every success with this (ad)venture!
  8. .......thanks for the kind words.... oh I forgot to mention that I think your suggestion of a penalty for non-marking is a good one although how youd prove that it had been marked, if someone took the marker(you know what souvenir hunters are like!) I'm not sure.....maybe get your playing partner to verify that you'd marked it?
  9. It wasn't really his temper in my opinion...... Monty has a HUGE fear of lightning and has stormed off the course as soon as the hooter blows on many occasions. I watched this particular 'incident' on TV. He was clearly 'stressed' at the time by both his errant play and the impending storm, he literally ran off as soon as the hooter sounded, I thought at the time 'he hasn't marked his ball'. I've seen 100m sprinters run slower than that( he nearly had his caddies eye out with a bouncing 'man-boob'! - LOL) No he's not a cheat ..... the donation of the winnings was a good 'gesture' but
  10. Any ideas how much this badboy might run to? :busted_cop:
  11. I can't remember where I read it but i'm sure there's a new Bettinardi model on the horizon 'The Dreamweaver' ..... anybody know anymore about it? :busted_cop:
  12. I like what they've done with the slightly softer lines of the Cameron & Co. Putters..... even more PING like!
  13. I'm new around these parts but i'm an old Bettinardi lag! I have a bb42, a PGA1 collectible 1 350 gm 1 slot slanted bb1 1 330 gm 2 slot bb1 1 350 gm 2 slot bb1 and just received a 350gm 3 slot bb1.... and I use 'em all(bit not at the same time!
  14. The Nicest Scotty I've seen.... nearly as good as a Bettinardi DASS :-)
  15. I'm a convicted Bettinardi man.....
  16. I'm not sure.... maybe I was waiting for an invitation(throws hair back in an exagerated Miss Piggy fashion)........ seriously, I saw the mention of your site over at Tourspec........ I think it's waaayyy cool that both sites acknowledge each other and can co-exist in a cross fertilizing......errrr you get what I'm trying to say :lol: It's a great start and good to see all 'the usual suspects' around :(
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