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  1. I'm 1* weak from across the board. No issues with turf interaction or bounce. V-sole is a game changer
  2. RB needs to be on more TXG videos. He's pretty good on camera, and he also swings it at a speed that us normal dudes can relate to. Let's Ian be in the analyst chair
  3. Man, that #7 with the flow neck looks perfect
  4. I agree with this. Why is Ian hitting? Ian needs to be guiding the process and interpreting the numbers and results
  5. Today's live stream looked like it was from 2008. Did Matt take the cameras with him? Goodness
  6. If you bend the irons weak, a lot of the offset gets taken away. It's a good option since these irons are so strong lofted already
  7. Spinnier ball is the low hanging fruit. Bridgestone Tour BXS
  8. Superfast TP. It was still bonded back then
  9. It's a Callaway fairway wood thing. My epic speed did the same thing. It does seem to come off though. There are a few threads about it, and usually callaway will replace it for you
  10. It’s such an interesting profile. It’s an inverse blue board profile, because it’s soft handle, but the mid section is probably the stiffest on the market. It feels really one piece, and you might think it be low launching, but it’s really not cause the tip isn’t super stiff
  11. Srixon ZX7 has the heel and toe notches
  12. I'm starting to like mine a lot. I got it with the Trono and it doesn't go left unless it's a bad swing. It's quite neutral
  13. Shaft with a softer tip section to bring up the strike?
  14. Modus 120 is a weird profile with the soft middle. They can definitely affect delivery characteristics
  15. it didn’t seem to work for me. I’ve heard cooking spray as well. Gonna try that
  16. Seems like they’ve de-emphasized feel and sound on the new stuff. The G425 sounded and felt hard compared to previous versions of the G irons
  17. Do you guys try to hit it like a fairway wood or a hybrid? I think that's where some of my issues are
  18. G25 was one of the great GI irons ever. They shaved the back edge of that sole to make it play smaller. Ping’s newer G irons never got the feel quite right like the G25s
  19. My epic speed fairway wood rusted a little as well. It comes off though. Seems to be an issue with callaway fairway woods
  20. Ball way forward in your stance, like in the middle of your left foot. Slightly open stance and then I run the putter up the thumb side of my arm, not the middle. That seems to get my lie angle and alignment better
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