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  1. Why is it so important to 'grow the game' ?........ The only real reason can be for commercial gain.
  2. All I had in my twenties was the payphone down the street and no change to put in it....... No Motorola Sky Pager? Beeper! I remember when all we had was 2 cans and a piece of string....
  3. Maybe through WRX but otherwise........ They have never offered this as a standard option why would they start now?........never mind that it is something a lot of people would like.
  4. Some good advice about the release agent........many thanks
  5. Each attempt was left for 48hrs before trying........I could literally pull the grips off. I have regripped many clubs in the past without a problem..... THe grips used are Japanese Elite, similar to Iomic, not available in the US as far as I know.
  6. Thanks guys...... I don't believe the grip core is too big for the shaft but I will give it a go with another wrap. The tape is goldsmith and the solvent first used was golfsmith, since then I have tried ....gas/petrol, a degreaser spray, even hairspray. I have tried with 2 examples of this particular grip. So I'm going to buy some new tape, new solvent and try an additional tape wrap.........
  7. trying to install a putter grip....have tried 4 times now using two different types of tape(goldsmith) and four different solvents but each time the adhesive does not 'set'........maybe the grip has too high a 'plastic' content? Anybody suffered the same thing and if so did you resolve it? PS I don't have access to a compressor.......
  8. Ror's pregnant, that's why he's scared to get the zeta virus, apparently Feherty knows the sex......* * I might have made this up
  9. Totally agree with this statement. But since it's not bronze, it won't patina. It's just a cheap gold-colored PVD. Barring outside influence, it will look the same in 50 years as it does today. Cheap is the key word. That PVD will wear in no time. Even the simple act of pulling the putter in and out of the headcover will show wear on the bumpers in a few months. Okay maybe Patina is not quite the correct term, I meant let it wear....the stainless will show through on the corners and edges...it will look more of a tool than an item of jewellery........yes the PVD will not tarnish.
  10. Leave it bronze.....let it wear, patina makes it look more tour........
  11. corky


    But it is for professionals........ Do tell Is it not obvious? Ok maybe it isn't for you, just read mr. HAmmer's post just there up above......
  12. corky


    But it is for professionals........ Do tell Is it not obvious?
  13. corky


    But it is for professionals........
  14. corky


    When it's something in your control and you really really want to win then you are stupid to ignore it.
  15. The bumpers are much deeper, the face is thicker and deeper.........
  16. Good point on the money softening up the big 3 and the guys in general. TW would play 70 shots as if each was an individual work of art. I think he said that to somebody. Doesnt matter if its Thursday or Sunday, every shot is the same. And, I imagine, TWs expectations for every single shot would be very high. *Even if he is not in contention.* That level of craftsmanship and ability to focus over 4 full days is not seen in the game now. I would think that combination of discipline and willpower is hard to maintain. Especially if you know you are gonna make $1MM a week no matter what y
  17. What is it you would like them to learn? You know sometimes they are doing and saying what they are told by the voices in their earpieces...... I just would like all of them to shut up now and then and slow down, stop trying to make a 'show'......forcing the 'drama'
  18. Strange.......I would have bet money the Anser and Anser 2 would be the best selling models And are they really going to offer 2 finishes?
  19. Height is irrelevant.......
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