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  1. The problem with tattoos is that from a distance of 10 yards and greater, they look like a hideous skin disease..... Tattoos are just permanent clothing
  2. Prior to the Masters..... world no. 12
  3. Yeah these sledgehammers that everyone equates to being more manly, ie. Over 340 .......doesn't,t allow me to swing the putter, they force me to grip tighter and therefore shove the putter rather than stroking.......but that's me and my old fashioned ways.....
  4. It was a great round and he played really cool under pressure, backing off of his tee shot on 18 after a spurious 'noise' in the gallery being a great example. Straight driving, crisp accurate irons and a sure putter bagged him the win........unfortunately it will always be remembered for Spieths collapse on 12, although really a combination of lucky bounces and the best putter in the business currently, had been saving him for a couple of days.
  5. Probably because the sight line is part of the casting?
  6. This sentence , makes no sense...... You have more care to give....... The correct saying is I COULDN'tT care less.........as in I have no more care to give..... Arrggghhhh........ Apologies...... I got suckered in again
  7. corky

    Langer grip

    Why would you think that,?....the intention was never to ban the long putter but to ensure that anchoring was outlawed. Langer is now using a conforming stroke ...why would that piss off 'officials'?
  8. Bloody PING ......always copying the master.....
  9. THankyou PING... 340 head weight at 34" Stepped shaft Thin topline on Anser2 Tri sole on Anser2 TR Grooves (some modern tech that works) Correct facial shape Minimal and tasteful logo/text and paint fill Usual grip and customisation options. BLank sole For I don't know how long I've been lusting after a SC Circle t newport2 timeless in GSS which would cost me circa $9000 to get most of the above Listed attributes. EVen then I wouldn't have Any control on how it was stamped, and the no. Of 340gm heads out there is v.small. Tthis 1966 Anser ticks so many boxes at such a tiny fraction of th
  10. 'Take him in the booth' ?????? Isn't that taking fandom a little too far?
  11. [quote name='Ping_Ho' timestamp='1446650264' post='12551518'] Justin and Jordan should check out the nearest hair clinic. [/quote] Hair loss is natural.....embrace it...... Grass doesn't grow on a busy street
  12. [quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1448509727' post='12647532'] Three back surgeries. Hasn't played much tournament golf. Hasn't practiced much. A boat load of talent out there now. IF he sticks to one swing, and IF he stays injury free, he may have a chance. [/quote] Of making the cut.....
  13. Interesting....I wonder if Darren Clarke has spoken with him....... .? Maybe yes and there was no convincing, maybe no and if so why? Whatever Monty's beef was Paul is too good to just dismiss. a lot of 'pride' out there I reckon.
  14. [quote name='randywildman' timestamp='1448213588' post='12631434'] [quote name='sevenfourate' timestamp='1448205966' post='12630960'] [quote name='PGArox' timestamp='1448162372' post='12629944'] [quote name='nichho' timestamp='1448130887' post='12628340'] Casey has always struck me as being totally focused on Paul Casey, first, second and last, so this comes as no surprise.[/quote] In fairness to Paul, he did say this in his explanation - "With my wife and young son as my priority ..." It also reveals how important the Ryder Cup is to Paul. He's a true American now. [/quote] Oh;
  15. Don' think it's lack of motivation, just that the kids are needing far more of his time than ever before......
  16. [quote name='Medic' timestamp='1446691807' post='12554740'] Lost in all of this is that a caddy and his player are supposed to be a team. Teammates share confidential information. That confidence has no expiration, implied or otherwise. To profit from it, in my measure, shows a lack of character. Cannot help but wonder, if Steve just wanted to come back for a round or two for Adam, if he would let him after this book has come out. I personally think Steve has now become a marked man in the game and he sacrificed a good deal of his reputation having betrayed the trust of his former boss. And
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