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  1. Great advice on here. Don't let the hands roll open. Mr. Wolfe
  2. I see. I RARELY play the ball off my back foot either, but I was trying to gauge the difference between the hybrid chip and 7i chip. Mr. Wolfe
  3. Not sure I follow. I can't imagine an easier shot than a 7i chip. Mr. Wolfe
  4. I reached out to the condo owner on True Blue. She asked her husband and he told her that only the condo OWNER gets a golf discount. Oh well, I am happy with our lineup. I am down there a couple of times a year so it is only a matter of time before I play those 2 courses. Mr. Wolfe
  5. That and I would argue that the more lofted wedges can be a little more difficult for the average player - even the average "good" player. The pros are on an another level. Mr. Wolfe
  6. Just curious, when would you guys use a hybrid chipping opposed to a back foot 7i? Mr. Wolfe
  7. Just curious, has anyone had a chance to compare any of these New Level clubs to the PXG Gen3 T's? I know they are built differently, but just curious. I absolutely love my Gen3's, but I am also a club ho, so I love dabbling. These clubs look great and the price point doesn't make me feel guilty about building another set. Mr. Wolfe
  8. I have them and play them. Love the irons. I still consider them closer to a muscle back than blade personally. Mr. Wolfe
  9. I would have 100% agreed with your comment a few months back and I don't think you came off like a jerk at all. I bought the Z82, but haven't had it on the course yet. I see we are getting up to 50˚ on Wednesday so hopefully I can try it out. Mr. Wolfe
  10. I don't think that will shock anyone. Some people are competitive and some are not. No biggie. Mr. Wolfe
  11. I am a 7 hdcp and I don't aim for flags until inside 100 yards personally. Maybe "slightly" from 100-120 at times, but hitting middle of greens is ALWAYS a great shot IMO. Even at 75 yards, if you smack the center of the green, most people in my group would say "nice shot". Mr. Wolfe
  12. I was always curious about the golf as I also stayed there in 2019 for a 3 day conference. The resort layout and grounds was fantastic in my opinion, but maybe slightly out-dated - if that bothers you. Mr. Wolfe
  13. LOVE both of these!How is comfort? The camos look more comfortable from pictures. Mr. Wolfe
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