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  1. I did as you asked but what did I do wrong? I’ve never posted a FS ad before here.
  2. Vokey SM4, 54-14, OEM shaft and grip, 9/10 condition, $60 shipped. NEW, Lateral Line L2 putter, 33”, only used on carpet, 10/10 condition, $125 shipped. SeeMore FGP milled face putter, 33.75”, SuperStroke slim 3.0, 9.5/10 condition, $75 shipped. Carbite ZG face balanced putter, 35”, Larkin Crossline grip, 9/10 condition $40 shipped. Ping G30 hybrid, 17*, with head cover, hi balance TFC419 stiff, OEM grip, no chips, scratches or idiot marks. Light sole wear, 9.5/10, $100 shipped. Cobra King F7 hybrid, 2-3, with head cover, Fujikura Pro 75 stiff, OEM grip, no chips, scratches or id
  3. BTW, I said something similar the first time I saw a set of Callaway shovels but darned if those fugly things actually improved my game ... for a while.
  4. It certainly is unique and might take some getting used to. I however, wouldn’t mind giving it a test drive to see if it lives up to its claims?
  5. Saw these at a golf show in Columbus a couple weeks ago. The head is ginormous and is touted as having the highest MOI of any club or putter, something like 24,000. I’m intrigued but didn’t get a chance to try one. The putter also stands up on its own so you can align it to your line, from behind the ball. Just wondering if anyone here uses or has used one?
  6. I played 53 for a while. I have forged EZ now and they are MUCH more forgiving.
  7. How is the feel, forgiveness and playability? I've had G25's in the bag for a couple years and they are certainly very playable but not overly long.
  8. What is the longest hybrid. Looking for something to replace my 3 wood. Saw a YouTube test on a 2-3 Cobra and the launch monitor showed that the 19 degree setting was actually a couple yards longer than the 16 setting, which I found interesting. Which of the current hybrids have you found to be long yet forgiving?
  9. I love this site but in all reality it costs me wayyyy too much money. Every new club that's talked about I just want to try it out or own it. Thanks Golfwrx for being my daily fix.
  10. For sale: Ping i25 iron set, 4-gap (U), CFS steel shafts, regular flex, yellow dot. New Lamkin Crossline grips on 6-U. Easily 8.5/10 condition. $430 shipped in US. Paypal preferred. Not interested in any trades. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3760206/24722360/412517344.jpg http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3760206/24722360/412517343.jpg http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3760206/24722360/412517337.jpg http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3760206/24722360/412517336.jpg
  11. How does the SM6 Jet Black finish hold up? Does it rust or not? Does it come off or is it durable? Can't find any info on Titleist website about their finishes.
  12. Yes, they are the orange colored ones. I've gamed Adams CB2 forged irons for several years and have yet to find anything better feeling. However, I hit these in a net at a local Golfsmith after they came out and loved the feel of them but couldn't justify $900 for them. Now I can buy a set for less than half so I just may pull the trigger... ;) Thanks for your feedback.
  13. Just wondered if anyone is or was gaming the 2014 Mizuno Forged EZ irons? I hit these into a net a few years ago and loved the feel and now have a chance to buy a new set pretty cheap. Just looking for on-course feedback on what I remember as a good feeling iron.
  14. I agree. I have been playing CB2s for many years and have yet to find a new set of irons to oust them out of the bag.
  15. If you demo the G irons may I suggest you try the i25s as well. You might be surprised?
  16. [quote name='Trugravity' timestamp='1420254408' post='10677329'] [quote name='igolfat8' timestamp='1420246010' post='10676677'] I am a fan of Zach Johnson and admire his simple and compact swing. Mike bender is his coach of many years and I have picked up a few pointers from Mike's Youtube videos so when I saw the DVD email it piqued my interest. Thanks for all of the feedback so far. [/quote] Mike's book is filled with great drills, broken down to address specific areas of the swing! [/quote] Trugravity, Do you have Mike's MEGSA DVD series?
  17. I am a fan of Zach Johnson and admire his simple and compact swing. Mike bender is his coach of many years and I have picked up a few pointers from Mike's Youtube videos so when I saw the DVD email it piqued my interest. Thanks for all of the feedback so far.
  18. I am on his email list and he sent out a sales pitch for his MEGSA Method. Just curious if anyone else has used it and what your opinion was?
  19. [quote name='pmcuk' timestamp='1415866466' post='10439565'] [quote name='jhd12' timestamp='1415849021' post='10438687'] This can be a bit confusing. For a sweeper, is a higher VCOG number more desirable? Thank you! [/quote] A lower VCOG number indicated the centre of gravity is lower on the face, so good for a sweeper. Higher COG could give you the feeling you don't get under the ball properly. Earlier Callaway clubs had ridiculously low VCOG - like .6 to .7 - all those X-series irons. Low .7 is a good score. Higher .7 is OK. Over .8 is getting uncomfortably high. As a sweeper I'd be lo
  20. I am Jonesing for a new set of irons, specifically the G30 or G25 models. I stumbled across the Maltby Playability Factor ratings for Ping irons and noticed that Rapture and other older models have higher MPF numbers than Ping's current offerings. How much stock do you put into MPF and would I be better off looking at older model irons to get the best GI iron that I can?
  21. I've had CB2's in my bag since they came out. I have tried a plethora of other irons (AP1, AP2, RBZ, Mizunos, Ping) and nothing has kicked them out of the bag yet, which surprises me. Great feel, small-ish compact head, soft pure feel, decent forgiveness and I just love the black color that has remained fresh all these years.
  22. After you get it slid back down run a bead of THIN CA (Super Glue) around the ferrule and it will never move again. Glue it at the shaft & ferrule junction and NOT at the bottom or it might glue the adjustable rings together. Worked for mine.
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