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  1. Mavrik is one of the best sounding drivers EVER
  2. And yes you're right. Every one of them has to list it in their replies on thread and in their sig too
  3. JPX 921 HMP. Stronger lofts, yes, but closer to traditional spin (5500-6000) with a 7 iron and a great descent angle to stop.
  4. Hollow body is a cavity. Just a cavity filled with something typically.
  5. Went to buy the Epic Speed and just couldn't bring myself to spend that money. I'll continue using the EF until the Speed line is up on CPO.
  6. Played them for quite a few years. Great feeling shaft as all Nippons are. I switched to Modus when they came out for a little lower flight. Great for smooth swingers.
  7. Anybody planning to do a full set of DCBs? I am considering a set of these as a GI set to rotate with my MP20 MMCs
  8. Wow good eye! Yes they are 04 Big Berthas, my dads clubs. I gave them to my son after my dad passed away. I hit them very well even with the jumbo grips on them.
  9. Are there any GI irons out on the market with a rounder head shape similar to what is below? Looking to give graphite shafts a go. I have looked at the popular brands (G425s, etc) and they seem to have elongated heads Looking for a true GI, not a player's distance type iron. Maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist.....
  10. This is pinned to increase Srixon sales?
  11. I replied to his question above. Soles on the HMPs are not thinner. They are same heads sans offset and maybe a smidge topline.
  12. Exactly the same clubs with less offset
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