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  1. There is a picture somewhere of Cameron Champ hitting one on Sunday last week with his red and black on.
  2. For sale is a 1 of 1 tour issue Clay Long design putter. 34.5 inches Lamkin cord putter grip same as TW. This is a 1 off model I had him make. Center shaft but the hosel is just inside center to give it some toe hang and swing. Really cool face milling and minimal stamping. Message me with any questions. $600 shipped
  3. Feel like I can work the ZX7 better and keep them Down if need be. But I am not opposed to a full set of ZX5. I’m a Ho so anything is possible.
  4. So I received mine 3,4,5 ZX5 and 6-A ZX7. Was in the local golf shop and stumbled upon a ZX5 A wedge. Took a look at it and was like wow this looks better than the ZX7 A. Since I only use it for full shots I purchased it to test it against the 7. I was impressed with the wider sole and the overall appearance behind the ball sold it for me. So now my set consists of ZX5 3,4,5 and ZX7 6,7,8,9,P and a ZX5 A wedge.
  5. For sale Srixon Zx7 A wedge shaft is tour issue x100 club has seen 30 balls. $125 shipped Taylormade MG 2 TW 56 and 60 wedges shaft is tour issue s400 56 has been hit 3 times 60 has been hit 100 times (chips, pitches, bunker shots) 56 $175 shipped 60 $160 shipped both for $360 shipped Pm me with questions
  6. nick

    Bettinardi Shafts

    I emailed them and they said KBS. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. All of my Srixon order arrived today. ZX7 driver ZX 2 driving iron ZX5 3-5 iron ZX7 6-Aw Went straight to the course and played them. They look amazing. They go through the turf just how I like. They go further than I anticipated so might do a little tinkering with the lofts. Overall I am very pleased with the first outing with the new gear. I only hit the driver once and didn’t hit it very good so it got benched the rest of the day.
  8. nick

    Bettinardi Shafts

    Does anyone know which shaft company bettinardi uses for their shafts?
  9. Where did you find this?
  10. For sale is a rare set of golf pride z grip plus 2 grips. 13 brand new grips. These grips are non cord. $160 shipped
  11. There’s is a set on BST
  12. Just ordered these but obviously can’t read Japanese and the pictures don’t really help. Anyone tried these to change lie or face angle on woods?
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