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  1. I ordered the Tensei Blue for the Epic Flash. Will get a chance soon to test it against the Cobra SZ with the same shaft. Thank you for all the input.
  2. My current gamer is the Cobra SZ Xtreme Driver with the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue shaft. I hit it well and dispersion is solid, but still longing for more distance. My back-up and very close #2 is the Cally Epic Flash which seems, by comparison to be a bit "hotter" than the Cobra, though not as tight with its current PX Evenflow shaft. Anyone play the Callaway with the Tensei shaft or something similar with really good results? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your response. I'm looking at some past threads and most seem to be centered around sand or around-the-green shots. I have a lob wedge that is good for me in sand and higher grass around the green, I just want to fill a gap in my game for 75-100% shots from fairways or second cut.
  4. Looking for suggestions on a sand wedge (54-56) that would be used for full shots, mostly from tight lies. I am a sweeper of the ball, so I'm aware of the role bounce plays in the selection. However, I'm looking for a brand/model that you may have found similar success with. Thank you.
  5. As long as you get their top of the line stuff. They, like Wilson (vs. Wilson Staff) have great top-line product, but lower end of the product line not so much. The TR line is the only thing I'd consider with Honma. Hit the T/World and it was horrible.
  6. As stated in my earlier post, the new Cobra SPEEDZONE is awesome off the deck and for that matter, the tee too. I always cringed when hitting a fairway metal, but not with this beast!
  7. This tends to be the Achilles heel of my golf bag. Now with the Cobra SZ fairway, I have a ton of confidence in launching high, long shots of the turf. The Tensei Blue shaft was the perfect fit and I play mine at 14.5*. BTW, it is as good off the tee too. Good luck.
  8. They didn't. I was on Cobra's site this morning and did not see left-hand options.
  9. Cobra King Forged Tec 2020. Look great, feel great, forgiving and high flying, soft landing with the right shaft. The only time they don't feel good, is when I catch one low on the face...but what club does.
  10. Titleist 2020 Hybrid 14. I have almost a 100% Cobra bag of clubs, but think this bag is very solid. http://www.nbkcorp.com/catalogs/files/2020_Catalogs/2020_Golf_Gear_Catalog.pdf
  11. I have had off and on love for Cobra drivers over the years (their irons seemed to always click with me). I had very little experience with the Fly-Z line. However, my experience with the Xtreme thus far has been good. I am taking a golf vacation in about 2 weeks, so I'll have a better answer after that.
  12. Watching the Waste Management and heard that Rahm decided to stick with his current shaft, but changed heads in his driver. Anyone know what he is gaming? M6?
  13. I play SteelFiber 95's in my irons and steel shafts in my wedges. I like a heavier shaft in my wedges, so it works for me. Most of my wedge shots, other than my pitching and gap (both have SF 95), are not full shots.
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