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  1. Ahhhhhh gotcha. That makes sense. Less arc = less toe hang.
  2. I've been wanting to try out a Ping Cadence Ketsch, and starting looking at them the other day. Am I right in thinking there are three separate models related to putter fitting to choose from? Straight, Minor Arc and Major Arc? I understand what each is, but how is the putter changed to accommodate each type? Is it weighted different? Where?
  3. Clearing a few things out of my closet here. This is a Ping Redwood Anser that I had sent off to the Ping WRX department. They did a great job as they always do! This putter started life as an OEM Black "Satin" Anser, that I bought quite a while ago. I sent it off to the Ping WRX department to have the following done: Startshot Finish Milled TR Grooves Stepped Shaft Paint Fill Changed ...I must say it puts a great roll on the ball! Ping slapped a Redwood Shaft Band back on it, along with a Pingman grip. Putter is a 35 inch, waiting for a new home! Club shows some bag chatter, with a
  4. I'm going to grab the 4H and see what happens. I hit the 7W just fine, it's just not that great for all lies.
  5. Lol. That's the majority of the feedback I'm getting. Looks like I may need to just pick up the 4H and call it a day.
  6. Alright. I really want to try these. The top of my bag is G25 10.5 G25 4W 16.5 G25 7W 21.0 .....and no hybrids. Should I get the 3H (19) and see if it replaces the 7W? Or get a 4H (22) in place of the 7W? Or just add the 3H and see what happens? I wonder if the 4H would straight up replace my 7W. They're close in loft. Am I getting too hung up on the loft?
  7. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I'll do a comparison, and see what I come up with. Sidenote - In the course of looking at all this, I've found that there are a TON of people that swear by the X2Hot and XR Hybrids. Gotta try those out.
  8. I'm currently gaming a G25 4w/7w, which I love. 4w has the same head size as the G25 3w, I can easily elevate it from the deck. I can hit the 7w from just about any lie, and it's all but made my hybrid obsolete. They're both extremely forgiving, but not insanely long. Over the past few years it's hard to avoid all of the hype surrounding the X series of fairways from Callaway. Ill state flat out that I'm not interested in anything I can't hit from the deck, or rough. I can do that perfectly with my G25's, but I'm not a longball guy so I'm curious if there is something that is just a ver
  9. It seems to have just vanished from everywhere.
  10. I heard it was either out of production, or nearing it.....but man...this thing seems to have been wiped off of the face of the earth. There were probably 10-12 eBay auctions that were live a few days ago, and now....gone. There's not a single one. Any ideas? Has it just vanished?
  11. I'm thinking of doing that to my G25 SW as well. Looks sharp! What do you use your UW for mainly that you'd need those grinds?
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