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  1. Yeah, not sure why people expect their clubs immediately in the current times. Mizzy used to be in hand within a week, but people can't expect that anymore with the pandemic. Those starting the threads mustn't have been quarantining
  2. Not changing a thing this year! Finally got a set of wood I can hit well and love and the Mizzy irons are flat out awesome. Putter has been in the bag 12 years and that's not going anywhere either.
  3. Ordered my back up set of MMCs 11/24 and they are being shipped this week. So expect to wait awhile....
  4. That's because they are exceptional
  5. I personally wouldn't carry a strong 3W. For me, it's sort of a one-trick pony club in that I'd use it on tight driving holes only. They are difficult to elevate and I rarely have second shots on long holes where I could effectively use it mush less be accurate with it. I have other clubs that could fill the same role and be much more versatile for other shots. I carry a normal 3W now just because I have space for it, but it rarely gets used. I'll use a hybrid from the deck on second shots because it's almost just as long as a perfectly struck 3W and much easier to hit. I could drop the
  6. Stick with Mizzys. JPX line or MMCs.
  7. Another four weeks was added to my order time today. Now slated for first week of January.
  8. I went from original Epic to Rogue to Mavrik and now to Epic Flash. Epic was good, but not the most forgiving for me. Could have been shaft. Rogue lasted about 6 rounds, then I went to a Ping G400 max for awhile. Decided to give Cally a whirl again and got a Mavrik. Hit it well but always left even lofted down. So I gave it to my 16 yo and picked up an EF from Cally Preowned. Second best driver I've owned behind my Cally FT-3 tour. Long, sounds great, looks great and forgiving. I'd rank them as follows: Looks (Best to worst): OG Epic Mavrik/EF (tie) Rogue
  9. A static fitting.....exactly! "dude" LOL
  10. Second post where you have been preaching fitting. Dude... It's very overrated IMO. Especially with someone like the OP that doesn't seem to even have a consistent swing. His money would be better spent initially on lessons than a fitting. Two things in golf that are overrated; fittings and forgiveness. If you are "non-std" in stature (short or tall), then a static fitting is helpful. But for most people, "std" is fine.
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