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  1. I finally was a able to test out the Oncore Vero X1 on the course yesterday and I'm very impressed. My goal was to play a round with these, the Snell MT-B and Pro V1x Left Dash. The Vero X1 was extremely straight and for a day that had 10-20MPH winds (and 502*), it held up great with no ballooning. It is as long as the Pro V's I gamed last year, straighter and spin seemed to be similar. My short game saw one hop and stop and similar off the irons on full shots. I will look forward to the same test with the Snell's and Left Dash models over the next 7-10 days.
  2. No experience with the Smac, but the ES was great in my last set of irons and I have it in my 24* hybrid.
  3. I've played the Mavrik Max 3-fairway for a 1-1/2 seasons now and love it. I reshafted this year to a Tensei Blue 70g and it is even better. It is forgiving as anything out there and long enough for my needs.
  4. What do you guys think is the best sole offered with the 54* for someone that takes very shallow divots on full-shots and wants to also use this club for lower, flat pitches off of tighter lies and lower rough conditions? I will not be using it for "open face" higher shots around the green much. Thanks.
  5. I just purchased the Cobra RADSPEED hybrid and love it. However, got in the simulator Sunday with the new TM SIM2 Max hybrid with Ventus Blue and Wow!! I love the Tensei Blue in my fairways/super hybrid...great shaft. Not to throw it in a different direction, but these guys seem to be very adept with their reviews. I was searching for a hybrid and found this review. It's less than 10 minutes and might give you another option. Good luck!
  6. Good topic! I'd go driver. I'm bias, but if I'm driving the ball well, the rest of the game falls into place. Honestly, I feel that I could put any putter in my hand I will be able to two-putt most greens. While I understand the value of a good, fitted putter, it never made me a better flat stick user. A well fit driver has had the opposite effect for me and though it's just my opinion, there have been many more great advances in drivers than putters since you purchased your 915d2; especially with forgiveness. Good luck with your choice!
  7. Love the feel of mine and I've never been a golfer that even notices the sound or lack-there-of. Unless a driver sounds like a tin can, I'm usually just looking for feel and performance. The Mavrik Max has both for me.
  8. Went through the testing on Sunday. One thing I found out; I'm not a Utility guy! Tried four different brands in a variety of set-ups and just didn't give me what I wanted on a consistent basis. Came down to the Cobra Radspeed and TM SIM2 Max hybrids (5). Both gave me almost identical numbers that were in my desired gap. I decided on the Radspeed, but with the shaft that was in the TM, the Ventus Blue. Other than the wedges, my bag is complete (for now)! Thanks again WRX for your help!
  9. BTW, I had my first run with a Ventus Blue this past weekend in the SIM2 Max hybrid and it was money. So easy to launch and butter. As for the SIM Max experiment; ongoing. I put the Atmos Red in and it did improve things enough for me to feel the possibilities of this club, but not to the point of kicking the Mavrik out of the bag...yet. I decided to try the weight thing with this club too and the extra weight arrived yesterday. It is now in the rear of the clubhead and ready for another test this coming Friday. I'll report back on the SIM and the Mavrik with the added weights.
  10. Well, my experiment with the Mavrik Max worked magic. While I've never purchased a low launch, lower spin driver shaft, I had one that came in a used TM SIM. It didn't work at all for me in the TM, so I pulled the adapter and threw in a Callaway one. I added it to the Mavrik, cranked it up to 11.5* in neutral setting and boom! I picked up 12 yards of carry with great roll out, about 2200-2300 spin, launching about 11-12* and it just wants to go straight. I just saved my golf ho self $500+ for at least another season. I would like to see my spin rate come up a couple hundred points, so waiting on an 18g weight to replace the 14g in the rear of the head to see if I get a bit more spin. Cheers!
  11. I realize that and working on a plan. I spoke to my fitter who put me in my irons and he has an option for me to fill that gap between the 5 iron and my current Super Hybrid. We will get in the simulator and give it a run. He is thinking that I might try playing the SH at 22* instead of 20* which should cover the 215-225 range for me and then look at adding either the Cobra UT adjustable or the Rad 25* hybrid to cover the 190-210 yardage (or thereabout). Hopefully get it resolved next week. Thanks for all your comments.
  12. Thank you for a very thorough response. It looks like my thought pattern with my setup is headed in the right direction. Question. I plan to have these built +1/2". Do you think going just 1° flat is enough for me to get proper toe relief? Would 2° flat be a better choice for my extra club length? Thank you.
  13. If go D, 3W (225-240), 23*Super (210-220), OPEN SPOT, 5 iron (185) 6 iron (175),....... I would just need to fill the open spot with a 190-200 club and I could manage to score. I was leaning toward an adjustable utility like the Cobra King and the TM GAPR.
  14. If I go with the 23* to replace the 20*, there will still be a gap, but now between my 3-wood and the 23*. I think I can live with that gap better. If I can get the 23* out there between 210-225 and then fill that gap between my highest iron and it, I'm more comfortable with that set-up. I would use the 23* much like some use a 5-wood; mostly lay-ups and some long par 3's. Not sure I'm making sense I may be answering my own question, but still need something for that 185-210 gap. I just don't have a lot of confidence in a standard 3-4 iron.
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