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  1. Do they fit like the FJ shirts or more like Nike/UA? I don't think I've ever tried any on.
  2. Welcome back @Puppetmaster Yup one of my all time favorite threads.
  3. Congrats Matt. Best of luck to you, man! If Richard speaks highly of a dude, that guy has to be an all around class act...except when he said something positive about me once. Even the great ones make a mistake every now and then. ?
  4. Can't remember if I posted this or not. Asked Slighter to do some work on a Cameron Caliente by deep milling and adding weight. It's 33.5" long and if I recall correctly it's ~365g.
  5. I was able to get check out but it took some time. As of 5:30, the blue piping utility cover, both shirts (not sure about sizes) and the cap (which I personally don't like) are available. Playing around, the site seems to be functioning pretty well.
  6. I really didn't intend for any of my posts to be or come across as outrage. It was a minor annoyance at best and definitely not the worst thing to happen to me today. The things on the site are certainly not NEEDS. Sure they're cool, but if I miss on something it doesn't impact the quality of my life. I'll admit that it was a little frustrating getting something in the cart and not being able to check out and I'm OCD enough to sit there and try it until it works or I lose the opportunity, but I'm go with the flow enough that I'm not going to let something like that impact my moo
  7. Yeah, I thought about trying to buy something else and see if that helped me be able to check out. I didn't end up doing it though.
  8. Looks like my item is still showing in the cart, but when I click, it says no items in the cart.
  9. It looks like they pulled everything down now. Hmpf.
  10. Yeah the site is pretty rough. I got something in the cart and haven't been able to get past that point.
  11. Is it just me or is the activity "Content I posted in" function not working? I've posted a few times, but don't see anything pop up?
  12. My trigger lately has been for people who want to convince you they know ALL the stuff...not just golf and that you NEED to agree with them. I don't mind people sharing opinions or why they believe what they do regardless of topic, but I get irked when they feel the need to try and make me believe what they do. Since the new Bill and Ted movie is getting released, I've been trying to adopt their motto and "Be excellent to each other" but it sure can be tough sometimes.
  13. Redesign looks amazing @easyyy and @Gxgolfer. Guessing this was a series of tough conversations so thanks to everyone involved.
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