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  1. Assuming you can't buy the heads only for these, correct? Mr. Wolfe
  2. I just went from PXG Gen3 Tours to Mizuno JPX 921 HotMetal Pro's w/ Recoils. Mr. Wolfe
  3. 100% That would be great. I like to build clubs as a hobby and I like to choose my own ferrules, etc. Just seems silly to take a torch to new clubs to remove the heads. I would love to find a "connection" so I could get the heads only or at least, totally disassembled. Mr. Wolfe
  4. I do know my specs and I build clubs as a hobby, but with that being said, I am going to test out these heads first. Mr. Wolfe
  5. Would love if you could order heads only. Mr. Wolfe
  6. I've decided to reach out to my local Titleiest fitter. I am going to hit the clubs in the next week or 2. Still though, I will be very surprised if the stock 5i @ 23˚ T300 will blend smoothly with the stock T200 6i @ 28˚. Hopefully I am wrong, but I feel like I would hit that juiced 5i around 200 yards and the T200 6i around 170 yards. Mr. Wolfe
  7. One left handed 7 iron for blocked out emergency shots? Mr. Wolfe
  8. I am seriously thinking about ordering a blended set of Titleist T-series irons. Right now I play PXG Gen 3 irons. I play a "P" in the 4, 5, & 6i and a "T" in the 7, 8, 9, W. I am wondering if it would be crazy to blend 3 clubs in a set. I am thinking of the following: 4 & 5 Irons = T300 (2˚ weak) 22˚ & 25˚ 6, 7, & 8 Irons = T200 (standard) 28˚, 31˚, & 35˚ 9, PW, GW Irons = T100s (1˚ strong) 39˚, 43˚, 47˚ My handicap ranges from 6-9 and I consider myself an average ball striker. Last year, I played a few rounds with some Adam's blades and I shot right around what I typically do so not a lot of fall-off with my scores. While I didn't shoot in the 70's, my rounds were all between 80-83. With that being said, I wouldn't mind a touch more forgiveness throughout my bag while still maintaining a more blade/mb feel with my short irons. Would love to hear opinions and I know "you should be fitted" and I don't disagree. I just love to experiment and bang my head against the wall while figuring it all out. Mr. Wolfe
  9. Is it possible to order just the heads off of anyone? Mr. Wolfe
  10. However you need to justify it. Mr. Wolfe
  11. I am not talking about blades. I am referring to MB's and CB's vs. GI's. Mr. Wolfe
  12. I am not referring to "lack of forgiveness". I am referring to consistency. With your philosophy, all pros would use GI irons since none of them hit the sweet spot every time. You are very dramatic with your observations. Mr. Wolfe
  13. Most decent ball strikers will be WAY more consistent from 150 in not using GI clubs. Most people understand this. You can get huge flyers with GI clubs, no one really disputes that. You can miss all over the face on a GI club and it won't make a huge difference. If you nail that sweet spot dead on, you are looking 10% more distance that you did not want. You no longer need to be perfect with muscle and cavity backs. They are so forgiving without punishing you on mishits. Mr. Wolfe
  14. Come on Matt! Don't know you that everyone should be gaming GI's? Mr. Wolfe
  15. Almost new Blue Tees Pro 2 Rangefinder. I only used it a couple of times and the condition is near perfect. It works flawlessly and the only reason I am selling is because I bought the version with the magnet in it. Just purchased 2 months ago. It comes with everything that it originally came with. SOLD Mr. Wolfe
  16. 1994 Widebody in Miami Blue. Have my 2006 BMW M3 as well. Mr. Wolfe
  17. Sorry, just saw this!! Yes, includes cart and you can book a foursome. The 3 guests have to pay $5 extra. Mr. Wolfe
  18. Leaving for Pawleys tomorrow and playing our first round Thursday. Just curious if anyone has played down there in the past week or two? Just wondering conditions or any courses we should avoid in the Pawley's area. We were thinking about removing the River Club from the list and adding TPC. Any thoughts? Mr. Wolfe
  19. I honestly wouldn't worry about it, especially if you are hitting straight. I had a teaching pro one time who aligned his irons so if you drew a line, it would hit his left heel. He was an incredible player. He was taught to do that when he was a kid and never changed it. Mr. Wolfe
  20. Unfortunately, the exact same for me. I wanted to love it and I am sure it is a great for many people, but I found myself just wanting to know the yardage to the stick. I think some of it was me playing a course I play all the time. The extra info was not needed. Regardless, it is $100 off right now. My timing for buying things is terrible. lol I sold mine to a member today for less than I wanted... Mr. Wolfe
  21. Just ordered one today. Just bought the Garmin Z82 which has awesome tech, but was information overload for me while playing. Just sold it today and ordered the new slope version. Mr. Wolfe
  22. Weather in May should be fine aside from the chance of rain. We have been playing at least twice a week since the last week February. Mr. Wolfe
  23. My friend has one and it has been great. Shoots pins instantly. I just had a bad experience and am hesitant at giving them more money. Mr. Wolfe
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