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  1. Get a tweener between both your current sets. I highly recommend the MP20 MMCs. The look is there, the feel is there and they are fairly forgiving.
  2. Just get both like I did lol. I have only used the MMCs once so far. About a club shorter which is expected. Love both sets!
  3. Might not be relevant as I have never tried the Max, but I accidentally bought Flash SZ driver and 3w at PGASS. Didn't realize they were SZ til it was too late so I used the performance guarantee and walked out with a std Mavrik. Got the 10.5 set to 9.5 and still hit baby draws. It may be the best sounding driver I have ever hit. I LOVE IT. It is a cannon too. I've gained CARRY 15-20 yards over my G400 max. I am always skeptical about the claims on new drivers but I have honestly seen this much gain. I had Tour 65 reg flex in the Ping and the Mavrik has the Riptide in reg flex.
  4. Put it in the right forum and you might get more answers
  5. JPX 919's or i210s are my picks. You can always tweak lofts for distances.
  6. Hover between 6 and 8 (usually 8) and played 919 Hot Metals (non-pro) last year. I have a set of i210s in the bag for this year that I haven't even swung yet.
  7. Actually Callaway C4 was first in 04 and FT3/Rapture in 06
  8. 20-40 round on shoes under $100? What are you smoking? I have 4 pairs of waterproof FJs for $60 each and 2 are 5 years old and the newer ones going on 3rd year. And I play 80-100 rounds a year. All of them are in perfect functional condition.
  9. It can't be replaced. I even have a brand new one when the first one dies. Tour reg shaft.
  10. Wait.... Is "trustable" a word????
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