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  1. I was a tester of the AV Raw White TX and have hit the pro white tx as well. I find the pro white to be much stiffer than the AV. The AV is smoother and fits me better
  2. I’ve got a slight forward press and I have better results with a flow neck. Plumber necks result in inconsistent contact and roll for me
  3. It’s hard to overstate how much of an impact your thread has had on my golf game for the last 9-10 years. Cheers @MtlJeff
  4. I’ve moved on to G25s right when they came out and I am still playing them to this day. All the way down to a 0.7 right now. I’ll never go back to a players CB. I am eyeing the G425 though
  5. Kinda related but I feel like it’s impossible to find 5 and 7 woods. The high lofted wood is pretty hot right now
  6. I read in golf digest that club sales are up big this summer compared to last summer, due to golf popularity being up because of Covid. That would probably affect used prices I'd imagine.
  7. I agree with all of this. SIM will win every time on a launch monitor. Give me the forgiveness and outdoor performance of the PING
  8. Props to Odyssey and TM the last few years for putting slant necks and flow necks on their mallets
  9. The mallet explosion is due to manufacturers making mallets with toe hang I believe
  10. Shot -2 (69) yesterday and drove it solid again. I hit a couple weird ones trying to swing out of my shoes, but as long as I stay in my usual rhythm, I hit it solid and straight. I'm selling the AD-DI that I was using previously if that gives you any indication of how well the shaft is working for me
  11. I'm scared to use those plastic ones on steel shafts. I admit there's no reason to be, but I try to use steel extensions on steel and I'll use the plastic ones on graphite
  12. Looking for either driver or 3 wood length. Thanks
  13. I've never seen a fake of the black version of the DI for what it's worth. Yours looks like mine
  14. I have a Callaway 816 Big Bertha Alpha 16* with an Aldila Rogue Silver 70X that I can't get rid of no matter how hard I try. It's probably five years old now. It's a compact head (165cc) , not super long or forgiving but I just hit it better than anything else
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