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  1. It's the most amount of Zen I probably get in my entire life. It's me, golf, and nature
  2. Sunset fee in the summer with a push cart is best.
  3. Quick transition or hard loader? I am and blue profiles including the Ventus blue go left on me in the driver
  4. These are flat out performing for me right now. The toe side forgiveness is incredible with the tungsten weight in the toe
  5. It sounds worse with hot melt to me. It's like a softball bat
  6. I got quoted early August for a custom order G425 fairway
  7. I'm still using it currently. My review is on page 1. My body and my back are currently healthier than they were last year, so my speed is up, and I'm starting to overpower the AV White TX a little bit. I just got a Ventus Black 6X and I'll report back with the results
  8. 1. City and State? - Oklahoma City, OK 2. Handicap? (+1.1) 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? - Supernova 4. Current putter? - Odyssey 2 ball Ten 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? - Stability/forgiveness 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Yes for sure!!
  9. I wouldn't do that. If it's been almost a year, I'd say unfortunately that shaft or that head isn't a good fit for your game. I just got new irons with different shafts than my previous set, and it took about 4 rounds for it to start clicking. I'd be worried if it was a year later and I was still struggling
  10. It has to be weight savings from not having an adjustable tip. With a fixed head, they can redistribute the weight to other parts of the head to create more speed, forgiveness, or whatever.
  11. 10g on the shaft weight is significant. That could definitely be an issue
  12. The ironic thing is that rahm is putting horrendously this season
  13. Callaway carbon crown probably something to do with that
  14. Pretty much agree with all of this. I've switched to mostly grey belts now.
  15. It's not crazy, i do this on the short ones too. It really does work
  16. minhjn

    G25 vs G425

    I made this switch and from a pure numbers and playability standpoint, there's no comparison between the two. The G425 with the new tech are more forgiving, launch higher, and look a lot better than the G25, which were so so good. The screw in the toe is a game changer for me, because my miss is toe side. As JAM said though, that G25 iron finish is classic old school PING and it can't be beat. The G25s also feel a lot better. That rubber insert really helps dampen the vibration.
  17. The Callaway Sub zero or low spin models are always very low spin
  18. 7X and 8X for me but 100% agree with this
  19. Scratch here. They are significantly more forgiving than any i series iron. They are really forgiving on toe strikes with the weight screw in the toe now
  20. Coming from the G25, these are definitely louder. It's like a thwack sound for me
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