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  1. Annual sucker drop. Would be nice to not need to make $$$ for a living and having a hobby that some go gaga for! I take some of that back, would be nice to have the passion to have a business I enjoy and work hard at.
  2. Tour Edge Exotics C721 Hybrid #3-19.0° / KBS TGI TOUR GRAPHITE / S-FLEX Custom Length (Optional): Standard Length Custom Grip Size (Optional): +1/32" Oversize Remove Subtotal:$219.99 Starting at $75/mo with Affirm. Prequalify now
  3. Didn't realize a business model included entitlement, play kiddie games and charge outlandish prices. Guessing he comes from $$$$, so he doesn't really need the money and treats his putter business more like a hobby. Someone feel free to tell me if I'm incorrect.
  4. Feel are both really good but different. Sole design and turf interaction on the 57's are much better than the Epon's
  5. Rory's putter is not D1, someones calculations based on speculation are incorrect. I have someone who asked him while he was on the practice green about that, he laughed and said don't think so.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. A lot of work goes into getting a good finish that will last and not fade but I do enjoy the journey, kinda addictive.
  7. Hey Folks, For sale is JDM Kyoei Flowneck Dalehead design putter Beautiful design and milling with perfect balance and feel are incredible, soft yet meaty and solid. Details: SUS 303 Japan stainless steel Sunset fade low maintenance finish 350 gram headweight Toe hang 3/4 Standard loft and lie 3 and 70 Length is 34.5 Grip is a mid-size Iomic standard +3 wraps. Headcover is a magnetic closure type and Leather Condition of putter, headcover and g
  8. Why do people call this patina, it's not patina it's called rust which is caused by not being taken care of with oil or headcover. As far as the putter goes if it doesn't bother you game it.
  9. Prosoft inserts are what you want. I rub some baby oil on them with towel before installation to help slide and reduce chance of rusting.
  10. 1. Crawfordsville, IN 2. 8.4 3. Accra RPG 362s 4. Nippon Modus tour 120 stiff 5. Regio Formula B+ Stiff 6. yes 7. yes
  11. Nice stick, looks like a Heritage model. Appears to be SS?
  12. No, T on a Mills putter does not mean tour. I asked Jay Green several years ago when he was David’s rep. As he told me it means tig welded. On a Cameron yes T means tour.
  13. Always thought it was silly and created confusion. Better ask David what he was thinking on that one haha.
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