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  1. 983E and I’d hit low straight bullets all day haha
  2. I always like to go a little more tipping on the 7 wood due to the head weight of the club being higher, so maybe 1.25 or 1.5 inches?
  3. If I'm playing with friends, I usually do cause I know they don't mind. If I get paired up or something, I won't unless they are already playing music. I actually think I play better with music on. It's almost like the white noise machine I use at bedtime. It kinda calms me.
  4. Long time G iron player. Upgrading would get you a couple of things 1) slightly stronger lofts mostly in the mid and long irons 2) a smaller profile. The G425 is slimmer and more svelte than the G30. The sole is also more beveled 3) toe side forgiveness. The G425 is silly forgiving toe side due to the tungsten screw in the toe 4) loss in feel. I think the older G irons feel a little better than the new G425 Whether those are worth it is up to you and your game
  5. Maybe try that with the ball? i also always lined up plumbers necks to the left, and going to slant neck helped that
  6. You gotta trust your line on the ball somehow. Have you tried triple track?
  7. I started getting a case of golf elbow this summer after going up in flex. Starting doing the stretches and whatnot, but the thing that has helped the most was those seemingly silly tennis elbow braces that you can buy at the sporting goods store. It actually worked for me quite well, which was pretty surprising. I just made sure the cushioned side was on the inside part of my elbow.
  8. Depends on your strike pattern on the 7 wood. If you're low on the face and that's why you're spin is too high, you may need a softer shaft to bring your strike point up and that will lower spin
  9. If you wanna use it to lock at the wrist, I'd go 2-3 inches. If you wanna use it as a midlock similar to the Envroll midlock, I'd go 5-6 inches
  10. You ever try one of those tennis elbow braces? It seems to help my golfer elbow when it crops up
  11. I'd go strong a degree on the 6 and 1-2 degrees strong on the 5 and see if that worked first before making changes to the shaft
  12. Ventus Blue with Velocore defintely worth a look here.
  13. Arccos says 20 yards on average for me, but it probably depends if it's my fairway wood off the tee or off the deck.
  14. I agree with everything here. The data is invaluable if you're serious about golf and looking to identify weaknesses and improve your game. Yes, it misses the occasional shot and or putt, but it's not a big deal. It takes 10 seconds to fix after playing a hole and you can do it on the walk/drive from the green to the next tee. The link accessory has been excellent as well for shot detection and being able to mark the flag without your phone
  15. Swingweight is really important for me. I like D3 in the woods so I kinda worked backwards on my build and settled on 42 inches with my 80X shaft. I definitely understand the appeal of going shorter than that to get some more control
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