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  1. Have a 7s in an epon 5w head......really smooth combo, you know when you've really nutted one!
  2. Make putts? Contact Morton's golf.......they will answer all your questions regarding WRX
  3. Disagree...... This person does not want an adjustable putter.....and it looks like an Anser 2 not like a Redwood at all,which is why I want one.
  4. Stampings are a bit derivative.......
  5. Iomic sticky putter grip........ Japan only edition I think, thinner than the standard grip, which is just a tad too thick for me.
  6. So........ D'ya think an eye mark milled Anser/2 will come to market sometime soon?
  7. Maybe allows adjustment for changing lie angle? Yes, allows easier hosel bending
  8. I wouldn't consider the TR 1966 "crap" Yeah not even close to "crap" I'm loving mine. Each to his own, but Ping has the opportunity to make a really fine milled putter and hasn't. Lee Westwood, Bubba Watson, Mark Wilson, David Lingmerth all are sporting one off milled putters. It's time Ping brings to retail a milled series again. Although they weren't stainless, Ping dabbled in the milled putter market with the Anser Milled series and they didn't sell at retail very well. I know wrx guys drool over this stuff but unless it's stamped "Scotty Cameron" the average joe retail shopper isn'
  9. Dear Ping, we THankyou for the 66 TR........but this......please please pretty please?
  10. Looks like they are for the thoroughly confused........maybe even desperate.
  11. I'd tell him to hit over 50% of fairways then he'd get to be picky again until then take this and shut it :) He's 3 more missed cuts from buying drivers on the BST Tiger has done more for this game than anyone else combined. Show some respect! Lol I'm sure you actually think that's true And if it helps take the sting out I'm sure he's not reading this forum but if he were even he'd know he can't hit a driver in competition to save his life If you played golf pre-Tiger era and saw the game, equipment and collective group of people who played, you'd know that he has made a direct i
  12. Nike should not be asking TW anything about style. He might be one of the worst dressed people in the world on and off the course. Those shoes remind me of power lifting shoes. Agreed, worst dressed man EVER!! Serious? I think tiger has always been very well dressed on course, especially before the white belt era that stopped him winning majors I like his style Even his collarless mock tortoise era?........... Barf!
  13. Google is your friend........... ticklish ˈtɪklɪʃ/ adjective 1. (of a person) sensitive to being tickled. "I'm ticklish on the feet" 2. (of a situation or problem) difficult or tricky and requiring careful handling. "her skill in evading ticklish questions" synonyms: problematic, tricky, delicate, sensitive, controversial, awkward, *****ly, thorny; More Feedback
  14. Gotta love the GolfWRX crowd......We have a 15 handicap trying to play the same driver as the G.O.A.T. and even better he is getting a backup!!!! Not a lot of 15's talking about backups I can assure you. To each his own, but this just makes my laugh. Just part of the marketing machine....... They just really really want to to be Tiger....even though the club will patently be so unsuited for their game, they have to have it........ No wonder golf equipment invest so much money in club sponsorships....' A fool and his money are soon parted'...indeed
  15. Step less shaft ?......... Heresy I say! Seriously.....enjoy
  16. Been around since the beginning.......
  17. That!s nothing I carry my driver and a whole bag of clubs for the full 18........
  18. It's not really a secret life anymore.........just sayin'
  19. No religion man....it's in the rules.....
  20. Mine hasn't even made it to the course. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe. Why is the head cover so tiny? PING you have some explaining to do The head cover really is embarrassing. My wife has a Ping Rhapsody Anser 2 and the head cover is MILES ahead of the TR66. Ping usually puts a great deal of thought into its releases—what happened with this one? For me, the head over works, as the narrow shaft part fits into my bag nicely..... I carry my clubs so use a carry bag that is of a smaller diameter than cart bags that most Use......
  21. More worrisome in recent years has been his pants short game.......can he putt under pressure? Can he chip and pitch without mr. Chunky showing up?
  22. No one deserves no.1...... You earn it. 'But that's about it'.......... There's hundred's of pros that would love a career defined by 'but that's about it'.
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