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  1. The SoftTail is beautiful. David does not disappoint!
  2. Thanks for the kind words. The finish is actually quite durable, very similar to black oxide, oil often with silicon cloth.
  3. Hey Folks, Selling a “true” Handmade TP Mills SoftTail Wide Flange with a rare pencil neck. I spoke with David about this putter and he said he doesn’t make many like this with the pencil neck and rounded ledges. This model is slightly different than the regular SoftTail in that it has a wider footprint and rounded ledges. It has a more confident look at address as well. Balance and feel are incredible. Details: 1030 Soft Carbon steel Iridium blue oil finish 360 gram headweight, 1/2 shaft offset, 3/4 toe hang
  4. Whether modern or not it's still a wonderful design and putter. Yes, it's still relevant.
  5. When your entitled and rich you can say what you want and charge what you want, and of course there will be a select few that drink your kool-aid.
  6. CS waste of money, send to other shops.
  7. Yes you can, its just rainbow PVD. Byron does not use BOS for this, far as I know they do not offer that finish. He used another company to do this when he was in California, not sure if he still offers this finish?
  8. +1 send to have chemically stripped. There are several people that will do this.
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