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  1. I remember mine rusting pretty fast
  2. Looking for a pull. Please DM
  3. Seems like they’ve de-emphasized feel and sound on the new stuff. The G425 sounded and felt hard compared to previous versions of the G irons
  4. Do you guys try to hit it like a fairway wood or a hybrid? I think that's where some of my issues are
  5. G25 was one of the great GI irons ever. They shaved the back edge of that sole to make it play smaller. Ping’s newer G irons never got the feel quite right like the G25s
  6. My epic speed fairway wood rusted a little as well. It comes off though. Seems to be an issue with callaway fairway woods
  7. Ball way forward in your stance, like in the middle of your left foot. Slightly open stance and then I run the putter up the thumb side of my arm, not the middle. That seems to get my lie angle and alignment better
  8. Nothing is firmer than the Z-Cord
  9. Finally got out to play and ended up hitting it four times. Twice off the tee and twice on 2nd shots into par 5s This thing is a cannon teed up. I hit a little safety cut off the tee on a tight hole and it still ended up going about 220y. The next hole I played a high tight draw and it ended up going 258y per Arccos. I hit one out of the rough on the par 5 18th. Had 212y flag into a 12mph wind. Arcoss said it played about 230 and I was able to flight one out of the rough to the front edge of the green. Easy up and down off the fringe for birdie. Trono 75X felt good under on the course. Feels pretty stable when going after it. Overall the club did enough to stay in the bag for now. I'm excited about it's potential to be a par 5 killer
  10. I agree pretty much with all of this. I also wasn't sure what it would be, I just got it cause of the free Trono upgrade. I haven't taken it to the course yet, just the range, but I feel it's gonna be more accurate than my 5/7 wood, but will launch lower, so it kinda depends on what I need. Not super forgiving, but pretty hot when struck solidly.
  11. Yea you can. Golf works, Amazon too
  12. I hit the 19* on GC Quad today and was getting about 230 total, 220 carry. Mid launch but the spin was pretty low. Don’t think I ever got over 3000 off the deck. The Trono 75X is an interesting profile. The mid part is so stiff but there’s some feel with the softer tip and butt section. It’s like an inverse blue profile
  13. 1. City, State? Edmond, OK 2. Handicap? Scratch 3. What is your current putter? Odyssey White Hot OG 7S 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? I have not yet 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? my putting is a constant struggle so I’m very open to trying things and the science on LAB makes sense 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES!
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